Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sailing away

Today, I think I will write about travel, the sort which evokes a cruising experience from a bygone era, when the ship dominated transatlantic travel, before the jet age.
They must have been very glamorous times, when you would wave goodbye to the people left behind and as the poster says " Getting there is half the fun!"

We would need to pack our clothes in a steamer trunk. This one belonged to Greta Garbo ~

These two majestic Cruise ships were in port  this week, on Tuesday the Queen Victoria and today the Queen Elizabeth.

How does this sound, to you ... Art and antiques, world class dining experience,  deco ball rooms, swimming pools, posh spas, entertainment and amazing sea views, by day and  moon light and starry nights from the deck at night.
I could be tempted by all this and every time I see one of the boats in port I  feel like going to pack a little  bag and sail away for an adventure. A summer holiday from 38 pound ~ those were the days!

Hope that you are having a lovely week


  1. Ah, those were luxury cruises, so not like the Carnival, LOL, of modern day :)

    I hope you are having a lovely week, dear Carolyn!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting Marsha. Wasn't that how you met your husband, if I remember correctly, when you were both on a cruise.
      Hope you are enjoying the week

      C x

  2. Hubby sailed on the QE2 on the way home from the Falklands...not so exotic as the brochures pictured a cruise!!
    Jane x

  3. Partir......................
    Enjoy your day Carolyn !


  4. Dear Carolyn,
    what a wonderful post about sailing away...... I love the pictures,and I love this sailing trunk!
    Thanks for sharing!
    HAve a wonderful rest of the week,
    love and hugs,

  5. Ahhhh...the glamour of yesteryear... on ships and planes.... not today! Now it is wild, crazy, and the planes are sardine cans.... and don't even get me started on airports and the indignities.... we need a time machine to go back and really enjoy luxury cruising or a special old fashioned luxurious plane ride.....the type only movie stars and big wigs used to be able to afford...

  6. My father had a long association with the Cunard Line as an employee of one of the directors. Highlights for my son was a tour of the Queen Elizabeth with his Cub Scouting friends and my parents enjoyed a cruise to Norway on one of the vessels. It was also a highlight during their retirement. I am afraid that I'm not good on the sea despite enjoying the fun of travelling.
    I would love to go on the Orient Express and soak in some of the charm and glamour of luxury travel by train.

  7. It is huge !!!!!!!!!!..what a ship !!!....lovely day

  8. Dearest Carolyn,
    I've never seen these Cruise ships and would be wonderful to experience it♡♡♡

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  9. Blessings my Grandmother and her family sailed a ship from Europe to Canada many years ago to make a new home in Canada. She talks about that journey often.

    Much love to you and yours.
    Love Jeanne

  10. Would love to sail away on a cruise ship! xo

  11. Give me two minutes and my bag will be packed Carolyn!!! How exciting that would be!

    I have a cousin who does one of those cruises each year.... now wouldn't that be nice?!
    I can only dream...

    Shane ♥

  12. Oh yes Carolyn, 38 pound can`t do it anymore, ,lol
    and in a way I have a scare for being on those BIG-BIG ships, even I know it is silly- and if I was first on board I would have tremendeous fun- so I think I would have a little dream like you, if seing one :-)

  13. It does sound glamorous and like lots of fun...if only I wasn't afraid of the sea. I know, weird huh? Those long ship cruises scare me too :-(
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend my friend.


  14. Amazing post, darling!
    Love that steamer trunk!


  15. I love those old posters they capture a life gone by.Have a good weekend too.
    Sarah x

  16. I've tried cruising once and it really made me sea sick :(

    I invite you to join my WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY !!

  17. Glamour galore! I'd love to go on a cruise like that. They should make dressing up and being chic a requirement. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. What a wonderful way to travel. I still consider traveling a luxury and I try to get the most out of every trip...even if it's a day trip. It is always interesting and now I'll be dreaming of traveling in times past! How sweet!

  19. Dear Carolyn, you just make me want to pack and sail away in one of these 2 stunning cruise ships:) Adorable post! Kisses and have a great weekend! xo

  20. I love sailing, though I've never been on a long cruise, the longest I've travelled by boat is overnight to Shetland or to Amsterdam

  21. What exciting trips they did, i would
    love to take a tour. Lovely posters.

  22. We cruised to Hawaii on my honeymoon in the 50's and is was lovely. And again, years later, to the Greek islands. I was enchanted.
    (I'd think twice about it now after reading about the nightmare cruise in the Caribbean.)
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  23. J`adore les vieux affiches!! :0)

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  24. My husband has been tell me we should go on a cruise :D Stop by won't you!

  25. Dearest Carolyn,
    thank you so much for taking us along this nostalgic ship-journey!
    It must have been really glamorous to travel in this way. And I would have liked to do that (if the ship is not named Titanic ;o))
    I also liked your feminine last post very much! Oh, and you told us that it's very hot in NZ - if you want I can send you lost and lots of SNOW! (This weekend we had about 30 centimeters new snow...)
    Many hugs from Austria, my dear - have a happy new week!

  26. Ciao cara amica.
    Bellissimo questo post.
    Tutti i tuoi post sono sempre emozionanti, narrano vita e storia vissuta.
    Belli anche i manifesti "vintage".
    Buonissima settimana cara!
    KISSES AND HUGS!!! For ever...kisses. NI

  27. Hello Carolyn Darling,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my cottage and for you sweet comment.
    Luv, seeing the Tiara Award brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for holding on to it. You are a true Princess.

    I am hoping to be able to post as regularly as possible...fingers crossed.

    Take care, 'til we talk again



  28. Oh Carolyn what an inspiring post for an adventure. How special it would be to hop on a glorious ship and sail away.
    Lovely pics.
    Enjoy the days of summer.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  29. I think cruising in that era would have been wonderful. It seems very glitzy and not so gentile these days!
    Penny x

  30. ❤Thank you Carolyn for coming over to visit me via Koralee's blog..your bears are so adorable..happy to see your wonderful creativeness!


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