Friday, September 23, 2016

My week, with a few photos


My week has been enjoyable and here we are again, it is Friday  so now I will share a few snaps with you.
With my love for nature this little bird made me smile when I looked outside. Taken in the tree from DD's bedroom window, he/she is back again. The brightly coloured parrot did a little pirouette and you can see the video. As much as this bird is beautiful to look at, it is not good for our native species of birds, like the tui as they are competitive when it comes to getting food and sometimes upsetting and displacing our native species.

Down near where the ferry comes in this goose can often be seen there, making a loud honking noise and making its presence felt all around.

Many thanks for the kind birthday wishes for Marcel,... here are a couple of photos taken on our night out. We dined at the O'Connell Street Bistro in the private dinning room. The restaurant had been closed for about 8 months, due to a fire. So happy that they are up and running again as the food and evening was really great

Now to leave you with some pretty roses and to wish you a very happy weekend


Saturday, September 17, 2016

A little sunshine on a rainy day

The  rain might be falling hard here today and it is predicted to be like this for the next couple of weeks, so I will bring a little sunshine to my post today.
On my walk I could not help but get out my camera when I saw the daffodils waving about in the breeze in some of the gardens around. I love the bright yellow colour  and it always makes me feel happy seeing them

Tonight we are celebrating Marcel's birthday. 18th of September is the actual day, 25 years ago we were excited to have you come into our lives and join our little family.
The photo above was taken when our children were asked to model for a hairdressing magazine. They were given a nice haircut and style and featured in the magazine, so that was a fun thing for them to do.
Happy birthday and may it be a great year ahead. The graduation was a few years back,  and we are so very proud of all you have achieved in your life

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams .... live the life you have imagined
~Henry David Thoreau

Just want to say, many thanks for the kind notes you left, and I am feeling much better and over the flu now. Appreciate the kindness of each and everyone and value your friendship
Wishing you a happy weekend


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Apricot roses for the weekend

Hi dear friends,

Have not been around much on the computer as this past week have been feeling a little fluish, with a cold and sore throat. Travelling on the ferry boat sometimes, it is hard to escape the winter ailments that are doing the rounds, with other travellers, coughing and sneezing. Wednesday I spent nearly the whole day in bed sleeping and felt a lot better for doing this

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is ~
to be alive,
to breathe
to think
to enjoy
to love
~ Marcus Aurelius

I just wanted to pop in a wish you a happy weekend and hope all is well with you. Look forward to coming over to visit you soon

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Happy Sunday

Today is an overcast gloomy day here, so will share a few photos that make me feel happy
Glorious golden sunset taken, when we were in BoraBora

It is Fathers Day here in New Zealand ... Happy day to all the Fathers out there that do a great job. Raising children has to be one of the hardest things but so rewarding
This afternoon my dear husband {who is a wonderful Father to our children} and I were sitting on the sofa, talking and remembering our  Fathers, who sadly are not with us.
 I know that it is times like this that I can look back and find comfort and think of the happy memories of my dear Father who was a great and kind Dad.

Happiness is not a destination, its a way of life
It is the little things in our lives, that bring us joy

I hope your September is off to a great start and that you are enjoying the weekend

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Goodbye August

This past week has been super busy since coming back from the holiday, so hence not a lot of blogging going on.
As we say goodbye to the last day of August, I will recollect some of the happy moments with photos.
 Shopping at Newmarket is beautiful at this time of the year with the pretty pink magnolia trees dotted along the footpath. The flowers looked like pink velvet
 The plumage of the Parakeet sitting in the tree outside my kitchen window was pretty.  Can you see the colourful red, green and yellow?

Loved the chairs at the Victoria Park bus stop - waiting for the bus here would be fun

Duplicate wood pigeons sitting on the telephone wires

My dear daughter made a video of our holiday in Port Douglas, if you have a spare moment and want to see a little more of this beautiful place, here is the link. You can see some of the noisy bird life that I was telling you about
Thank you for the kind notes you left me from the previous post, appreciate each and every one and I look forward to coming to say hello to you all.

Have a beautiful day my friends

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Port Douglas holiday

I'm back home again after having a lovely vacation
Port Douglas is a great place to escape from our winter and see a little sunshine and here are a few photos I took to show you around. We did have a few wet days also, as the photo taken from the lookout shows.

We rented a house through Airbnb at Niramaya Villas and Spa - Villa 64 was a lovely place to stay and pavilion like rooms made it a restful and a relaxing place, in a Balinese style.

A bubble bath here ~  luxury!

 The fragrance of sweet frangipani floats everywhere and there is a light breeze which keeps the place cool and out the front is a lake dotted with lily-pads.
Bird life here was wonderful to watch and they made a very good alarm clock every morning with the ducks, geese, herons and some funny little brown birds that had a mohawk and do not know what they were, but they made a loud racket.

The pool was heated at a warm temperature of 20 degrees, which made it lovely to swim some lengths. Even on a few rainy days we got in and was fun to swim in the rain

Situated at the top part of Queensland and near the equator which makes it tropical, hence the abundance of delicious fruit, sweet juicy pineapples, melons, passionfruit and strawberries. Every morning to start the day I would make a large bowl of fruit salad which was so good

The trip to the Coles supermarket shopping for food was fun and then go home and cook up something on the Barbecue with a salad.

We strolled around the small town, ate out at some nice restaurants and a favourite pastime to get in the rental car and go out and explore.
The rock sculpture must have taken a long time to install

On Tuesday night we had a chef come and cook us a wonderful banquet meal and this was very special.  Tried  Mud Crab which was a first for us. 

He was telling us that he had put the Crab in a box in the garage and when his wife went to go out there, she was surprised when it had escaped and was loose and getting around - gave her a big fright with its large pinchers.

A special treat one afternoon was to be pampered at the Spa and have a facial and manicure - the treatment rooms are set in a lush tropical garden and encircled by native rainforest. Had to pinch myself that I was not dreaming as this was a lovely way to end the holiday.
Hope you have a happy week

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm taking a little break

I will be taking a little break, a week away on a family vacation.
We are going to Queensland to escape a little of the winter here and hopefully will get to see some sunshine and enjoy warmer weather.
Look forward to relaxing, not doing very much but reading, walking along the beautiful beaches, swimming in the pool and cooking prawns on the barbecue.
Must go and finish packing my bag now

See you when I get back