Sunday, April 5, 2020

Staying home!

Hello dear friends, just wanted to say that even though I have not been blogging much, you have all been very much in my thoughts.
So sad what is going on all around the world and really hope that they can get this under control and eradicate it.
Here we have completed week 1 of the lockdown and must say how strange it has all been.
The Island is very quiet and often all you can hear is the bus driving by, with not a soul on it, most of the time. A lot of people are out walking to get some exercise and we have been lucky as the weather has been sunny and bright.
Wearing disposable gloves, and having to queue to get into the supermarket, and having the 2 metre gap between the next person. We are slowly trying to get used to the new normal, in these unsettling times.
Staying at home is making me think so much about the house, and making it cosy now that Autumn is here and days will soon get cooler. We have been working on our daughters bedroom and a good time to be doing that. My husband is able to work from home, which he is actually enjoying not having to commute over on the ferry.

Even our pets are not enjoying this time and feel unsettled. We walk Bluebell around the block as sadly the beach where she normally goes to play with her puppy friends, is out of bounds.

Lucky enough to catch the sun rise on our early morning walk a few weeks back, so miss this. 
Daylight saving started this weekend, so that takes a little adjusting to.

Today was bath day for her and we even managed to give her a trim, as she was starting to look a little on the unkempt side.
At the end of the day when this is all over, we will have a greater appreciation for all we have.

Do take care, stay safe and well

Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays and the start of the Roaring 20's, is going well. Sorry I have been a little quiet here but have been enjoying family time, dog walks and relaxing. Here are a few photos taken the past few days. Bluebell's first Christmas with us and wondering what present is hers.

Saying goodbye to this decade, in my favourite place, at home with my favourite little puppy Bluebell.

Just want to take this moment to say a big thank you to all my friends, for the love and support last year. Here's to a new decade and wishing you a joyous year, filled with happiness and adventure.
Wishing you a happy New Year, I hope 2020 brings you everything you dream of and more.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Seasons Greetings

 Just want to wish you joy, relaxation and good health these holidays.

May peace, love and oodles of good cheer be with you and sending love to all the folks who are alone or missing loved ones.
Here are a few recent photos taken around here

Bluebells first Christmas with us, and we are so happy to have this little dog in the family. Our wonderful family visiting us shared lots of cuddles and love with her, so she is one very happy puppy.
Even got to open her little present

The Pohutukawa trees are in bloom which can only mean one thing .... Summer and Christmas is upon us!
 A Merry Christmas and happy holidays from me, with love.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Signs of Spring!

Hello friends,

This is the first time in ages since I have been able to sit down and do a little blog post.  I am finding that it is so much easier to post a photo on Instagram these days. 

I love Springtime when some of my favourite flowers are around. A white camellia I picked yesterday and a bunch of freesias which smell beautiful.

Bluebell, this sweet little dog of ours, seems to take up so much of our time. She will be coming up a year on the 27th of October and how fast this year seems to be going!
Every morning we go for a lovely walk along the beach and she gets to socialise with all the other dogs there.

Also have been doing some work in our daughter Victoria's old bedroom - giving that a makeover and the plasterer has skimmed the walls and will soon be able to paint them.
It has been slow progress but hopefully one day will be finished and I will be able to share some photos.
Overlooking Four mile beach at Port Douglas

Back in September, we had a wonderful holiday away in Port Douglas and our son Marcel came along with us. 
Marcel feeding the kangaroos

This crocodile was huge and glad there was a barrier between us 
Stayed in a Balinese style villa and had a lovely swimming pool

It was great to go to tropical Queensland and see lots of sunshine.
Went out to the Great Barrier Reef and spent the day snorkeling around tropical fish and coral which was amazing. Also took a short helicopter ride to view the reef from above which was spectacular.

Also have been working on a new Bear and it has been so long since the last one. I have a friend who is doing a new website for me, so one day will have that up and running.

Have been thinking of you all and look forward to coming over to say hello and see what you are up to.
Blogging friends, are the best and have missed you.

Friday, July 5, 2019

July already

Happy Friday folks,
I hope your week is treating you well

Oh the joy of picking up some pretty flowers to take home and put in a vase.
After the heavy rain we had nearly all day yesterday, it is lovely to bring some brightness to the house.
The sun is peeping through the clouds today which is wonderful

Bluebell seems to keep us busy and it is like having a new baby again. We are loving having her around. She has had a busy time, went over to the City to be groomed which is a mission in itself taking her on the ferry. She looked so good and a change to be able to see the Scottie look, rather than the scruffy little dog she was.

Also we took her back to the Vet to have her stitches out after having been spayed.
Scotties are very stubborn, but bright and it is interesting trying to teach her to sit, come and do all those things that good little dogs should be doing. She responds well to treats, even though the Vet said she was a little on the heavy side so having to limit her treats.
Going for our daily walks are getting better as when she first started out, she wanted to stop and sniff each blade of grass and was rather frightened of the cars and buses, but over time hopefully she will get better.
The little pink bows the groomer put on are surprisingly, still on.

This photo was taken at Matiatia the other evening when I went to pick up my husband off the ferry. The sky, clouds, water and all the boats painted a lovely picture and it was the perfect evening.
 Wishing you a fabulous July and I look forward to coming over to say hello and see what you are up to.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

High tea


My dear daughter treated me to High- tea with her at the Cordis Hotel to celebrate Mothers Day and her and my, May birthdays.We had such a fun day out together, and was so lovely of Victoria to organize this kind and thoughtful outing.

There was so much food, we ate delicious savouries and sandwiches to start with, next came fluffy scones with jam and cream and then the daintiest cakes and desserts that were almost too pretty to eat.

After trying to make our way through all the food, it was just too much for us, so they kindly gave us a box to take the food home.

It's really hard to believe that it was 30 years ago, on the 29th of May that our sweet little baby girl joined our family. We are so proud of all you have done in your life and want to wish you a very happy year ahead.

It is Queens birthday weekend here, so we have a Monday holiday which is always very welcome.
Have a wonderful weekend folks.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Quick Hello!

How can that be that we are now into the month of May already!
I have been busy lately and have not had much time to sit down at the computer, but I look forward to coming over to visit you.

Since Bluebell came to live with us, she seems to take up a lot of time. It is like having a baby again.
We have been going to Puppy School and it is really interesting how quickly she learns and responds especially when there are treats on offer. She now walks along quite nicely (most of the time) on a lead without tugging and wanting to rush on ahead and be first.
She is growing fast and will soon need to visit the groomer for her first haircut.

Today is Mothers Day and just want to wish all those beautiful Mothers out there a happy day, you do a wonderful job.
A Mothers love is always with her children . Losing a Mother is one of the deepest sorrow a heart can know. But remembering her goodness, her caring, and wisdom and that wonderful love, that will always be with you, helps a little.
Here it is pouring with rain and very windy, so it is nice to be warm and cozy indoors.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend