Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rainy {happy} days

Hello dear friends,

With all the rain we have been having here, I thought what better way to brighten up my day was actually go out with the camera and take a few random shots of how my week is going.
Firstly love the way the snowdrops looked with little rain droplets and a sure sign that Spring will be on its way soon

Alyssum, Carpet of snow and Sweet William, are what I planted in the window-boxes to give them a fresh look

The beautiful rainbow arched through the grey clouds,  I always love to look up and see one when I am out walking on a wet day

Early morning, 7.20 down at the wharf when I dropped my husband to the boat last week. If you enlarge the picture the moon was still out and shinning and a seagull was swirling around in the sky

 Now to finish off, these pretty pink roses seemed to droop the day after I bought them so I now have them drying upside down and wanted to get a snap as they were a pretty colour.

Treasure this day and treasure yourself
Truly neither will ever happen again
~ Ray Bradbury
Do hope you have a lovely week


  1. I have Allyssum in my garden now Carolyn and it's one of my favorites for containers. Enjoy the rain! It's so cleansing and it always makes the flowers and other vegetation happy!

  2. I love Sweet William and always buy a bunch for my bedroom. Love your pics especially the rainbow.
    Have a great week.


  3. Enjoy the rain! We have a really hot summer here, a day with rain would be lovely now...
    Love from Titti

  4. Beautiful post! That rainbow is amazing!


  5. Beautiful, I´m always amazed to see the differences in climate in far away countries. Your spring still has to begin but snowdrops are still there and also Sweet Williams which were flowering last month in my garden. Untill July we had a chilly wet summer but the weather has changed radically. The last few weeks we have temperatures of over 30 degr.C. too hot for us who are not used to that. And.....I´ve put the sprinklers on in the garden.....
    Wish you a lovely week!

  6. The weather is crazy Shane, we have had boiling hot days followed by autumnal seeming days. We put our hanging baskets in the shade whilst absent and they have all but dried up - hope I can rescue them.

  7. Hello Carolyn,
    How beautiful. Your pictures look like they come out of a magazine!
    Big hug

  8. Hello my friend. Beautiful photos. Love the rainbow.
    Hugs from here

  9. Dearest carolyn,
    it looks so pretty after the rain and it looks, like Spring is in the air :O)
    Thank you for those lovely pictures!
    I just have seen a documentation on TV about Marlborough, they have shown such a beautiful area ...but I guess, it is not very close to where you live?
    ♥ Sending much Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia ♥ .

  10. Beautiful flowers, so nice to visit your
    blog again. I had a little breake
    Wish you a happy week

  11. A beautiful day Carolyn, love your garden pictures, of the snowdrops, a winter flower here in Denmark, arriving also in snow ! The rainbow so wonderful, and also your roses. I also hang mine to dry, if they fade too quickly, dear!!
    Hugs from warm Bornholm

  12. I loved seeing your sights! One of my favorite times to take photos is when the rain has just ended. We are very dry here, so would really like to be doing that now.

  13. Hello dear Carolyn,
    Oh how I wish you could send some rain my way... Hard to remember when we had rain last... It has been so hot that just about all my new plantings this spring have fried in the summer heat..
    I love your pink roses. Thank you for sharing the photo of the beautiful rainbow!

  14. Such lovely and sweet pics, dear Carolyn!
    Definitely the best way to enjoy rainy days! :)

  15. It is so difficult to shot a rainbow-you did it!

  16. Blessings to you, Carolyn. It's been overly HOT here on the prairie, but had some rain yesterday. This was so much welcomed. You are taking some beautiful pictures as your Spring approaches and our Summer ends. Ready for cooler temps for sure. All the best. Enjoy the rain!

  17. Here we have beautiful summer weather finally !!!....we enjoy...lovely week love Ria x ❤️

  18. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  19. Hi Carolyn, We are so hot here it's hard to remember a rainy almost spring day. We need some rain here to keep the flowers going. Your flowers are lovely and the rainbow is such a bright spot while walking. We are now looking forward to fall as you enter springtime. Enjoy the week and the rain.
    Blessings to you filled with joys. xo

  20. Beautiful moments captured, sweet Carolyn! Lovely rainbow and full moon over the water. Little signs of spring - so pretty. Sending hugs xo Karen

  21. Hello dear friend, very good this post, even nostalgic. Snowdrops, amazing how far we are, but what am near our many years of friendship. I love the rainbow and go to visit you for a greeting. Kisses and a lot hugs. W.L. NI

  22. The wharf photo is so soothing, and those roses. . . ! Lovely.

  23. An early morning gives us amazing presents. You are lucky.

  24. Dear Carolyn
    Your pictures are very nice. I love the rainbow.
    I wish you a happy rest of the week and send you a lot of greetings from Switzerland. Love and hugs Yvonne

  25. A lovely post and so nice to see snowdrops ...
    What a lovely rainbow too, fantastic photo.

    Take care and enjoy the remainder of the week

    All the best Jan

  26. snowdrops and a rainbow - lovely combination!

  27. Hi dear friend !! Pero que lindas fotos . Ese arcoiris con esas flores son todo una belleza .. Espero que tengas un lindo día

  28. Lovely flowers and Amazing pics, ad usual!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  29. That’s a true quote of Ray Bradbury, dearest Carolyn – I love it and everything you wrote – and I’m glad that you could enjoy the rain, the Rainbow and all those pretty flowers!

    So many hugs, my dear, Traude

  30. Your posts are like a breath of fresh air to me, Carolyn. The rainbow is beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing random pictures around your home. What pretty pink roses, and I love the blue holder sitting next to it, so unique. What a wonderful quote as well.

    Have a good Friday and weekend, Carolyn.

    love, ~Sheri

  31. Dearest Carolyn,
    Rains are most welcome in your area especially but we too need some rain badly. Still very hot and one more month to go with high temperatures.
    For my birthday I also had that disadvantage of getting roses that did droop very soon. Guess they were somewhere during their journey exposed to rather large temperature differences, which causes such a premature wilting.
    Sending you hugs,

  32. Dear Carolyn, how lovely to see snow drops (we have a while to wait before they bloom again here) and Sweet Williams, I love them both. The Alyssum is pretty too. It’s raining in the UK today so no walking for me either – never mind we have had a few beautiful days, and I’m sure we will get more soon. My daughter in law gave me pink roses shortly after our first granddaughter was born; I dried them and still have them in my ‘keepsake box’, such a nice thing to do. Hugs Barbara

  33. Beautiful images, we are slowly seeing things beginning to decay it good to see new growth appearing in your garden. That's a wonderful view you captured of the sunrise,moon and sea. Sarah x


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