Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ooh la la!

Moulin Rouge celebrates 120th anniversary.

The world famous Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris, celebrates its 120th anniversary.
The Cabaret with the famous red windmill on its roof has become the famous birthplace of the traditional French can-can, which is still performed there.

When we were in Paris, some friends bought us tickets for my birthday, to go and see the show. I was amazed at the number of people that were queued up to see the show.
Every evening there were two sessions, 7pm and 9pm ~ we attended the 7 and coming out, the crowds thronged to go into the the second show.

The show includes dancers, acrobats, magicians, clowns and music.
I loved all the wonderful costumes of every colour of the rainbow and all the glitter and glam, of rhinestones, sequins and feathers.

The theatre lights go down, the curtain is raised..... and the entire troupe appears on stage, under the admiring gaze of the audience who find themselves entering the Garden of the Moulin Rouge to discover the magical atmosphere of the place!


  1. WOW, 120 years!!! That's a LONG time!

    How exciting that you got to go!


  2. Hi Marsha,

    Yes, a long time!
    It was a fun thing to go see and probably if we had not been given the tickets do not know if I would have gone.


  3. How wonderful for you. A piece of history. I have no idea how you come up with photos you do. Thank you Carolyn.

  4. Hi Dolores,

    The first and last photos are paintings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec that I just got off the net but the other photos of the show were from a booklet we had bought when we were there.


  5. What a wonderful show to see! I love hearing about your adventures! Hope I have some of my own soon! lol

  6. Oh Moulin Rouge...I hope one day I will be able to visit...Lucky you.

    Have a great day dear Carolyn, cheers, Evi

  7. Carolyn this must be a sight to behold. What a thrill it would be to take it all in. You really are a lucky girl!

  8. Hi Diane,

    Thank you and I love seeing the wonderful places you take us to.

    Hi Miss Eve,

    I hope that one day you will get to go there, it is an exciting show.

    Many thanks June for visiting.
    I loved seeing your white post today, the lovely white linen and then the snow. It must have been so cold and I hope that you stay warm.


  9. Wow 120 years! I love the last picture.

    Must have been so much fun to see live.

    The windmill reminds me of the Baz L film.

  10. Hi Carolyn, 120 years is a very long time. Great history to learn. I bet you had the time of you life visiting there. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday.
    Your pics are always amazing.
    Thank you for sharing this history. I always learn something when I visit you and your lovely blog.

    Have a nice evening and see you again soon.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  11. I love Toulouse-Lautrec's paintings of the Moulin-Rouge...and loved the movie...closest I've gotten so far! Thanks Carolyn. Trish

  12. Oh, how fun! I was there in the late 1980's. It was so much fun seeing Paris for the first time. However, it was definitely for couples, so romantic. Unfortunately, I had no one to share the beautiful moon as seen from the hill tops. No matter, what a wonderful place it was!
    Sharon :-)

  13. When our local doll club was still together as a group, we set a challenge to do a doll from a painting. I chose Toulouse Lautrec...and did one from his painting of La Clownesse.... .

    It would be exciting indeed to see the Moulin Rouge in person...

  14. Hi DJ,

    Yes, 120 years is a long time to be doing the shows, all the dancers and costumes.

    Thank you Celestina Marie, I loved coming to visit you today and seeing your amazing painting.

    Hi Trish,

    Toulouse -Lautrecs paintings are great and was just looking through some that he had painted today.
    I loved the movie too.

    Hi Sharon,

    Glad that you could get to Paris and it is a fun City and great to see all the different sights.

    Hi Vee,

    that sounds like a neat project making the doll after someone.
    thanks for visiting.


  15. That must have been fascinating to see in person! How special that it's lasted this long!

  16. Hi Sares,

    It was a great show.
    Thank you for visiting.


  17. Hi Carolyn,

    glitter, rhinestones, sequins and feathered costumes -- what's not to like!!! Thanks for sharing this post... Just the other day a friend was remembering her trip to Paris with me, and saying to me "you must go"... Like a whole in my heart, believe me, she did not even have to say it... I WILL GO IN THIS LIFETIME...

    thanks for sharing.

  18. Sounds like a fabulous thing to see! 120 years sounds like a huge feat for putting on shows.

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  20. Hi Carolyn~

    What an amazing gift to get!!! With all the times I've been to Paris I still have not seen Moulin Rouge. Although I walked by on the most wonderful BLUE sky day and captured a beautiful picture of the windmill against the sky that is as close as I got.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and the paintings. Brings me back to this special place.

    ~Miss Kris~

  21. Ooh la la!
    So I say Happy birthday to Moulin Rouge!!!
    Hugs, Traude

  22. I just adored the movie Carolyn! Beautiful photos here.

    ~Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  23. Hello my dearest!!!

    Ohhhhhhhh...that's a long, long TIME!!!

    WONDERFUL post...(like alwais!! ;o) )

    You are in my heart! KISSES a lot. NI your Italian friend!

  24. Hi Rosalind,

    You must go .... I hope that you get to see this beautiful City.

    Hi TattingChic,

    Yes, what a long time ...120 years and that must have been a lot of people to see the show.

    Thank you Delicate diaries, will come across and visit you.

    Hi Miss Kris,

    Had we not been given the tickets, I do not think we would have seen this either.
    The windmill is a great sight and even seeing this was fun.

    Thank you for visiting Traude.

    Hi Melissa,

    The movie was good with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.

    To my dear friend Ni.
    Many thanks for visiting, it is always lovely to hear from you and I love going to visit your blog.


  25. Wow-looks like it was a great show!



  26. Hi Kim,

    Yes, it was a great show.
    Thanks for visiting.


  27. Hi Carolyn! Thank you for visiting me and also visiting me when I was away for a bit......What an exciting show to have been able to see, I love all the costumes....I don't think I will ever get to see it for myself but I'm so glad you did, and were able to share it with us....Have a great day! Hugs, Jennifer

  28. Oooh la la the Moulin Rouge!!! I might have to watch the new version in honour! Maybe drink French Champagne!!! YUM!
    BTW... I will be sending you the Coco book by Friday!!!!

  29. Happy Birthday Moulin Rouge!!!
    I too went to see this show although by myself in Feb 2008. I LOVED it - it all felt so nostalgic.
    You make me want to go again.
    x Suzi

  30. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for visiting me.
    I hope that you will get to see this exciting show.

    Thank you Fifi... sipping Mumm champagne, I think it was.
    I look forward to getting the Coco book, many thanks again.

    Hi Suzi,

    Oh how exciting you got to see it in 2008. We were there in 2007.
    They change the shows from time to time and I wonder if we saw the same one? I loved it too and was quite sad when it finished.


  31. Oh Carolyn, you brought back many memories for me in this post! I took Brett to Paris when he was 15 (6 years ago) and we made it a point to go to Moulin Rouge. It was the best show!!!! I think it was one of the highlights of Paris...besides the Tower!
    (And Brett was happy that he was able to drink Champagne since there is no age limit there!)
    everything vintage

  32. Quite interesting and very classy!

    You are classy.

    I have always loved theatre in the TRUE sense of the word. I wouldn't want to go see this movie, I want to go see this in theatre. :)

    We could really hang out together, you and I! :)

  33. Hi Jodie,

    It is a great show and one that you will always remember.
    I am sure that Brett will have enjoyed it too, being 15 and able to drink champagne and seeing all the lovely Ladies and Men.

    thanks Charity, yes, going to the theatre, is wonderful.



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