Saturday, June 4, 2016

A visit to Giverny

Having always loved the paintings of Monet,  a visit to Giverny was on my list of things I would love to go and see.
Located 50 miles outside the hustle and bustle of Paris,  we left the apartment to catch the bus early in the morning which would take us to Giverny.
The white garden
 What a lovely way to spend the day,  strolling around Claude Monets beautiful garden.

Here are a few of my photographs I will share with you

 There was so much beauty from the Japanese bridge painted green, the tranquility of the waterlily gardens, the weeping willows to the wonderful flowers blooming.

A few gardeners were working at keeping the place looking wonderful and I imagine this would be a full time job.

 I loved looking through the house in which the Artist and his family lived. You were able to go through and see the walls adorned with a wonderful collection of his Artwork,  the bedroom he slept in and the kitchen where meals would have been prepared

This is a photographers dream place, to capture the beautiful flowers and nature
Wishing you all a very happy weekend.
It is Queens birthday weekend here and Monday is a holiday. Also my dear husband celebrates his birthday on the 6th, so happy birthday Martin and the Queen


  1. Hi,Carolyn
    I understand how you love to visit Giverny. The white garden is so beautiful! happy birthday to your husband. I hope your family will have a wonderful time on the 6th.

  2. This must have been a treat, dear Carolyn. Monet's house and garden are just gorgeous. The green shutters are so cheerful. I love that pond with all the water lilies.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    xo Julia

  3. I would love to visit Monet's garden and your photos show me why. I lived in Paris for several months and could have visited the garden. Darn. I bought a fabulous book "Linnea in Monet's Garden" which I read to a woman in a retirement home.

  4. Congratulations with your husband monday from me Ria x

  5. Do you know Carolyn, with all the times I've been to Paris, I still haven't been to Giverney. It's on my list and I will one day!
    How wonderful to be there when the water lilies were in flower.
    I went to his exhibition in NZ years ago, he was a master artist.
    I wish we could get more exhibitions like that.
    Happy Birtday to Martin tomorrow - you have a few close together with your daughters recently too!

  6. It is a fantastic garden. I have visited it a few years ago. Love the wild colour combinations. Groetjes,

  7. Hi Carolyn, what a beautiful time you had in Giverny. Your photos are lovely and so full of charm. Seeing the Monet gardens would be a highlight to visit there. So glad you enjoyed your visit.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead sweet friend. Happy Sunday and many blessings. xo

  8. beautiful posting as are they all
    Much love and many blessings

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband tomorrow. Giverny is a great place to visit, thank you for sharing photos with us. I have been there even three times and I should like to go again.
    Regards, Janneke

  10. What an exquisite locale!
    Love these pics, darling!


  11. Dearest Carolyn,
    So happy for you to have realized this special visit to Claude Monet's Garden!
    Sure, there is no end for photo opportunities and to dream even more.
    Wonderful for having toured his home as well.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  12. Dearest Caroyln,
    what a wonderful and lovely place, thank you for all the wonderful pictures! Happy Birthday to your hubby and to you all a wonderful and blessednew week!
    sending much Love and hugs to you, my dearest friend!
    Claudia xo

  13. I too loved visiting Giverny it so atmospheric. Your photos have reminded me of how, one day, I must return again.

  14. Thanks a lot dearest friend for your pics. Oh, yes Monet hi was a big talent als I prefer Rinasciment Style and Fouturism Style, but you post are really wondeful. Kisses and hugs and...whit love!!! Dear fiend!!! BISOUS!! ;) NI

  15. Hello Carolyn,
    What beautiful pictures! It looks like a wonderful place to visit. Happy belated birthday to Martin.
    Big hug

  16. Happy Birthday to your husbond, today, dear Carolyn.
    And thank you my friend, for your loving note, to me.
    I have been to France, (Paris, Dordogne and more) many times, but never saw Giverny. I know I would love to be there for a day, both in,and outside. It is looking so beautiful and inviting, in your photos.
    I hope your new week will be with many happy hours, -have a wonderful time, Carolyn.

  17. Hi dear Carolyn ,,m precioso paseo ,,me imagino que lo disfrutaste ,,, espero que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

  18. Hope your husband has a happy Birthday dear Carolyn!
    Hugs to the both of you,

  19. Hi Carolyn! What a wonderful garden! I like it!

  20. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  21. I enjoyed looking through your blog. I visited Giverny many years ago and was enchanted by it. I loved seeing where Monet painted and lived. I've always loved art and work in a variety of mediums. I have an art and exploring blog at if you'd like to visit.

  22. What aa wonderful and peaceful place to visit! Thnaks for sharing with us. The pictures are wonderful. Happy birthday to your husband!!!

  23. Such a beautiful place! I need to get out more haha! Monet is a fabulous artist how wonderful for you to be able to be where he once lived!.
    Have a great week!

  24. Carolyn, What a lovely place to see. So glad you have shared and I got to see it as well! Blessings,

  25. what a lovely place to visit - specially the lily ponds!

  26. The pictures are beautiful! What a wonderful trip that must have been!

  27. I am so pleased that were able to visit this lovely place ...
    Your photo's are lovely.

    Happy Birthday Wishes to your husband.

    All the best Jan

  28. What a lovely place to visit. To spend the day strolling around the gardens here is quite an experience. I love the green shutters on his home, such a charming house. And the white flowers are so pretty.

    Thanks for sharing this day with us, Carolyn.

    love, ~Sheri

  29. It is a dream of mine to visit this wonderful garden recalling such poetical atmospheres that inspired the genius of Monet !

    Happy belated Birthday to your husband, dearest Carolyn, hope you had a lovely day together,
    sending hugs and more hugs to you !

    Always so very grateful

    XX Dany

  30. Wonderful photos, Carolyn - so nice to see this very iconic garden and home! I do so love the white garden....I've always wanted to create one of my own. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope your dear one had a lovely birthday! Hugs xo Karen

  31. Dearest Carolyn,
    I have missed you... Thank you so much for visiting Clara and leaving such a sweet note for me.
    What a beautiful post... Oh how I would loved to have been there. Monet has always been one of my favorite artists.. I really love the photo with the Japanese bridge.. So very peaceful.
    A belated Birthday wish to your husband.
    This weekend I will try to stay out of the heat.. I have been busy in the garden planting, working on a project in the patio, crocheting, and trying to find time to work with my art. I must get all things outside finished soon before the real heat hits.
    It has been over 100 for days, and this is just June.. Oh my...

  32. ..oh Carolin...sorry...happy, happy, happy birthday a your husband, sorry, thanks for your nice mail!!! Alwais whit love dearest friend!!! KISSES!!! Have a a great w.e. BYE!!! ;) NI

  33. I smiled when you said you liked "looking in" where the painter lived. If we could have been a fly on the wall in those days! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos Carolyn!

  34. Giverny has always been on my wish list too! It must have been amazing to actually wander around it after having seen so many paintings and pictures of it. Belated wishes to Martin how he had a great birthday! Sarah x

  35. I enjoyed this post with your nice pictures of Giverny and I only regret I have never visited it although I was going to Paris every year for more than 25 years!
    I hope I will have the chance to visit it one day!!!
    Many hugs to you!!!

  36. Hello Carolyn, Giverny is every bit as beautiful as I thought it would be, thank you so much for sharing the photographs.
    I’ve been watching the celebrations for the Queen’s official birthday on TV today, lovely to see her and Philip doing so well.
    Happy belated birthday to Martin. xx


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