Sunday, February 17, 2013

The best things about being a woman

Buying flowers for ourselves

Bows, pearls, jewels and beautiful books to read

I was not going to talk about the weather today... but today is yet another day of very hot weather.  Outside, I can hear  the deafening sound of the buzzing of cicadas, they make a real racket.
We are still waiting for rain, which hasn't happened yet ... roll on the 23rd when hopefully we will be able to have a tank load of water delivered to the house. Some of my plants are looking very sad, I hope my lime tree and some of the topiary trees are going to make it. A shower of rain would be great and yes, a rain dance might be needed.

Weekends don 't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless
~ Bill Watterson.

Hope that you are having an enjoyable weekend
A heartfelt thank you, for taking time, out of your busy life and for reading my blog.



  1. Dearest Carolyn,
    Yes, I DO agree that we have the privilege over man for these beautiful and lovely things♡♡♡
    Sending you big prayers for rain. In old days, we have rain-making rituals in Japan (maybe anywhere in the world, haha)

    I hope you are going to have a wonderful new week.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  2. A very lovely Post. Thank you

  3. I agree, i like all that to.
    I really hope it will rain soon.
    Have a nice sunday

  4. Best regards from France dear Carolyn..


  5. Dear Carolyn,

    I for one am jolly glad to be a woman! I wish we could send you some of the incessant rain we've been having! A happy medium between the two would be wonderful!

    Happy Sunday to you.


  6. We long for some warmth, but I can imagine you are longing for rain. Hope it will rain soon.
    Lovely images!
    dear greetz, Renny

  7. O no !! too hot and no rain ??? it is cold and the sun is shining...snow is gone.....finaly !!...i hope spring will come soon...and i hope it will be rain for you their for away.....lovely

  8. I feel for you. I hope it rains soon. Having an inch of water in the bath is no fun. Your post is beautiful.

  9. Such lovely roses and sparkly baubles!

    There are snowflakes falling outside of our windowpane this day...if only I could send you a bit of melted fluff. May a rainfall be part of your day very soon.

    Sending hugs...

  10. Beautiful roses, Carolyn ... Enjoy them!

    Love Claire xxx

  11. I so agree about the weekends! It takes discipline to accept doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and enjoying it! And I also agree with the fun of being a woman. From painting a piece of furniture to a strand of pearls, treating yourself from time to time is necessary to keep on going. Have a marvelous day my dear! Anita

  12. Blessings and much love to you my darling friend.........Have a wonderful evening..........
    Love Jeanne♥ I love all of your postings and all you share♥

  13. What a lovely Roses dear Carolyn.
    I hope it will rain soon.
    I wish you a wonderful new week.

    Warm wishes, Mea

  14. Delightful photos and celebration of being a woman!
    Doing the rain dance for you!!

  15. When your husband works contract ...weekends become week days..and vice versa...I never know what day it is sometimes..... today it seems like Monday because he has to work .... deadlines.... etc.....

    I'm one of those women who never buys flowers... clothes or ...well... just a minute ... do buy jewellery....or used to do. Now...I hate looking at my wrinkly old hands with any rings on have them and don't even wear them.... and dress like an old tomboy where would I wear them? I'm a disappointment to the name woman I guess..... sigh........

  16. I am happy of being a woman also because of make up, glitter and heels!

  17. Dearest Carolyn, I dearly hope for you, there will soon be some rain. I know how it feels when all you planted looks more and more dry and poor.
    Your photoes filled with female beauty are all very
    Hugs ,and to a wet new week for you.

  18. Ciao Carolyn adoro queste foto. Le scarpette da ballerina sono una favola. Un abbraccio. NI

  19. Beautiful blog! Like this photos!

    p.s. if u want follow me on my blog:
    or like my page on facebook:
    In this blog u can found amazing flowers photos :)
    Some love <3

  20. Dear Carolyn!How strange it seems to me you pray for rain, I pray to stop raining.Hopefully the clouds hanging here to quickly bring to your home.Then we will be happy both.
    Charming is the theme you today.It's hard to be a woman today in this man's world.Right?Still, I like to make my gifts like these.Hugs?

  21. Dearest Carolyn,
    Wish you would have gotten some of our eight inches of rain on the 12th. We had our basement (Pieter's work shop) flooded... What a job to use the wet vac and to mop up bucket after bucket.
    Hugs to you and enjoy your roses and pearls; they're two of my favorites too!

  22. Dearest Carolyn,
    I was sure you would have had rain by now.. I know how very badly it is needed.. Sure hope it comes down soon for you.
    This is such a lovely post.. Loving the toe shoes and roses..
    I wish you a beautiful week ahead.. Hope you enjoyed your day. Thank you so much for visiting Mum and baby mouse. I am so happy you enjoyed..
    I have visited you web site and it is really lovely! Your bears just touch my heart.. Your workmanship is amazing..
    Sending along a big hug, and prayer for rain

  23. Amazing post!!i really love the pics!
    My congrats dear for your blog!


  24. ciao Carolyn, I agree I like so much being a female for lots of reasons .

    Believe I'm worried about the rain .. as I probably told you I live in Friuli (North Italy) and here it rains so frequently , recently I can't stop thinking how could I it send you !
    have a nice day


  25. Ah, all those girlie accessories are so after my heart - very cute. Loved all of them. To see the plants in a withered and sad state is so awful. Here's wishing loads of rains for you sometime very soon!

    Wish you a lovely week,


  26. Carolyn, It is always a treat for me to visit your blog. The beautiful flowers and the soft color of pink are a plus in being a woman. Your flowers and pearls here are lovely.

    Sipping cool drinks in the heat of the day are helpful as well as staying out of the heat in the cool of a shade tree.

    Makes for being alive a delight.

  27. Hi Carolyn! I hope it will rain as soon as possible... here it will snow again at the end of this week... but today it is a nice day, the sun shines in the sky and the air is fresh...

  28. lovely pictures! those roses are so pretty! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  29. Now those are beautiful roses in that pic!

    Really hope you get some rain soon x

  30. Kind and beautiful Carolyn! Thank you for your well-wishes! I will be back! I am flying out to California and I thought until then, I would just sit back and enjoy other blogs and just take a little break. I am looking forward to a bit of sunshine out in Los Angeles! Anita

    1. How wonderful Anita, wishing you a fabulous and safe trip away and lots of sunshine.
      Many thanks for visiting me today

      C x

  31. Being a woman is wonderful!

    Oh boy. I shall spend some time doing a vigorous rain dance for you. In the meantime, if you could package up some heat and send it my way, it would be much appreciated.

    Now back to doing something pointless. Have a wonderful week!

  32. Hello Carolyn, is nice being a woman. I sure wouldn't want to be a man. haha... :)

    I sure hope you get some rain soon. I'll send you some of ours if you'd like.

    Take care...thanks so much for stopping by.


  33. Great post Carolyn - love the pictures...I'm intrigued about your books - which Coco Chanel one's are they.....?

    1. Hello Jillayne - the two Coco Chanel books I have are - Coco Chanel The Legend and the life by Justine Picardie and Chanel Collections and Creations, both are beautiful books.
      C x

  34. Dear Carolyn
    I love everything feminine, like wearing perfume, pretty dresses, ballet, candles, pretty tea cups.... the list goes on!!!

    I've heard about the water issues on the island - you poor things especially when you're surrounded by it. Almost every day I've thought it could rain - no such luck - only four days to wait.

    Shane ♥

  35. Dear Carolyn, love that quote.;) Fits me perfectly.;)
    Sorry that your heat is so oppressive, it is hard to imagine when we are in winter still. Spring is on its way, but it might take a while before we can even feel it is coming.;) Hope you can stay cool - btw, the sound of cicadas is so very exotic to me.;)
    Have a great week,

  36. being winter here--i so enjoyed reading your post today--do hope you get that water for your plants!

  37. Carolyn,
    Yes, being a woman has its moments. It's nice to get all dressed up with make-up and accessories and look our best sometimes. Nel and Jess just had "girls night" last weekend. I think it's important to treat ourselves once in awhile and go shopping for that special something that we have been wanting. Have a happy week, Carolyn.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  38. Oh need rain and we have nothing but here in the pacific northwest! Wish I could send you some. xoxox

  39. All wonderful things about being a women...especially the pearl and jewelry part...a girl can never have too much of those :-) I do hope you get the much needed rain soon. Sending you a great big hug.


  40. Beautiful Pics! You've got a great Blog.

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

    Kisses from the UK :*

    1. I've just joined your site and will be happy if you did the same :) Haven't seen so many bears in a while :) x

  41. Oh dear sorry to hear you are still struggling without any rain, I expect it is just waiting for your delivery to arrive. Thank you for reminding us of the pleasures of being a woman!
    Sarah x

  42. Oh, dear, it seems I've missed a few posts :( I hope you have had some rain. We did yesterday. Like many, as much as I don't care for the rain, we NEED it here too!!!


  43. Dear Carolyn
    What a beautiful post. I love the pictures!
    I wish you a wonderful rest of the week and send you a lot of greetings from Switzerland. Love and hugs Yvonne

  44. Hello, Carolyn! Yes, buying lovely pink roses and other special treats for ourselves is wonderful. I'm so sorry about your heat. I don't think I should mention how much rain we've been having! Everything here is covered with moss.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend and hope you get your rain.



  45. Hi Carolyn, What a lovely post. So full of the romantic things that we can do to treat ourselves in the busy pace of our world. Love your pics. The roses are gorgeous.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  46. When I think about a beautiful girl find out a beautiful rose. The rose is the symble of a perfect lady. Your post is perfect in view of this. Thank you for everything. Spiral Ginger


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