Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Port Douglas holiday

I'm back home again after having a lovely vacation
Port Douglas is a great place to escape from our winter and see a little sunshine and here are a few photos I took to show you around. We did have a few wet days also, as the photo taken from the lookout shows.

We rented a house through Airbnb at Niramaya Villas and Spa - Villa 64 was a lovely place to stay and pavilion like rooms made it a restful and a relaxing place, in a Balinese style.

A bubble bath here ~  luxury!

 The fragrance of sweet frangipani floats everywhere and there is a light breeze which keeps the place cool and out the front is a lake dotted with lily-pads.
Bird life here was wonderful to watch and they made a very good alarm clock every morning with the ducks, geese, herons and some funny little brown birds that had a mohawk and do not know what they were, but they made a loud racket.

The pool was heated at a warm temperature of 20 degrees, which made it lovely to swim some lengths. Even on a few rainy days we got in and was fun to swim in the rain

Situated at the top part of Queensland and near the equator which makes it tropical, hence the abundance of delicious fruit, sweet juicy pineapples, melons, passionfruit and strawberries. Every morning to start the day I would make a large bowl of fruit salad which was so good

The trip to the Coles supermarket shopping for food was fun and then go home and cook up something on the Barbecue with a salad.

We strolled around the small town, ate out at some nice restaurants and a favourite pastime to get in the rental car and go out and explore.
The rock sculpture must have taken a long time to install

On Tuesday night we had a chef come and cook us a wonderful banquet meal and this was very special.  Tried  Mud Crab which was a first for us. 

He was telling us that he had put the Crab in a box in the garage and when his wife went to go out there, she was surprised when it had escaped and was loose and getting around - gave her a big fright with its large pinchers.

A special treat one afternoon was to be pampered at the Spa and have a facial and manicure - the treatment rooms are set in a lush tropical garden and encircled by native rainforest. Had to pinch myself that I was not dreaming as this was a lovely way to end the holiday.
Hope you have a happy week

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm taking a little break

I will be taking a little break, a week away on a family vacation.
We are going to Queensland to escape a little of the winter here and hopefully will get to see some sunshine and enjoy warmer weather.
Look forward to relaxing, not doing very much but reading, walking along the beautiful beaches, swimming in the pool and cooking prawns on the barbecue.
Must go and finish packing my bag now

See you when I get back

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Soap making

I have been experimenting with making soap. It's been fun and challenging using various fragrances, lavender and rose essential oils and colours.
Wearing protective gear, safety glasses, face mask and gloves, makes me look and feel like I could be on CSI,  investigating a Crime Scene.
You may wonder why I have decided to make my own soap when you can buy it so readily at the Supermarket or Chemist, well I like that it contains no harsh chemicals or dyes.

Olive oil, pink French clay and coconut oil are some of the list of ingredients, which is gentle and makes your skin feel lovely and soft.
Lye (caustic soda) is the ingredient that you have to be very careful with and the need for the protective gear and there is absolutely no way to make soap without this. The stamp I had made in England to press into the soap
The soap is placed on a drying rack for about 6 months to cure and after that, there is not any lye remaining in the soap.

I remember when I was a little girl my parents used to always make their own soap - they would use a large kerosene tin for the mould and when it was cured, Mum would cut it up into large bars and use it for washing the dishes.
Have you ever tried making soap? would be interested to hear if you make your own soap

Hope you are having a happy weekend and wishing you a wonderful new week ahead

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sharing a post through rose coloured glasses

Today it will be nice to share a few pretty pink photos that I have in my album. As some of you know I adore pink, so to make up for the wet days we have been having this will brighten things up a little

A pretty pink building in Nice

The Repetto shop window in Paris - the dress was floating about - pretty

This morning with our walking shoes on, were just about to head out for an early morning constitutional  when all of a sudden it started hailing and there was a rumble of thunder and some lightening, so we stayed home instead.
I truly can't believe that July is almost over!
Do hope the last weekend of July is lovely for you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rainy {happy} days

Hello dear friends,

With all the rain we have been having here, I thought what better way to brighten up my day was actually go out with the camera and take a few random shots of how my week is going.
Firstly love the way the snowdrops looked with little rain droplets and a sure sign that Spring will be on its way soon

Alyssum, Carpet of snow and Sweet William, are what I planted in the window-boxes to give them a fresh look

The beautiful rainbow arched through the grey clouds,  I always love to look up and see one when I am out walking on a wet day

Early morning, 7.20 down at the wharf when I dropped my husband to the boat last week. If you enlarge the picture the moon was still out and shinning and a seagull was swirling around in the sky

 Now to finish off, these pretty pink roses seemed to droop the day after I bought them so I now have them drying upside down and wanted to get a snap as they were a pretty colour.

Treasure this day and treasure yourself
Truly neither will ever happen again
~ Ray Bradbury
Do hope you have a lovely week

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Picturesque Nice

I can't think of a way to start this post until I have acknowledged the heartache and sadness about what is happening around the world. 
Having been to Nice twice, the last time back in September and looking back over my photos was reminded of how beautiful this place is.
Having walked along the Promenade des Anglais, dined out at a street-side restaurant, swam in the sparkling blue French Riviera  and shopped at the brocante. Will share a few of my snapshots

We are reminded of how precious life is and wouldn't it be great if we could live together in this beautiful world peacefully. 
Vive la France

Sending love and hugs


Friday, July 15, 2016

Celebrating Bastille day

Bon jour!

Yesterday was Bastille Day and I had hoped to do a post yesterday but other things took up my time..
So here goes a few snapshots taken around France, no need for too many words and will let the pictures do the work for me

To start with the iconic 2CV ... this one was fun, painted in blue, white and red

One of the highlights for me was staying and living like a Parisian for a week. We chose this  apartment to stay,  A la Carte apartments in the Marais Arrondissiment.
Situated on  Rue de Ravioli, the street was busy with cars and people everywhere and this was the view looking out the window, beautiful beige buildings and leafy green trees in the park.  We found this to be an ideal place to stay, with it been so handy to everywhere and pounded lots of cobblestone streets
 Many very cute dogs - hopefully she can see where she is going
Rows of pretty pastel coloured apartments
To finish off, roses for the weekend ~
 Memories for a lifetime

Thank you as always for joining me here and wishing you a very happy weekend