Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rainy {happy} days

Hello dear friends,

With all the rain we have been having here, I thought what better way to brighten up my day was actually go out with the camera and take a few random shots of how my week is going.
Firstly love the way the snowdrops looked with little rain droplets and a sure sign that Spring will be on its way soon

Alyssum, Carpet of snow and Sweet William, are what I planted in the window-boxes to give them a fresh look

The beautiful rainbow arched through the grey clouds,  I always love to look up and see one when I am out walking on a wet day

Early morning, 7.20 down at the wharf when I dropped my husband to the boat last week. If you enlarge the picture the moon was still out and shinning and a seagull was swirling around in the sky

 Now to finish off, these pretty pink roses seemed to droop the day after I bought them so I now have them drying upside down and wanted to get a snap as they were a pretty colour.

Treasure this day and treasure yourself
Truly neither will ever happen again
~ Ray Bradbury
Do hope you have a lovely week

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Picturesque Nice

I can't think of a way to start this post until I have acknowledged the heartache and sadness about what is happening around the world. 
Having been to Nice twice, the last time back in September and looking back over my photos was reminded of how beautiful this place is.
Having walked along the Promenade des Anglais, dined out at a street-side restaurant, swam in the sparkling blue French Riviera  and shopped at the brocante. Will share a few of my snapshots

We are reminded of how precious life is and wouldn't it be great if we could live together in this beautiful world peacefully. 
Vive la France

Sending love and hugs


Friday, July 15, 2016

Celebrating Bastille day

Bon jour!

Yesterday was Bastille Day and I had hoped to do a post yesterday but other things took up my time..
So here goes a few snapshots taken around France, no need for too many words and will let the pictures do the work for me

To start with the iconic 2CV ... this one was fun, painted in blue, white and red

One of the highlights for me was staying and living like a Parisian for a week. We chose this  apartment to stay,  A la Carte apartments in the Marais Arrondissiment.
Situated on  Rue de Ravioli, the street was busy with cars and people everywhere and this was the view looking out the window, beautiful beige buildings and leafy green trees in the park.  We found this to be an ideal place to stay, with it been so handy to everywhere and pounded lots of cobblestone streets
 Many very cute dogs - hopefully she can see where she is going
Rows of pretty pastel coloured apartments
To finish off, roses for the weekend ~
 Memories for a lifetime

Thank you as always for joining me here and wishing you a very happy weekend

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Historic and heritage buildings

Historic and heritage buildings are so much more impressive and attractive and they have character and soul, than the modern glass boxes we see everywhere today.
On my visit to the City I decided to check out some more buildings around Auckland City.
Here are a few snapshots ~ the day was very grey and I liked the way the old concrete buildings blended in with the colour of the sky

The first picture tells us that this building has been around for exactly 100 years and what a lot of changes would have taken place over that time

This is the Auckland Art Gallery  and I love visiting this place when there is an Exhibition showing here
The Bronze Gnome is the latest statue, one out of a set that are replaced every six months.  Others have been a bronze rabbit, fantail, pigeon sculpture and a bird man with mask

 I have always loved the old Auckland Post Office and can remember going in to buy stamps back in the day. Now it has been turned into the Britomart Train Station, which is a great use of the old building

 Although parts of the last two are not Heritage,
The Metropolis building which was built in 1999 is a Hotel,  Restaurant, apartments and Spa facilities. Great that they were able to incorporate the old part of the building below as the entrance

The last one is the Chancery, with cobbled pavements, boutiques, outdoor dinning and was modelled after an Italian piazza
I hope you have enjoyed coming on a little trip around Auckland City with me
Have a happy weekend

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hello July

Although just a little late.
Hope yours is off to a great start and that life is treating you well
I was happy to bring home this bunch of pink roses, my favourite colour. It is one little luxury that every now and again, it is good to spoil oneself. Love how it  just seems to brighten up the house on a winters day. 

I long, as does every human being to be at home wherever I find myself
~Maya Angelou

"Home is where the heart is", as the old saying goes and that is so true and even more so in winter. It just seems like the best place to be, where it is cozy and warm.

My wish is that you are all well and have a wonderful July


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Almost the end of June

The last few weeks have flown by and soon we will be saying goodbye to June.

It's finally winter here. Some of you have asked me, what our winter is like.  We live in the North Island where it never snows, apart from the Mountains, and further down the Island where they only occasionally have a fall of snow. We get a lot of rain and it is very mild, to what most of your winters are like in Europe.

My new scarf I recently finished knitting had its first outing on Sunday when we were invited out to friends for Sunday lunch. I had a pattern for the houndstooth and then worked out the Scottish terrier pattern on graph paper and liked the way it turned out.

Dear husband brought home for me some yellow tulips that are
pure beauty and pure style  - these ones look  artificial and wax like. Nothing like having a heater warming the room, candles burning and a vase of flowers to brighten up a grey, winters day

Do hope that you are enjoying the last week of June

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A few surprises

When I visited Auckland City on Friday,  with an hour to spare I decided to go for an explore, with my camera.
I never tire of strolling aimlessly around and for all the little surprises that you may get to see

Bringing mid-winter carnival fun to Aotea Square, an Ice Rink has been set up and a family of Polar Bears set the scene, giving an icy winter atmosphere.

The planets are aligned, in the shop window of Louis Vuitton to celebrate the winter Solstice

I love to see the old architecture which is much more interesting than a lot of the modern style office buildings

This day is a journey, this very moment an adventure
~ Rebecca Pavlenska

Today we have a rainy day which is typical of our weather here for winter. Going out to collect the mail this morning, there were two tuis in the trees who were singing loudly and seemed very happy to be playing in the rain.
The years shortest day has been and now we will move towards Spring.
Thanks for dropping by the blog today and hope you are enjoying the week.
Almost the weekend, hope you have a happy one.