Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sweet Roses

 Hello dear friends,
Hope you are having a lovely week
Anyway, once again some more of my roses.
There is nothing quite like homegrown roses and how I wish you could share the sweet fragrance.

On Monday this little bunch was looking pretty on the bush and think this will be the last of them, before winter comes. They have done so well and happy to share them.

 From time to time I like to bring the garden inside and as the last few days have been rainy and windy, thought these would look better in a vase where they could be admired.  I love how they fade to a  pretty pale pink. The ornament of the standard Schnauzer dog is there to remind us of our dog Oscar, we once had.

Victorias Youtube channel

Daughter Victoria has been enjoying making her You tube videos and they can be anything from DIY projects, her love of cooking, to taking a tour around the City of Auckland. She is passionate about putting one out a week, so please if you are able to take a look, would be great, thanks and she would be happy if you are able to subscribe.

Enjoy the rest of the week and wishing you a happy weekend ahead

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A visit to Laduree

While we were visiting St Tropez we stumbled across the Laduree shop.

I get excited seeing this shop and feel like a little girl looking in the shop window as everything looks so pretty and delicious.
Here you can buy not only sweet treats but other goodies like, beautifully packaged tea, scented candles, key rings,  recipe books { for the gourmand } tote bags and umbrellas.
Everything is the most beautiful colours, the shop is a pretty pale green,  the china teacups and plates all soft pastel colours and then there is the sweet boxes and ribbons to wrap up your gifts to take away.

Thank you, as always for stopping by, across the world from near and far, your visit always means so much.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend and a most beautiful week ahead, to each of you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Looking back to 1965

When browsing through some of my old photos,  saw some of the party we attended
Last year we were invited to a friends 50th birthday party and on the invite it stipulated to dress like it was 1965.

I've always been a fan of this chic dress, which was designed by Yves St. Laurent back in 1965. Maybe I could run up a similar dress to wear as it looked like it would be simple to make
So off to the Fabric Shop I went, to buy some linen fabric and in the colours of the original dress.
Had fun sewing up the dress and that is what I wore on the night.

It became known as the Mondrian Collection and was inspired by the abstract paintings of the Dutch, De Stijl Artist, Piet Mondrian.
Yves St Laurent designed a group of bold dresses on interesting, intersecting black stripes and blocks of primary colours.  
 The Mondrian Collection was featured on the front cover of French Vogue in 1965.
 It was a fun party and good to see what everyone wore on the night.

thank you for your sweet comments and visits
Have a happy week

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A day out in the City

Brassica Oleracea ~ Ornamental Cabbage that I got from the market

My favourite thing about visiting Auckland City is that it has a little bit of everything and there is always a new shop or cafe that has opened up.
After having a lovely breakfast with my dear husband at the Governor, a new cafe in Herne Bay, and walking back to where the car was parked, saw this shop.

Father Rabbit is a quaint shop that has lovely merchandise,  household goodies and gifts, the sort of things I love.
The philosophy behind the brand, is an appreciation of simplicity.
Also that things should be done right or not at all and to strive for perfection, embracing tradition, routine and order { which is a good way to live by.

The window display was lovely with the large white hare and the moss green plates are a favourite colour of mine, along with pink

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful week so far and have a great rest of the week. Thank you for the kind visit to my blog and I look forward to coming over to say hello to you.

Monday, May 9, 2016

My special Mothers day

The pretty bouquet of  flowers from my son

Mothers day was spent with my wonderful family. We often dine at Masu a Japanese Restaurant in the City, and that is where we went and enjoyed a delicious lunch.
The food set up on the buffet table looked amazing and it was choosing what dish you would put on your plate and if you had room for another little try of something divine.

At the end they brought out this large platter of dessert and fruit, which I must say was delectable.

I feel so thankful to have such beautiful children and they make me very proud. I was showered with lovely cards, gifts, a cup and saucer with the sweet quote ' There is always time for tea', notepad,   flowers, and chocolates so was very spoilt

May is full of celebrations here, with Mothers Day and two birthdays, so it is going to be a busy fun month

Happy new week, dear friends

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pink Tulips

A little posy to welcome the month of May.
Where did April go? ... seemed to go by so quickly!

This morning Ocean Beach and Little Oneroa looked so tranquil as we walked by, that I had to get my iphone out and take a few snaps. The light was magical and photos don't really show how magnificent the ocean and dawn sky looked.

All was calm and quiet at this time of the morning and I really think this is the best time of the day.
Worth getting out of bed at 6 am to go out walking.

Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom, if you go to a place on anything but your own feet, you are taken there too fast and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside.
~ Elizabeth Von Amim, The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen

Happy May! dear friends and  wishing you all a happy week 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Olive season is upon us

It's that time of the year again, harvesting of our olives.
As the weather was a beautiful blue sky, I went out to make a start filling the crate so I could then transport them to the local press.
As they were pressing today, I would need to have them out there by 1 pm, so early this morning I got out and worked really hard to pick them off the trees. As it is a bumper crop, this year we will be doing this for a few days more, so that is what is going to occupy our time this week.
Olives should be processed soon after harvest because storing them diminishes the quality and no longer than three days from the time they are picked.  We have twelve trees on our property, of different varieties ... some olives are dark black and others a pretty light green and blended together make for a lovely oil

Picking is  time consuming but its all worth it to have your very own cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Now I am feeling very tired and will sleep well tonight.

Do hope that you are enjoying your week