Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Picturesque Nice

I can't think of a way to start this post until I have acknowledged the heartache and sadness about what is happening around the world. 
Having been to Nice twice, the last time back in September and looking back over my photos was reminded of how beautiful this place is.
Having walked along the Promenade des Anglais, dined out at a street-side restaurant, swam in the sparkling blue French Riviera  and shopped at the brocante. Will share a few of my snapshots

We are reminded of how precious life is and wouldn't it be great if we could live together in this beautiful world peacefully. 
Vive la France

Sending love and hugs



  1. So sad what happened in Nice. It´s a strange world distasters and assissination attempts follow each other closer and closer. You made some wonderful photos of this wonderful place in France. We were there twice too.

  2. Dearest Carolyn,
    great words and pictures, my dearest friend!
    Love and peace to you and everybody,
    Claudia xo

  3. Well stated and gorgeous pics, darling!


  4. Everybody feels the same, many have good memories to the city of Nice and we can't understand why anyone would destroy it with such violence. Nice remembrance post of you.

  5. Hello Carolyn,
    What beautiful pictures. what a senseless shame.
    Big hug

  6. That was an horrible and totally heartless event!
    I went to Nice many times and is such pretty and fun city... It's unbelievable what happened there!

  7. ❤️❤️❤️ For Nice....❤️❤️❤️ For you...

  8. Dear Carolyn ,so much violence, all over, now also in Germany, where a young muslim attacked a family in a train with an ax and knife , the poor people were tourists , and just visited Germany ,and that awful and tragic violence in Nice ,too . Our world, are filled with beautiful places and cities ,and all over the feeling of piece and love are dissapearing . Your photos are so beautiful, and showing this amazing place in France.
    Hugs to you, xxx

  9. Hi Carolyn! Your pictures about Nice arte wonderful: I also love French Riviera and the France, I spent my holiday there for mano years... But I'm avrai di of everything is happening in these days...
    Sad kisses by Monique

  10. I have always wanted to visit Niece but it seems France is a goal of all attacs

  11. I just don't know how to bear what is going on in the world right now in many different places. I don't understand it and I don't believe that it has ever been like this before. SO very very sad.

  12. I agree with your right words. This is a very romantic place, so sad for what happened

  13. The world is a sad place right now. Life is precious.

  14. Beautiful place which should have been so peaceful - so sad.

  15. The French Riviera is a beautiful region of France as can be seen from your photos. I feel so sad because of what happened to innocent people, families and children there. Joining you in prayer for France at this time. Thank you for your kind email message sent recently. Much love, Linda.

  16. Lovely photos. The water looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  17. It´s so sad everything...and for what reason? It´s a crazy world.
    Love from Titti

  18. I feel exactly the same as you, dear Carolyn! I know Nice very well, being half-French myself, with many cousins in the area, you can imagine how worried I was for them and how sad about the people who lost their lives and those who got injured. Vive la France!!!!
    Many hugs to you!!!

  19. Such a lovely and heartfelt post, Carolyn! My heart grieves for the people of Nice and France. I just don't understand....Hugs and Blessings xo Karen

  20. Dearest Carolyn,
    Yes, such atrocities do throw us all off for quite a while.
    As I write this, just hours ago, another happend in Munich, Germany...
    We need strong leaders that will stand up against all this and let the world return to its peace.
    The beauty of Nice and its surroundings is world known.
    Hugs and peace,

  21. Lovely photos of a beautiful place, it's so sad that things are so marred by tragedy

  22. Well said. I've been to Nice a few times as well and cannot reconcile that beautiful city with the horrors seen on the news.

  23. Nice is beautiful, Carolyn. I am thinking of their people lately also. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  24. Hello Carolyn, we have recently returned from a trip to Poland and a visit to Auschwitz. I just cannot come to terms with the brutality that went on there and cannot believe people still want to kill one another.
    It would indeed be great if we could all live together peacefully. We are so lucky to inhabit this wonderful planet, why can’t we just get on? Hugs Barbara

  25. Hello Carolyn,
    In these difficult times, it does indeed seem that we are constantly being reminded of how precious life is.

    I hope you and your family are well ...

    All the best Jan

  26. Sweet memories of a lovely looking place.
    Peace to you,


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