Wednesday, November 27, 2013

London Underground

I find the history and background of London's subterranean railway, fascinating. The first time I found it a little scary going down to the bowels of the earth, but after a while you became accustomed to it.

The London Underground, the oldest and one of the busiest railway networks in the world, serving a large part of the greater London and carries more than one billion passengers a year.

Construction began  in the Victorian era in response to the increasing traffic. Such an amazing vision of the pioneers who tunnelled down in under the earth, to build the revolutionary transport system.
Once in a while the train comes out and you can see daylight 

We bought an oyster card, {a plastic smartcard} and just kept topping it up with credit.
You touch the card with the reader as you enter the barriers and again as you leave.

London's hidden wonder,  beneath the streets is such a fast and efficient way of moving people around the City.

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