Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spring is on its way

I love these pink hyacinths, that come up year, after year.

Spring is about to colour our world ... I am so ready to see some colour in the garden.
Taking the camera outdoors, it is hard to photograph how very special this time of the year is ~ budding flowers making an appearance, we have had sunshine all week, though not today, {the rain today is a lovely change} birdsong, and tuis playing around in the trees and then there is the beautiful fragrance around.

From the garden center, I bought these gorgeous coloured flowers, to plant in the window-boxes - does anyone know what they are? 

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear.
That the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer.
~ Geoffrey B Charlesworth

 Last, but not least is a little vase of Paperwhite  Erlicheer, which bring indoor joy.
Do you have a favourite Spring flower?

It's finally the weekend ... hope you have a wonderful one!



  1. Today blogger is strange, if you get
    several comments you may delete.
    Your pink spring flower looks like a
    primrose, i am not sure it´s the right
    translation. Lovely flowers, here we go
    towards autumn now.

  2. It's always wonderful when the spring flowers start to bloom, isn't it? I love the white and pink shades of your flowers. Have a lovely spring weekend, dear Carolyn!

  3. Hello Carolyn, they are Polyanthus commonly known as Primroses ... I think! I have just discovered a couple flowering in my garden, rather unusually in August!

    Funny you talking about Spring, when we're still in high Summer heading for Autumn ...

    Lovely post, thank you!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Oh we slip softly toward autumn in my part of the globe, it is a delight to gently step into springtime with you! Your blooms are ever so lovely...and if I sit quietly and close my eyes, I am able to enjoy the glorious fragrance on the air. Thank you for sharing such a luscious garden.
    Happy weekend Carolyn!
    Sending hugs...

  5. Hi Carolyn, are they Polyanthus? I think they flower for a long time.

  6. and here let the summer stay as long as possible:) time goes by...
    Blog about life and travelling
    Blog about cooking

  7. Thanks for the visit all and for helping me out with the name of the flowers.


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