Sunday, March 24, 2019


Who would have thought a little puppy could bring so much joy!
Since Bluebell has joined our family she is such a lot of fun to have around, even if it did mean lifting up all the rugs on the floor, just in case and taking up all your time in a day.
Had her last vaccination, micro-chipped, and medical check up on Friday and she seems to be very well and healthy. We took her to a puppy socialising class and there was only one other dog, a little Parson Terrier Rosie, so the two puppies had a great time running and playing with each other.

Also we visited a friend Anne and her West Highland Terriers, Jock and Lassie for a playdate.
They are both 8 years old and mature and sensible, so put Bluebell in her place.

 Out for our walk around the Esplanade this morning was lovely in the sunshine.
Seeing the sea for the first time  was captivating for her and she wanted to stand and stare.
There had been rain the night before and there were some dirty, muddy puddles and guess who walked through them? So a bath was needed to get her coat clean and silky again.

Lastly this photo was so cute, my husband was making a pork terrine and the great temptation of the smell was all too much for Bluebell. I think she was really hoping some of the meat would fall on the floor for her. She did however get a small piece once it was cooked.

Now to go and wash the deck door windows, forgot how a little puppy wants to make them all smeary and dirty.

Do hope you are enjoying the weekend


  1. Sweet sweet puppy! What a cutie. Many blessings,

  2. so sweet and precious. I love your little dog and what a sweet name

  3. What an adorable addition to your family. There is nothing like a puppy and its antics to put a smile on your face. Have a wonderful Sunday- Diana

  4. Bluebell is adorable! Such a precious little creature, I want to scoop her up out of the picture and hug her. :) Glad to hear she's bringing you so much joy.

  5. Dearest Carolyn,
    Oh yes, I really believe that Bluebell brings you a lot of fun! She is an adorable and pretty puppy. A beloved pet often brings a lot of work, but much more joy into life. How nice that Bluebell had fun with the other puppy Rosie. I wish you all a lot of fun together and hope Rosie will find many other doggie-friends!
    Hugs and good wishes,

  6. She's adorable and very sweet

  7. Dearest Carolyn,
    They are a handful of work but also a bundle of JOY!
    It is refreshing to have young life in the home.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  9. My dearest Carolyn,
    Bluebell is such a Beauty! Thank you for those lovely pictures! I am far behind with my comments, had some appointments ( dentist, doc, car ...)
    Hope, you all are well!
    Lots of Love, Claudia xoxoxo

  10. Ahh Bluebell is so cute,she is keeping you on your toes too! We always appreciate our walks, we wouldn't have done so many without a dog! Sarah x

  11. How lovely to see these photographs … Bluebell looks adorable :)

    All the best Jan

  12. Owwwww bluebell is so cute little puppy dog 💙💙💙 Nice to have a dog in the house....lovely sunday love Ria ...💕


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