Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My dear sweet Mother

On Saturday we got the message that my dearest Mother had taken a stroke so we drove down to be with her.
Sadly she passed away peacefully on Monday evening and it was so lovely that we were all able to gather around her bedside for her last days.

We were so pleased to have gone down to visit her two weeks earlier and to be with her and see her beautiful face and smile.
We will love her always and miss our loving and caring Mother, Grandma and Great-Grandmother.
The funeral will be tomorrow and would be thankful for your loving thoughts for our family.

Sending hugs

Saturday, October 11, 2014

French Doors

La grande porte was at the Versaille Palace
Today I would like to share some grand doors that caught my eye 

When we were in France there was something fun about walking around the streets, on the look out for beautiful doors.

There is never a shortage of fabulous door photo opportunities.

Made me wonder what was behind the doors we passed by... I guess beautiful interiors, furniture and inspiration.

Last but not least was Number 22 with the sweet heart carved on the door, had a welcoming look

I do hope that you are enjoying your weekend and wish you a happy week ahead

Monday, October 6, 2014

Stopping to smell the roses

Nothing is so beautiful as Spring, with its symbolism of renewal and regrowth.
From baby lambs frolicking in the paddocks to birds in a nest,  pretty flowers making an appearance and a way of saying farewell to winter.

From the window I was excited to see my new Cecil Brunner climbing rose making her debut, growing up an obelisk on the balcony.

 At our last home I had it growing and have wanted to grow this sweet little rose again.
I adore the small exquisitely formed pale pink rosebuds and it even has the sweetest fragrance.
Sometimes this dear little rose is known as the 'Sweetheart Rose'

Today seems like a good day to stop and smell the roses

Thanks for stopping by.
I'm ever so thankful for my thoughtful readers and wonderful friends I've made through my blog.
Have a wonderful week

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Garden Flowers

Nothing makes me happier than to see some flowers blooming in the garden.
With Spring here there is a lot of work to do ... pull out the weeds and tidy up after winter.

The lesson I have thoroughly learnt and wish to pass on to others is to know the enduring happiness that the love of a garden gives
~ Gertrude Jekyll


I noticed the snails and slugs have been busy feasting on the hydrangea leaves {just about to flower} and geraniums, so not very happy about that.

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature
~ Gerard de Nerval
'Susan' is the name of my new pretty pink Magnolia, I planted the other day

You cannot force open the petals of a rose.
When the rose is ready she will open up to you
~ unknown
So looking forward to my new rose 
 A little lesson we can learn, is that we have to let nature take its course and be patient.

 Floral Friday is a monthly photography project with different themes each month. This series is about fun and taking time out to smell the flowers. To play along next time, please email  Trish  for next month's theme.


Have a happy weekend everyone
If the weather is fine here, hope to get out and do some gardening.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The handkerchief

Historians credit Marie Antoinette with the invention of the pocket handkerchief.
So the saying goes, she was so broken up at leaving her home in Austria that she cried all the way to France and wiped her tears with bits of lace torn from her dress and lingerie.

Anticipating future tears, she made it a point always to have a piece of lace tucked in a pocket of her dress.
This, says the historians was how the handkerchief came about.

Though people no longer dangle a handkerchief from their hand as a fashion gesture {like the old Miss Dior advertisement}
In the 20th century it became fashionable for men to place one in the left breast pocket of a suit or jacket and even today some men continue to do this.

While I still have a few pretty hankies in a little drawer, {mostly just for show tucked into a handbag} I do prefer to use tissues.

Have a wonderful week and many thanks for the kind visits to my blog and I look forward to coming over to say hello to you.


Thursday, September 25, 2014


While we were driving down country to visit family, I stopped to take a photo of the Matamata i-site. The information center on the main street is a clear indication of where you are, in prime middle earth territory.

Middle Earth is the fictional setting of the author J.R.R Tolkien and his fantasy writings of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
 The Hobbiton movie set is just down the road, located on the most picturesque rolling hills, on private farmland.
If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit you can take a guided tour around the movie set and see where it all happened.

I felt like a dwarf when I had my photo taken at the airport

Almost the weekend! hope you have a happy one


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Around the world blog hop

Last week I received an email from Shane inviting me to join the 
                  'Around the world blog hop'.

I have followed Shane and her beautiful blog for a while now and I always love visiting her. She shares wonderful photography, mosaics,  inspiration, lovely projects she is working on and seeing her wonderful photos from France, when she visits her family there.

One of her lovely collages
I'm sure if you haven't already come across Shane and her lovely blog you will be happy to visit her - please pop over and say hello to her at ~

As part of this blog hop I have questions to answer 

 What are you working on right now?

I am  knitting booties for a friend that has had a baby - there is something nice and relaxing about knitting and I find it a good way to spend the time on the ferry crossing, when I go across to the City.

Another work in progress is an Old Fashioned Antique birdhouse  cross stitch - it is fine work and I really do need to wear my glasses when I am working on it.

I also enjoy making Mohair bears - have taken a little break from them and will hopefully get back into it again soon.
My daughter has designed a new web-site for me which looks much cleaner and more how I would like it to look.
Just need to get a web designer now to make it a working site.

Why do I create what I do?

As a child I  loved to sew clothes and knit for my dolls  and today I like to have something on the go and keep myself busy with creating something or working on a project.

Now I will share a few photos from around Waiheke Island, where I live. There is something wonderful about seeing the tall ships which often sail around our waters.

Summertime on the Island is a great place to be, where you can swim at the many gorgeous beaches with lovely white sand and clear blue sea. Onetangi beach below is the beach we mostly go to and it is a relaxing way to spend the afternoon with a picnic lunch and a swim
Onetangi beach

For the energetic there are lots of wonderful walking tracks that overlook the most fabulous views.  In Oneroa bay, many people come and enjoy the holidays on their boats moored out on the water

I now want to introduce you to Sarah, whose wonderful blog http://downbytheseadorset.blogspot.co.nz/ 
I love to visit.
She shares her stunning photography from Dorset, where she lives.  
Love the ripples on the water and the wonderful boats, on a trip to Weymouth, she shared recently.
Next is Ana from the beautiful blog A petite Cottage - she really does have a Home sweet home. She loves to sew and decorate and is always finding some great things when out thrifting.
My third friend is Claudia, who  lives in Germany.

Here is her blog http://nunusgarnundstofflabor.blogspot.co.nz/ and go and say hello to her also.  
Claudia shares her gorgeous garden and is a wonderful knitter,  and makes the sweetest bears.

Thank you Shane for inviting me to the blog tour and to Sarah, Ana, and Claudia for playing along and continuing the blog tour next Monday.

Also I appreciate all for stopping by and hope it will be a wonderful new week for all.
                                 Carolyn x