Friday, June 21, 2013

This week on Waiheke Island

Where did the week go?
Fresh flowers are always a lovely start to the weekend
Days and nights have been stormy here on the Island, so much so, that driving by the bus stop on Monday morning ... it was no match for the strong wind and it ended up on its side.

There is something really beautiful about the beach on a stormy and overcast winters day.
Here are a few snaps from our little Island.
The waves were pounding into Oneroa bay and after the storm there are often shells and debris that gets washed up on the beach

Have shared the boatshed before, always love this and it has been made with recycled materials
The sky over Enclosure bay looked pretty in the early morning light

It's the weekend which I couldn't be happier about.
Enjoy your weekend


  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Such a sweet little shed! .. perfect patina:) Your flowers are gorgeous. Roses are my favorite!

    Enjoy the weekend ahead and stay dry!


  2. Dear Carolyn,
    What a beautiful sight for the eyes... I love the last photo of the bay... So very peaceful.
    Oh, and I love your roses... Everywhere I go this evening I see roses.. Don't they just may your heart sing?
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  3. Waiheke Island is so pretty, Carolyn. I love the pink flowers, and the sky picture is dreamy. You always visit the most amazing places.

    Have a nice Friday.


  4. Dear Carolyn,my friend,
    wonderful pictures from the beach!
    And wonderful roses you got!
    Is there anything special this weekend? :O)
    Wishing you a wonderful and lovely weekend,
    whatever you do and wherever you are :O)
    Love and hugs

  5. Your room had to be warm with pink roses even storm is hitting your area,Carolyn.
    Hope you start a good day agan!

  6. Hi Carolyn...I adore buying fresh flowers on a Friday:) Love the last photo! Enjoy your weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  7. Aww so beautiful..
    Very pretty shed...and super pretty flowers..
    Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Your room looks lovely and calm in contrast to the weather outside pics. Did you have candles on standby? Your beach scenes and the sky look beautiful whatever the weather. Have a restful weekend, Carolyn.

  9. Your island is must treasure it surely. I LOVE the complements the seaside surroundings perfectly.
    Happy weekend to you Carolyn...wishing you joy!
    Hugs from me...

  10. Here we have summer today.....but it is rainy and cold...((( sad !!..happy Ria...x !

  11. The morning is so delicious, isn't it dear one? We had a huge storm last night and early this morning, and I hope it promises more sunshine and good weather for the weekend. Your area is SO LOVELY!!!!! And those fresh flowers are such a delight to experience any time. Enjoy my sweet! Anita

  12. It's the first time I see a photo of your island.It looks wonderful! Your pink roses in front of the mirror are very beautiful too!
    Wish you a great time this weekend sweet Carolyn!

  13. those roses are such a lovely pink! Beautiful beach and beach house too!

  14. I have been reading about the terrible weather you have had today. Or it may have been last night. Stay safe inside if it is too windy, and enjoy your beautiful roses. You gave me pleasure just looking at them.

  15. Dearest Carolyn,
    Beautiful pictures of pink roses♡♡♡ Also beach pictures; I especially enjoyed seeing the enlarged picture of Oneroa bay. I DO hope your winter (fall yet?) won't be so stormy like that. We had a blessing rain recently in my area p;)

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  16. What a wonderful place! And your soft-pink roses are very very nice!
    Have a good week end

  17. Beautiful flowers Carolyn!!!! Love that boat shed! That would make a great photo to frame!

    Have a great weekend!


  18. Enjoy your weekend sweet friend it is the first day of summer here. Love you Love those pink roses.

  19. Beautiful pictures from the beach, love stormy beaches but i prepare the sunny ones ;)

    Greetz, Renny

  20. Dear Carolyn!
    So beautiful roses ...
    You live on a wonderful place on earth but I hope the stormy weather has an end for you ...
    Wonderful weekend and collect shells for me ...
    With love,

  21. Wow you must have really had some strong winds! I used to love storms at the beach too, a little scary but thrilling. Your pink flowers are beautiful, wish I could smell them!

  22. We had strong winds and thunderstorms in Holland as well. That must have been a strong wind that blew the bus stop away!

    love your roses Carolyn!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  23. Hi Carolyn! The roses are so beautiful! I also love beach after a storm in winter, there is something magical and fascinating in the air then:) Lovely snaps! Enjoy your weekend, hugs! xo

  24. A little scary when the wind
    is so hard. Has been windy here too,
    but not nearly your wind.
    Have a nice weekend

  25. Wow, strong wind to blow the bus stop over!! Love the flowers and that last photo. Suzy x

  26. Darling Carolyn! Thank you for coming to visit me! I am actually plugged into a local public establishment in order to get power; a terrible storm ripped through our city last night leaving us without power and in some neighborhoods, NO WATER! We will not regain our power until Tuesday. Thank you for coming by dear friend! Anita

  27. Dear Carolyn,
    Thankyou so, for your so kind comment my friend.
    I love to see photoes from your surroundings, and I had to enlarge the one showing Oneroa bay beautiful, and still so green- does it turn brown and dry-like here in wintertime? Love the shed, too and hope you are safe from the storm!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

    1. Dear Dorthe,

      The Island is mostly green all year around, but sometimes over summer some of the hills turn a little brown with lack of rain.


  28. Your weekend flowers are always beautiful. It must have been so windy to have knocked over the bus shelter! It was lovely to see some more photos of your island. It has been windy and feels like winter here this weekend.
    Sarah x

  29. Your roses here are simply gorgeous!
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  30. Hi Carolyn, yes, where does the week go so fast. I can't believe we are already about to be in July. Hope you had a nice weekend. Looks like the weather can be rough at times in the winter there. We are approaching 100 degrees this week. Well, it's summer in Texas!!
    Love the vase of gorgeous roses. Nice to see to start my week off.
    Have a beautiful Monday.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  31. I love the seaside, Carolyn and your pictures bring its majestic, dramatic nature.

    And adding flowers to decorate the outdoors is the best way to cheer up. I love white tulips and could buy them whenever I see them. xxx

  32. How blessed you are, dear Carolyn, to live by the shore!! It feeds the soul, doesn't it?
    Hopefully, no more storms for a while...we've had some pretty tumultuous weather here as well....old trees uprooted, even sink holes....hoping things quiet down everywhere for a bit....
    Enjoy those gorgeous flowers!!
    And thank you so much for sharing in the little getaway...even though this was a lake, I pretended we were at the ocean! :)
    Hugs to you,
    - Irina

  33. Such a beautiful shade of pink on the lovely roses. What a sweet and cozy boat house.

  34. hi dear happy evening...and really impressing pics

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  35. How I love ocean pics.....and little boat sheds too for that matter....

  36. WOWW SO AMAZING pics:) your blog Is so great.

    Check out my new post and have a great weekend dear:)

    LOVE Maria from

  37. i love the week-ends!
    May all of yours be wonderful,


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