Friday, December 10, 2010

A little Christmas decorating at our place

Welcome friends ~
I don't know where the past week has gone! It came Wednesday and for some reason I kept thinking it was Tuesday... where did Tuesday go?

How are your preparations for Christmas and the holidays going?

The stockings are hung...
The tree has been decorated and I really like seeing it at night when the lights are twinkling.
I will take a photo by night.

Have your written your dear Santa letter and been gift shopping?

We are going out to dinner tonight with friends, so instead of sitting at the computer I should be getting on my glad rags.
I look forward to coming to visit you all in the weekend. Many thanks for the visits and I want to wish you a happy weekend



  1. I love lots of pretty lights, too! Your candles are beautiful and I love your big tree! Happy holidays! ♥

  2. Bonjour Carolyn,
    Your tree and decoration looks marvelous. We're officially finished least until I think of something else to add...
    Anxious to see your tree sparkling at night.

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    Sure like this green door!

    I'm not moving very fast these days so my Christmas decorating isn't very far along. Hoping to make huge headway this week-end. Hope hope.

    Merry Christmas,

  4. How lovely your tree is, Carolyn! Me too, I love turning off all the lights in the house and just the tree lights are on. There is something so peaceful about it.

    Enjoy your dinner out!


  5. I love that green door. It looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine. Hmmmmmm...


  6. Oh Carolyn I am so very behind! I haven't done anything yet and am feeling very overwhelmed. I'm hoping to make some progress this weekend. Your home looks beautiful! xoxo

  7. Your house looks beautiful decorated for Christmas.

  8. What a beautiful entrance, i like the green color on the door. And the christmas tree is fabulous, so many nice decorations. I love it!
    Happy weekend to you

  9. Carolyn, and happy week-end to you...
    How wonderfull big,-and beautifull your tree is-- here we only takes a tree inside few dayes before christmas, and here with my traditions from my home-Only the 24/12 in the morning-then we decorate, put real tiny candles on, and it stayes till after new-year...


  10. Bonjour Carolyn ~ I love your green door and would you believe I have a front door "ships bell" just like yours in cream.
    My 2 grand-daughters are putting up my tree next week ~ it's going to be a special time.
    Your tree is gorgeous and will look beautiful all lit up!

  11. Hi Carolyn, happy Advent to you sweet lady!
    I love your decorations, everything is so chic!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Christmas is a time to accompany the soul is the light that is reflected in the sounds of a harp, a christmas for Christmas is to feel that someone has this in his heart, the Christmas decoration is magic surrounds you, the tree reflects hope, gifts given to the feelings of well-matched quein gives and receives, socks or slippers hanging from the fireplace, Christmas time is peace love and happy christmas carol kisses maria

  13. Carolyn, your home is just as I would imagine it at Christmas. It's beautiful. I'm not bothering this year as I will be away for nearly a month.. Yay I need a holiday. enjoy your weekend. I'm off to see Mum and Nette etc in teh big smoke.. haha and then to see YOung at Heart in Palmy North.

  14. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love your tree!


  15. Your tree looks lovely, Carolyn. We will get our tree tomorrow. I'm excited to get it up and having lights twinkling in my house. :)
    Have a wonderful time with your friends tonight!
    Jo :)

  16. I love your green door, Carolyn! And yes, don't you love sitting around the tree at night and watching the lights? A lovely family time of year. Even thought they've been gone 10 years, I miss my parents and think of them often, especially now. My mother loved Christmas trees.

  17. Oh I absolutely love it!The door looks so very magical an every single decoration is just spectacular. I woul love to sit under your tree too.:-)))

  18. I'm starting my decorating on the weekend....

    I love putting up the tree and getting Rudolph and Rosalind out of storage...and all the other little touches that make the house festive...

    love all the candles with cooking aroma scents... alhtough, some are such a disappointment... how can they get Apple Spices so wrong? .... oh, well...I'll just simmer some cinnamon and cloves and get it right myself...or stud an orange....that'll do it.... and bake some eggnog loaf....mmmm... yum we're talking Christmas...

  19. So beautiful and lovely indeed
    Much love and many blessings
    Love Jeanne

  20. Hello my ear Carolyn,
    Your house looks lovely - so you and I love it. You are sharing some of your infectious Christmas spirit, thank you. I am finding it a little different this year.
    I do love Christmas and this year we have had a little change, we have gone a little cut back with the tree. I call it Christmas 2.0! - it might not last a season but I think I like it. x

  21. Hi Carolyn,
    You have a beautiful home and Christmas decorations!
    I also love fairy lights on trees and just love the cosy feel of Christmas time. :-)
    Have wonderful festive season!
    Best wishes,
    Jo. x

  22. Oh wonderful, dear Carolyn, your house is full of Christmas-flair!!! And your green door is great - like a door in a pretty fairy-tale (Your tree ist fairy-tale-like, too!!!) I didn't know yet that it is usual to decorate the tree so early in NZ (or maybe in other countries, too?): In Austria most of the people decorate the trees at 24th December (because the custom says the Christ-Child brings the gifts AND the tree on Christmas-Evening to the children...), but I think it is better to decorate it earlier! It looks soo good!!!
    I send lots of holiday-hugs to you!
    Love, traude

  23. Your tree and decorations look so beautiful Carolyn!

    Merry Merry,

  24. Hi Carolyn,
    Well you have me inspired right from the front door. I love the green color and such an inviting entrance.
    I love your gorgeous and tall Christmas tree. So lovely positioned by the fireplace, which is also very gorgeous.
    Looking forward to seeing it with the lights on at night.

    I had to giggle when you said where did Tuesday go? I have so many days like that thinking, where did the days go.LOL

    Have a wonderful night out to dinner with friends.
    Merry Christmas dear friend!

    Hugs from Texas,
    Celestina Marie

  25. Beautiful tree! I love when they twinkle. Your home is looking wonderfully festive.

    Sorry about the missing Tuesday. I took it. I needed a do-over.

  26. Your tree looks beautiful and your front door is awesome! Have a terrific weekend Carolyn!

  27. Your candles are beautiful colors! ...and your tree is so beautiful too !!!
    Have a wonderful weekend ♥
    Christmas is coming :)

  28. What a gorgeous tree, dear Carolyn! So festive & Christmassy!

    Have a wonderful weekend & also week ahead,


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  29. Dear Carolyn,

    Your home is very beautiful with all these beautiful Christmas decorations!! I really like your pictures what you show us, thank you for sharing these very beautiful photos with us!!
    (I looked at previous posts,too, which I haven`t seen, yet)
    I can only say, WOW, your photo of entrance is very beautiful!!! I can imagine how marvellous your Christmas tree looks in the night!

    Thank you so much for your so sweet comments on my blog!! My friend I wish you happy third Advent to you!!

    Warm greetings, Marge

  30. Yes...instead of sitting at the computer, you should be getting on your glad rags! :) :)

    Your home must be such a lovely home to live in...beautiful and lovely....

    We had fireworks tonight, it was thrilling to watch them burst open the sky and light it up with colors! :) It's all for Christmas! Our neighborhood government does it every weekend day in December, every year! :) Isn't that fun? :)

    Love you,

  31. You're WAY ahead of me in the decorating dept -- I must work hard to catch up! Your tree is beautiful and I can imagine it looks magical with the lights twinkling at night :)
    Hope you're having a GREAT weekend!

  32. Carolyn,
    I love your green door, a beautiful welcome. Your tree is gorgeous.

  33. You have lovely Christmas ornaments at home

  34. Your front door looks very inviting, Carolyn.I adore the color! All the sweet decoration.. sigh... Santa is on it's way.
    Have a happy day. xxxx

  35. Love you

    Merry Christmas blessings
    Your home looks lovely
    Thanks for your lovely visits and kind words
    Love Jeanne

  36. Love seeing your home, Carolyn! Your tree is so beautiful and the green door really super!
    Cannot decorate this year, I'm keeping Christmas in my heart...
    Big hugs,

  37. What beautiful decorations! Looks like you're all set for the festivities :) Gorgeous door too!

    - the runaway

  38. Carolyn,

    Everything is beautiful, especially the tree:)!



  39. Hi Carolyn, Your tree is lovely and pretty high! We have put up a smaller artificial one this year. I've decorated it with white, cream and silver ornatments and little vintage style creations. I love your green door :-)!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and wish you a great week!

  40. Your tree looks stunning! I just adore this time of year, never want to take the tree down! XX!

  41. I haven't written my letter to Santa yet Carolyn, but I have given my husband my list of 'wishes'.
    Your home looks so beautiful decorated for Christmas.
    I hope your evening out with friends was a great one.

  42. We've put up something on our door too! But haven't done anything indoors yet. Haha! Your tree is beautiful!

  43. Hi Carolyn,
    What a beautiful home you have...and lovely to see all your decorations.
    Have a good week. Hope its warmer with you in NZ..its freezing here!
    Best wishes, Sarah x

  44. All so very beautiful Carolyn and I Love Love Love your green door.
    I have been bit with a flu bug so I am a bit behind with my decorations. Thank you for sharing your Christmas beauty with us.
    Enjoy these beautiful days of December Dear Carolyn.

  45. I love the way you decorated your home, especially the tree and the stockings! This is the first year we've not really decorated, since we just moved and are spending Christmas elsewhere. Seeing your pics does make me want to go out and buy a little tree, even if it's only for a few days...

    Hope you're having a wonderful week so far!

  46. Such a gorgeous Christmas decoration dear Carolyn. I adore the pretty details...may I spend Christmas at your place ? :-)

    Have a great day and much love to you: Evi

  47. Your bear is adorable. And the christmasdecorations look great too!
    Groetjes uit Holland,

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  49. Your tree is lovely! I wish I could sit and have some tea with you and just stare at the lights over good conversation. It would be so great!
    xx, shell


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