Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday flowers

Friday flowers taken from my garden, this week.

Oh .... and exciting news!
I was telling you about the nest and birdseggs, outside our Sons window ~ well they have hatched out and there are three rather ugly little pink birds in the nest.
Marcel climbed a tree to take a photo of the nest and will share the photos soon.
We will take more photos when they look a little better with feathers.
It is so cold so I hope Mother bird looks after her little ones and keeps them warm.

It is a cold, wet, and windy day here and I would like to be spending the weekend at home.
However, one must do what they have to, so we are driving down Country soon, to spend Saturday sorting out some things at our Family home.

I want to wish you a happy weekend and I look forward to coming to visit, on my return.



  1. Oh what a beautiful garden you have!! Just gorgeous!!


  2. Lovely flowers! Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. What lovely flowers!!! I can smell that beautiful scent!! How wonderful to look out and see them!
    Margaret B

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Those are beautiful flowers. Sorry your weather is not too good, but I guess it's very spring-like. Have a good, productive weekend.
    Sharon :-)

  5. Your pics are lovely!
    May you have a good week-end,

  6. Have a wonderful trip to the family home. I hope you find many fond memories there and I hope it's not too hard on you.
    Your flowers are gorgeous...those purple ones look like the are busting out of box!!! Just beautiful!!!
    everything vintage

  7. I hope you have a good weekend, Carolyn. I will keep you in my thoughts while you take care of your family items. I know it's not easy, thinking of you and keeping you in my heart.

  8. A blissful life and lovely picture - how exciting about the birds I can't wait to peek at them - Carolyn I just wanted t thank you for being here -- xx Suzi

  9. Dear Carolyn,

    So beautiful pictures from your garden!! I look forward to see your pictures about birds!:)
    I wish you pleasant time with your family in the countryside!:)
    Big hugs to you!

  10. Ps. What a lovely post about Happy Pink Saturday, so so so beautiful pictures!!!!! I enjoy them a lot!!!:))

  11. Oh I hope they are warm enough too, little mites.

    Beautiful flowers. Lovely weekend to you.

  12. The flowers are lovely! I hope you have good weather for your weekend! Enjoy!

  13. Thanks for sharing the flower-pictures - and I'm really looking forward to the birds-photos!
    Wish you good days!
    Hugs, Traude

  14. Hi Carolyn,
    I'm happy to hear about the birth of the sweet bird babies.
    You are a good daughter to spend time with your family right now.
    Thinking of you~

  15. Beautiful...I'm jealous you have lavender blooming!!! Enjoy your weekend...

    :) T

  16. That is exciting!!
    Love the flowers.
    Have a great weekend,

  17. I enjoyed finding your blog! A sweet surprise....My aunt used to have a bear shoppe where she made by hand teddy bears...Your blog reminded me of hers and I especially loved the Spanish Lavendar!

  18. Your lavender's looking fab Carolyn. Hope all goes well with country trip.
    Millie ^_^

  19. That white it a magnolia, Carolyn?? I think it is fast becoming your blog's signature flower! I love that flower! :)

    How mean of you to call those precious little baby birds "ugly" !! :p

    just kidding! :)

  20. Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for visiting and yes, there are a few lovely flowering plants about.

    Hi Marianne,

    I hope to share photos soon of the baby birds.

    Thank you Lisa and I hope that you all have a great weekend.

    Hi Margaret,

    The lavender does smell lovely in the garden ~ thanks.

    Hi Sharon,

    We did have a good productive time away but I am so tired now.
    Will share some of the things I got later.

    Thanks Deanna for visiting.

    Hi Jodie,

    It was hard sorting through my Dads things but we needed to do it.
    Have come back with some lovely things, to help remember Dad by.

    thank you so much Tracie, I appreciate your kindness.

    Suzie, it is lovely to have you as a friend to help me too, many thanks.

    thank you so much Marge, I had a lovely time down at my old family home and will probably go back again next weekend too - did not get it all finished.

    Thank you DJ and I hope that your weekend is fabulous too.

    Hi Diane,

    The weather was awful driving down on Friday but we were so lucky today as the weather was fine and nice.

    Wishing you good days too, Traude,
    and I hope to share the birdie photos soon.

    Hi Constance,

    I was happy to go down as there is a lot of sorting that needs to be done and we are getting there.
    I appreciate your kindness - Thanks.

    Hi Tracey,

    The lavender is pretty at the moment and what I love most there have been a lot of bees and bumblebees about enjoying the nectar.

    thanks Rosemary and I hope that you are having a good weekend too.

    Hi Chandra and how lovely to have you visit , thank you.
    Always great to have a new blog friend and I look forward to coming to visit you.

    Thanks Millie, the trip down country went well and I am feeling so tired, just off to bed now and I look forward to catching up with you tomorrow.

    Hi Charity,

    Yes, the white flower is magnolia and sorry I said that about the birds and they will be far nicer when their feathers grow.


  21. Oh my dearest friend!!

    A really lovely flowers...

    I feel their scent and are so YOU!

    KISSES my dear. I hug your heart!

    NI from Italy...have like you a wonderful WE!

  22. Oh Carolyn I do love your photos of your garden. My thoughts are with you today. It will be very hard sorting through your Mum and Dad's treasures. Big Hugs

  23. Dear Ni,

    You are always so sweet and many thanks for visiting me.
    Great to have a friend from Italy.

    Hi Karen,

    It was hard sorting through all their treasures and there are things going back a long long way.
    Thank you for visiting my friend.


  24. Happy weekend to you, Carolyn! I love the flower photos... it's 32 degrees here tonight... we are having that chilly fall weather~ starting to feel like Halloween!
    Hugs to you!

  25. Hi Christina,

    Many thanks for visiting.
    The weather has been beautiful here today and I washed all the woolen blankets and had them drying in the sun.


  26. Dear Carolyn,
    What a wonderful garden you have!!
    Lovely flowers!!

    Have a nice day!!

  27. Hi, Lavender and wisteria 2 of my favs of all time,
    Thanks for popping over to Brympton Towers in sunny Somerset England we are now starting to research the next subject for a course English Gardens through the Ages I'M SO EXCITED!!You never know one day our paths may cross, My eco warrior son adored N.Z he may join your ranks one day!!
    Take care Susanxx

  28. Your flowers are beautiful! It's nice to be able to enjoy your spring garden as ours prepares for its winter slumber:).



  29. ~Gorgeous flowers Carolyn!

    I can't wait to see the sweet birdies as well.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    ~Melissa :)

  30. Dear Piitis,

    I enjoy seeing all the photos of your wonderful garden too.
    Many thanks for visiting.

    Hi Susan,

    Many thanks for visiting.
    That sounds like a wonderful course, English Gardens through the ages.
    I love watching the shows on TV showcasing wonderful old gardens around England. The structure and topiaries and the wonderful plants and trees are amazing.

    Hi Kim,

    I enjoyed seeing your roses and pretty flowers over our Winter too.

    Hi Melissa,

    Many thanks for visiting.
    About the birdies, they have little tufts of feathers growing but still a pinky colour.


  31. How sweet! Can't wait to see the birdies!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your flowers, I'm a sucker for lavender!
    Hope you are feeling better, Carolyn.
    A big hug,
    Monica and Kim x.

  32. Thank you so much Monica and Kim.
    So lovely to have you come and visit and yes, lavender is always a favourite of mine.


  33. Hello Carolyn,

    have a marvelous garden, the flowers are very beautiful..... but are a good photographer! compliments!

    hugs to you!

  34. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway...I wish you the best of luck with the drawing!!!


  35. Thank you so much Rosarita, for visiting and your kind words.

    Thanks Cathy, was great to discover your blog and thanks for visiting mine.



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