Tuesday, June 10, 2014

French Riviera ~ sur la plage

With the arrival of winter here,  with cooler weather and pouring rain,  a little sunshine is needed here today.
So looking back through my holiday snaps, here are a few.

We are in Nice ... which is wait for it {drumroll please} nice.

The weather is beautiful and there are squads of people everywhere, walking, relaxing and lolling on the beach.

The beach comprises largely of fat sand unless you spend a few Euros and descend into a private beach with sun-loungers and parasols and have a waiter that can bring you a light lunch of a sandwich, salad and drinks.
The Mediterranean is the playground of the rich and famous so we were able to enjoy a little taste of this lifestyle for a few days.

It was great to be beside the blue ocean stretching out forever, everyone is relaxed and getting a golden tan before having to go back home.

Thanks for reading and I always appreciate you coming by and for the lovely comments
                 Wishing you all a great week

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