Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's the weekend

 Hello dear friends,
When I wondered what I would share today after spending a couple of hours of reading other lovely blogs, must get around to writing something myself. 
Here's a little random update on life around here lately
Will start off with these pretty roses and they are such a beautiful apricot shade and I loved how they looked in the basket of my bike

We needed a new rug for the lounge and when a company set up in a hall the other weekend we went to have a look and decided to buy this one. It is lovely underfoot, especially now that winter is here

Lately we have been having some spectacular sunsets and whilst cooking dinner the other evening, looked out and saw this beautiful sight, so rushed to take a picture. I marvel at the brilliant colours  and  photos really don't do it justice

'Sometimes the simplest things are the most perfect things'

Many thanks for the kind visits and the comments on my last post, appreciate the birthday wishes for my husband and daughter
Do hope you enjoy the weekend and find some time to relax and do some things to make you happy


  1. Those apricot roses look gorgeous in your basket. Your rug took looks fabulous and makes your room look so cosy. I always think that sunsets seem more striking in the autumn and winter. Have a good weekend. Sarah x

  2. The sunset are very beautiful. You are right. Simplicity contains beauty.

  3. I love the apricot shades in this post Carolyn - the roses, the sunset, and even your gorgeous rug blends in with the theme too.

  4. Amazing sunset! Love the roses, too!


  5. Happy weekend you too!
    I like apricot roses!

  6. Cool pics! Have a great weekend! xx

  7. beautiful roses and sunset! I like the rug too!

  8. Roses are always so beautiful, I loved your apricot roses wrapped in paper in the basket on your bike. What a lovely sunset sky, the cloud formation is beautiful.

  9. Hello dear Carolyn,
    I love your bike, and the roses are just beautiful! This rug was an excellent choice. I really like the pattern and colors.
    You were so kind as to stop in again...
    Enjoy your weekend, dear friend

  10. Beautiful sunset......enjoy your from me Ria x

  11. I always so love your posts, my darling Carolyn, you're right, smetimes the simplest things are the most perfect things ... indeed, quite often !

    May your weekend too be filled with much love, and be as Beautiful as you, sweet friend !

    XX Dany

  12. Blessings to you. The roses are GORGEOUS!!! So very pretty. Lovely sunset to witness. Adding to your lounge with this rug is a hit. Decorating is my thing,

  13. Apricot roses! How lovely!!! One colour I do not have in my garden.They look gorgeous both on your bike and in your beautiful vase. I also love your new rug! Enjoy it!
    I wish you a nice Sunday, dear Carolyn!

  14. Carolyn, your apricot roses are so pretty. And that sunset is beautiful. I can see why you wanted to rush and get your camera. You know, random posts about this and that are my favorite ones.

    Have a restful Sunday, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  15. Oh Carolyn, that rug is divine! I love it. Perfect placement too.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  16. I love your rug; I’ve been looking for one like that myself. I want mine for the sitting room. It needs to be in shades of duck egg blue, red and cream, really difficult to find exactly the right thing – but I’m enjoying looking.
    The apricot coloured roses are beautiful as is the sunset, thank you for sharing so many lovely things.
    I hope your weekend is going well. xx

  17. Hello dear Carolyn, oh your roses are so beautiful, both in the basket and in the urn at your table, I love urns, too.
    Wonderfully patterned carpet, too and colors are lovely.
    Yes the sunset is striking what paintings nature comes up with !!!
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  18. Oh my what a gorgeous view from your window. The sunset is fantastic. The roses are also so very beautiful.
    Hugs from here

  19. Lovely to catch up on your weeks random moments!

  20. Dearest Carolyn,
    thank you for giving us a littlie sight inside your sweet home, it looks wonderful!
    The apricot Rose is susch a Beauty!
    Wishing you a wonderful and lovely new week, my dearest friend!
    Sending Love and hugs to you,
    Claudia xo

  21. It's interesting to think that there are places experiencing winter right now. Here in Los Angeles the summer is just beginning, although we haven't seen much sun lately. A lot of cloudy days. Enjoy.

  22. Beautiful as always my lovely friend. I love those orange roses. Love and hugs to you and yours

  23. Dear Carolyn,
    My geriatric computer has not been letting me post lately, but I am reading and enjoying your posts.
    Summer is making an effort to get started here, with wind lately. This reminds me of the time (years ago) when I spent the first two weeks of June in Maine and there was frost inland! Living by the ocean means changeable weather!
    Lovely roses and what a comfy and good looking rug!.........*s*

  24. Beautiful as always my lovely friend. I love those orange roses. Love and hugs to you and yours

  25. I love the roses and the sunset is spectacular ♥
    Hugs, Jody

  26. "Sometimes the simplest things are the most perfect things"
    Oh, so true ...

    What a lovely post, your words and photo's.
    The sunset does look so colourful, nature gives us such wonderful things to look at and enjoy.

    I do hope the week ahead is a good one for you.

    All the best Jan

  27. Love love love the roses in the basket and what a gorgeous sunset!! xoxo

  28. Dearest Carolyn,
    Lovely photos all together and I smiled seeing your bike with basket. My wicker basket is not in the front but in the back on my bike and I was thrilled that Pieter could move it from my old Dutch bike to my new aluminum white bike.
    Love your roses in that color.
    And your new rug looks very nice in your lounge.
    Enjoy the roses and the lovely sunsets!

  29. Love the bike, especially the basket. Great to see some of your home too.

  30. Such a marvellous post, beauty is in simplicity and you found it here in so many ways, dear Carolyn. Stunning sunset and I would love to drive around with apricot hued flowers all around the town too. Wish you happy days, love from India.

  31. What a lovely sunset, and the roses are beautiful :)

  32. Such lovely post dear Carolyn!
    Full of sweetness and simplicity!
    Love these apricot roses, and that sunset is really amazing!

  33. So beautiful...a lovely post! Best wishes for a lovely summerday...
    Love from Titti


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