Thursday, June 23, 2016

A few surprises

When I visited Auckland City on Friday,  with an hour to spare I decided to go for an explore, with my camera.
I never tire of strolling aimlessly around and for all the little surprises that you may get to see

Bringing mid-winter carnival fun to Aotea Square, an Ice Rink has been set up and a family of Polar Bears set the scene, giving an icy winter atmosphere.

The planets are aligned, in the shop window of Louis Vuitton to celebrate the winter Solstice

I love to see the old architecture which is much more interesting than a lot of the modern style office buildings

This day is a journey, this very moment an adventure
~ Rebecca Pavlenska

Today we have a rainy day which is typical of our weather here for winter. Going out to collect the mail this morning, there were two tuis in the trees who were singing loudly and seemed very happy to be playing in the rain.
The years shortest day has been and now we will move towards Spring.
Thanks for dropping by the blog today and hope you are enjoying the week.
Almost the weekend, hope you have a happy one.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Winter time is here

 Hello dear friends,

There is a winter nip in the air here and I love this time of the year. Coats, scarves, boots and gloves come to the front of the wardrobe and the summer clothes get to go away for a spell.

Winter is all about comfort food, hot soup, tasty stews and casseroles. Nothing better than a bowl of  hot tomato soup for lunch and warm bread with butter on a cold grey day.
The little individual tins, make the perfect little loaf of bread
Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home
~Edith Sitwell

The night sky and the silhouette of the trees  against the rather ominous clouds painted a pretty picture

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil painting and Autumn a mosaic of them all

~Stanley Horowitz

 Hope whatever the seasons are there where you are, summer, autumn, winter or spring, enjoy the beauty that nature brings
Happy, happy weekend dear friends

Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's the weekend

 Hello dear friends,
When I wondered what I would share today after spending a couple of hours of reading other lovely blogs, must get around to writing something myself. 
Here's a little random update on life around here lately
Will start off with these pretty roses and they are such a beautiful apricot shade and I loved how they looked in the basket of my bike

We needed a new rug for the lounge and when a company set up in a hall the other weekend we went to have a look and decided to buy this one. It is lovely underfoot, especially now that winter is here

Lately we have been having some spectacular sunsets and whilst cooking dinner the other evening, looked out and saw this beautiful sight, so rushed to take a picture. I marvel at the brilliant colours  and  photos really don't do it justice

'Sometimes the simplest things are the most perfect things'

Many thanks for the kind visits and the comments on my last post, appreciate the birthday wishes for my husband and daughter
Do hope you enjoy the weekend and find some time to relax and do some things to make you happy

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A visit to Giverny

Having always loved the paintings of Monet,  a visit to Giverny was on my list of things I would love to go and see.
Located 50 miles outside the hustle and bustle of Paris,  we left the apartment to catch the bus early in the morning which would take us to Giverny.
The white garden
 What a lovely way to spend the day,  strolling around Claude Monets beautiful garden.

Here are a few of my photographs I will share with you

 There was so much beauty from the Japanese bridge painted green, the tranquility of the waterlily gardens, the weeping willows to the wonderful flowers blooming.

A few gardeners were working at keeping the place looking wonderful and I imagine this would be a full time job.

 I loved looking through the house in which the Artist and his family lived. You were able to go through and see the walls adorned with a wonderful collection of his Artwork,  the bedroom he slept in and the kitchen where meals would have been prepared

This is a photographers dream place, to capture the beautiful flowers and nature
Wishing you all a very happy weekend.
It is Queens birthday weekend here and Monday is a holiday. Also my dear husband celebrates his birthday on the 6th, so happy birthday Martin and the Queen

Monday, May 30, 2016

Always great to celebrate a birthday

In the weekend we celebrated our dear daughters birthday.

We booked a table to dine at the Orbit Restaurant, which is up the Sky Tower. Just getting there, started off been problematic ... as we tried to go up in the lift, strong winds were whistling down and would not enable us to go, the door kept opening three times. In the end the attendant beckoned us to try another lift on the other side which seemed to be more sheltered.
Whish! ... up we went at a fast pace, with the speed and air pressure, my ears popped and do not like that feeling.
Auckland Harbour bridge in the distance

Perched high in the sky with a birds eye view, looking down over the City of Auckland and  was fun pointing out all the landmarks and tall buildings.
Always like the Metropolis building in the center

 As it was a rainy day the visibility wasn't great but took a few photos to show you. 

Sorry they are not the best,  but sometimes we can't pick the weather and we got to be up in the clouds and see the  rain trickling down the window panes.
the pink road is the new cycle way

Yet another year has flown by
Happy birthday Victoria and best wishes for a great new year ahead
Made sure I had room for  dessert - pavlova was delicious

thank you for your kindness in taking the time to visit Victoria's youtube channel - appreciate that.

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend dear friends and now wishing you a happy week ahead. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sweet Roses

 Hello dear friends,
Hope you are having a lovely week
Anyway, once again some more of my roses.
There is nothing quite like homegrown roses and how I wish you could share the sweet fragrance.

On Monday this little bunch was looking pretty on the bush and think this will be the last of them, before winter comes. They have done so well and happy to share them.

 From time to time I like to bring the garden inside and as the last few days have been rainy and windy, thought these would look better in a vase where they could be admired.  I love how they fade to a  pretty pale pink. The ornament of the standard Schnauzer dog is there to remind us of our dog Oscar, we once had.

Victorias Youtube channel

Daughter Victoria has been enjoying making her You tube videos and they can be anything from DIY projects, her love of cooking, to taking a tour around the City of Auckland. She is passionate about putting one out a week, so please if you are able to take a look, would be great, thanks and she would be happy if you are able to subscribe.

Enjoy the rest of the week and wishing you a happy weekend ahead

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A visit to Laduree

While we were visiting St Tropez we stumbled across the Laduree shop.

I get excited seeing this shop and feel like a little girl looking in the shop window as everything looks so pretty and delicious.
Here you can buy not only sweet treats but other goodies like, beautifully packaged tea, scented candles, key rings,  recipe books { for the gourmand } tote bags and umbrellas.
Everything is the most beautiful colours, the shop is a pretty pale green,  the china teacups and plates all soft pastel colours and then there is the sweet boxes and ribbons to wrap up your gifts to take away.

Thank you, as always for stopping by, across the world from near and far, your visit always means so much.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend and a most beautiful week ahead, to each of you.