Saturday, June 14, 2014

The brocante market - Nice

We spent the day and I do mean day, largely wandering around the largest brocante market in Nice, in the old part of the town. This market is held every Monday and lovers of old furniture and wonderful Antiques will be in their element here.

We were able to buy linen monogrammed sheets, 1920's Parisian postcards and a gorgeous old antique brooch.

Lunch was tiny mussels and a pichet of vin rose and lots of water - it was a scorcher of a day and about 25 degrees, so it was great to sit down and rest our tired feet, in under the shade of an umbrella.
Don't think I could ever get used to the number of people smoking cigarettes everywhere, sometimes even when they are having their meals.

The apartment we stayed in, was a 1920's affair with a minute deck, large gilt mirror and sparkly chandelier and various other accoutrements, tres chic and about 500 metres from the Med.
Unfortunately though the bed felt like it was from the 1920's, all saggy and we ended up sleeping on the cushions from the sofa, on the floor.
The last night we stayed here was a lovely big full moon and I tried to get a shot of the moon through the balcony railing.

Next time I will show some of the Architecture around Nice - I loved all the magnificent, and grand old buildings.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend

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