Saturday, June 18, 2016

Winter time is here

 Hello dear friends,

There is a winter nip in the air here and I love this time of the year. Coats, scarves, boots and gloves come to the front of the wardrobe and the summer clothes get to go away for a spell.

Winter is all about comfort food, hot soup, tasty stews and casseroles. Nothing better than a bowl of  hot tomato soup for lunch and warm bread with butter on a cold grey day.
The little individual tins, make the perfect little loaf of bread
Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home
~Edith Sitwell

The night sky and the silhouette of the trees  against the rather ominous clouds painted a pretty picture

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil painting and Autumn a mosaic of them all

~Stanley Horowitz

 Hope whatever the seasons are there where you are, summer, autumn, winter or spring, enjoy the beauty that nature brings
Happy, happy weekend dear friends


  1. Hello Carolyn,

    Snuggly and warm by the fire here at Kainga. Enjoy the soup and those cute little loafs of bread.

    Happy days.

  2. Thank you Bev and yes, it is time for keeping warm here too.
    Reminds me I must get the ginger beer recipe to you

  3. Make it yourself comfortable in the New Zealand winter with soups and stews. I like the little bread bakingtins. Here summer is about there but the weather is not yet very summerlike, sooo many heavy showers the last few weeks.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Your roses are a gorgeous colour. The soup and the bread look delicious. (We actually had fresh tomato soup at the banquet my husband and I attended last week, then a roast, Yorkshire pudding and a Summery pudding). We're not enjoying Summer weather here, however, but as you say, whatever the season and weather we wish one another well. xx

  5. Your crusty bread and tomato soup look very tasty perfect comfort food Carolyn - summer is moving on at a rapid pace - I do wish it would slow down.

  6. Beautiful pics, especially that sunset!


  7. We had dust in the air. It's been dreary for several days now. And, of course, hot. I am making tomato and white bean soup for dinner. Yummy!

  8. Your winter is starting as our summer begins :) I do enjoy sort of hunkering down for a time.. and of course the comfort food! Happy weekend:)

  9. Love your home cozyness Carolyn. I do love winter so much,here we have a very hot weekend. Fortunately, the beach is on our doorstep.
    Take care and stay warm my friend

  10. I like the tins, never sen such

  11. Enjoty the warmth and the cozyness of your home, dearest Carolyn, this is on of the most beautiful periods of the year to me !

    Enjoy your weekend, sweetie, may it be as joyous as ever before, sending my dearest love to you

    Xx ~ Dany

  12. We wait for summer....but it is verry cold here and lots of rain.....i hope summer Will come soon happy sunday love Ria x

  13. Well it is meant to be summer in the UK but we have had a lot of heavy rain ... hopefully we may soon enjoy a more settled weather pattern - we shall see!

    Soup is just lovely in the cooler months, and tomato soup is such a lovely tasting and warm colour too!

    The night sky and the silhouette of the trees in your photo is lovely.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

    All the best Jan

  14. Dearest Carolyn, what a charming post of hearth and home. I always enjoy the winter months here in the mountains, but right now it's quite hot. While I am enjoying the heat I am looking forward to when the days cool down :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs!

  15. Snuggle up and enjoy your winter - I think we must be sharing the season as I had two sweaters on yesterday as its cold here - meant to be mid-summer but its forgotten to arrive.

  16. Dearest Carolyn, I wish you a wonderful winter-start! Your photos look very "warm and cozy" and that's hgoiw wintertime should be! In Europe the summer ist comming slowly, there is a lot of rain since weeks and weeks - but my husband and I had good luck, we were on holidays in Eastern Germany for one week and there we had 7 days sunshine! :o))
    Many hugs, my dear,

  17. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  18. Yummmm, for us it's tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich :) Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment. Sophie is doing much better, better than us, ha ha, we're tired, she's feeling better each day and wanting to play, run, wiggle around but she's not allowed to for some time . . . xoxo

  19. Dear Carolyn,
    Such pretty roses. They are just what is needed to brighten a winter day.
    We are celebrating the Summer Solstice!

  20. Yummy soup and fresh bread, a beautiful meal, on a colder winter day, dear Carolyn. Wonderful night sky and roses, too-
    Our house sale is now finally, and also we bought another house in another town, meaning I started packing :-)
    I hope you enjoy your winter time in your cozy home, dear !
    Dorthe, xxxooo


  21. Belas fotos!
    Estamos no início do inverno aqui e é o inverno mais frio dos nossos vinte últimos anos... é muito desconfortável para quem já se acostumou ao color do verão.

    Ótimo domingo, boa semana!!!
    ╰⊰✿⊰ه° ·.

  22. summer rain here, hope you enjoy your winter!

  23. It is so strange to think of that you soon have winter and we have summer. How cold can it be in wintertime?
    Have a great new week

    1. Hi Bente,

      Thanks for your visit. You asked what our winter was like - it is pretty mild and on the Island we do not get snow like your European winters. We get a lot of rain in winter.
      Hugs C

  24. Well, I think I am the only one to report that it is awfully hot here in Athens, Greece!!! For three days now, temperatures are around 40 Celsius!!! We get out of the house just to water the garden!!!!
    I wish you a good winter, dear Carolyn!! Enjoy your warm soups and fresh bread (I adore soups!!!).

  25. Hi Carolyn, your winter days sounds cozy by the fire and the delicious comfort foods to warm you up.
    We are blazing hot now as we begin the start of summer tomorrow.
    Enjoy winter my friend. Blessings for a great week ahead. xo

  26. Loved reading about winter. We are experiencing a heat wave in Los Angeles.

  27. Dearest Carolyn,
    so Winter has arrivey in your country, we are waiting for some sun after all the massive rainshowers ....
    Your Roses are beautiful and the bread laof looks so tasty! Yes, it is great, that we can get all thos edifferent baking tins now :O)
    Wishing you a beautiful new week, my dearest friend, sending much Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  28. The thing that when you're geting ready for winter while here we're ready for summer always amaze me!^^
    It's such a fun and wonderful thing that show us how intersting is your earth! :D
    Beautiful pics!

  29. Hope you are enjoying your winter comforts!

  30. Warm bread with butter is always good on a cold day :)

  31. Carolyn, it's hard to believe it's winter there when it's summer here and getting so warm. Winter time is wonderful, and your tomato soup and homemade bread and butter looks delicious. Your roses are beautiful, I love the color. And the Edith Sitwell quote is perfect for winter. Enjoy these winter days, Carolyn.

    love, ~Sheri

  32. Dearest Carolyn,
    Lovely photos and it shows that you are enjoying your indoor living for the upcoming winter.
    Indeed, wardrobes change and as we get out in shorts and sandals, you switch to boots again.
    We enjoyed our cold Pineapple and Cucumber Gazpacho... Funny is this upside down world.
    Hugs and blessings,

  33. Hi Carolyn! I also love the Winter! The red roses in the first picture are wonderful!

  34. Oh winter, I remember you fondly, soups and sweaters and scarves. It is scorching here. Big sigh.

  35. Belas fotografias, gostei do blog.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  36. Hello,Carolyn,
    Beautiful post. That is wonderful that you are having a warm winter with comfortable foods!Your red roses are so lovely. I am preparing for making cool banana juice with milk! Have a good week.


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