Sunday, July 14, 2013


While we were in France, we visited a City called Provins and it was great to take a look around this Unesco world heritage site. Here are a few of my photos I took.

It was a rainy cold day, as we wandered around this charming,  and interesting old place and we were grateful to duck into a little restaurant for lunch and to warm up a little.

It is well known for its medieval fortifications and well preserved City walls.
The boulangerie and Patisserie, {one of these in even the smallest villages}
 To my friends in France, wishing you a happy la fete nationale  ~ Joyeux quatorze juillet.
From a rainy and cold winters day here now,  and couldn't be more different from this morning, when it was fine enough for us to eat our brunch out on the deck.
I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.
Many thanks for visiting me and I look forward to coming to see you.


  1. Nice photos from Provins, old buildings
    are always interesting. And wonderful
    with brunch on deck a winter day.

  2. Lovely photos Carolyn! Hope you are having a great weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  3. Hi Carolyn! Is a very lovely place and you took great photos, wish I visited it too! Happy Sunday dear, kisses! xo

  4. Beautiful tribute to the national day of France today Carolyn.
    Here, it's a lovely summer day and I'm sending you some of this warmth to you ... With love!

  5. Beautiful photos :)
    Hope you are having a superb Sunday x

  6. Hi Carolyn, What lovely old buildings. It was a shame it was so cold while you were there.

  7. CAROLYN! Isn't it fun to find a boulangerie and patîsserie anywhere in France? I remember even going to a petrol station that had the best looking patîsserie inside!!!!!!

    What charming buildings, non? Enjoy your day as you relax on this marvelous Sunday. OH! By the time you read this, you will probably be into Monday! Anita

  8. Very beautiful old buildings. They would look pretty printed in black and white and framed. I posted pics of a black swan a couple of days ago and a few comments said they were common in Australia. Have you ever seen any? Sweet hugs!

  9. Hi Carolyn,

    What a beautiful city Provins is. I have never visited while in France.

    So strange it's winter and cold in your part of the hemisphere. It's warm and sunny in Holland!

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  10. Wonderful tribute Carolyn! Your photographs are lovely.. if only those medieval walls could speak to us! wishing you a wonderful day!


  11. Provins is truly magical-it is amazing to see the old church at Christmas -but isn't it that way anywhere in France? Love your pictures -it take me back to our last visit there 3 years ago!

    1. Thank you Princess for visiting me and I can imagine the old church would look amazing at Christmas time.


  12. Hi Carolyn, Your pics are so wonderful and the old world feel of the buildings are amazing.
    I love the old church. What a charming city.
    Thank you for sharing. I hope you enjoyed a special Sunday and stay warm. We finally had some rain and it is so needed.
    I posted for the Where Bloggers Create. Just had to participate and did not want to miss the 5th year. It feels to good to post something again. I so miss everyone and hope to try and be back in the fall.

    Have a special eek my friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  13. I love the old world charm of Provins, such beautiful pictures. I would love to take a walk in the town someday.

    Wish you a lovely week ahead, Carolyn.

  14. So beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing these pics, darling!


  15. Dear Carolyn,
    great pictures again!
    Have a happy new week,
    Love and hugs
    ...will wrtie later ;O)

  16. Vive La France! :))
    Thank you for sharing these lovely is beautiful in any weather, isn't it?
    A splendid and cozy day to you, dear Carolyn...
    - Irina

  17. Hi Carolyn,

    oh what´s a surprise - you were in Europe.
    Yes, France is a beautiful country with a good style of food and a wonderful flair.
    Your townpictures are looking wonderful - many old buildings.
    Sad, that the weather wasn´t so good - but you have done the best of your holidays.

    I come back soon to make a little visit in your blog


    Your Bluemchenmama

  18. Dear Carolyn!
    What a beautiful little town in France!
    I love old buildings with history!
    I wish you a wonderful week!
    With love,

  19. Oh how I love this post; France's various regions offer so many choices in food, wine, and ARCHITECTURE! This style has to be one of my favorite medieval styles.

    Thank you Carolyn, for coming by! I did indeed have a wonderful time with my family, but traveling on "Standby" made coming home a little challenging. I missed my first flight out to a connection in another state before I could get home, thus I missed a job interview on Tuesday! I was able to reschedule it with one principal, but now I have to finish off the interview this week with a teacher.

    This has been a fantastic summer for us, and I hope it's turning out to be a cozy fall/winter for you! Hugs my sweet friend! Anita

  20. You always have such interesting post.
    What a pretty town. Thanks for all the wonderful photos.

  21. Hi Carolyn...
    I just adore the architecture of little European towns. The shutters are what I love in these pictures...I have always loved shutters.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Nancy

  22. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you for the gentle tour of Provins, France. I love the French history and old buildings too!
    You have made me think it is time for a visit sometime soon. Almost everything French appeals to me, the food and wine, the clothes, the old architecture and of course the antique markets are the best for finding treasure.
    The place you visited looks magical, even on a rainy day!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Jo. x

  23. Carolyn,
    Provins is such a charming city. The girls should have visited here when they went to France. The buildings look so old and historic. Thank you for taking me to a lovely place through your pictures.


  24. I love all you share and all your postings.

    I love you my sweet friend.


  25. Provins looks such an interesting town to visit with beautiful buildings.
    Sarah x

  26. Dearest Carolyn,
    Oh, it was national day of France!!! How thoughtful of you for your friends in France. Haha, I could know about it from your friend's comment. (no knowledge of french) Provins is really beautiful and exotic city♡♡♡
    Thank you very much for introducing the wonderful Unesco world heritage site.

    I DO wish your week is a wonderful one, my dear friend in New Zealand.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  27. I've never heard of Provins, Carolyn. Pleased to read about it, it's history and see your photos.
    How nice you were able to eat out on your deck! Hope the weather stays as pleasant so you can enjoy the rest of the week outside!

  28. Thank you dear friend for your well-wishes on my job interview! I had the French portion of the interview yesterday, so now I just need to hear back to see if I'm hired...fingers crossed....les droigts croisés!!!! Anita

  29. Dearest Carolyn,
    Indeed, that was Bastille Day for France. You were there at a rather cold time of the year. How blissful it feels when warming up inside over a hot soup or so.
    Hugs to you,

  30. Provins looks like it is a lovely place to visit! Thank you for sharing your vacation photos. Have a good week!

  31. great city! ;)

    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? :)

    looking forward to see you on my blog :)

  32. Oh Carolyn, You are so blessed to get to see so many unique places!
    It is a delight to visit your blog and see the sights.


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