Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A little bit of this and that

 Hello dear friends,  how are you all doing?

White roses and lavender in the bathroom is always nice
Todays post is going to be one of complete randomness, pickled onions, the skirt I am sewing, looking out my window at a passing boat and let's see what else there is.

One of my favourite things to do is pickle onions. My DH enjoys them very much,  so makes it all worth it even if it does bring a few tears to my eyes when peeling off the skins.  Always lovely to have bottles on the pantry shelf and makes you feel domesticated, rather than buying them from the shop and nothing beats a jar of homemade pickled onions, if you ask him. Actually I am not really a fan, preferring mine roasted, fried or even raw in salads.

My dear old Dad used to always be the one who pickled onions for our family,  so makes me think of him when I do this task.

Here is the recipe, that I use.

Making some pleats on the grey silk skirt, I am sewing

Looked out the window while I was having lunch and this naval boat (I think that is what it is) was doing manoeuvers, so I raced and got the camera.
The colour of the sky and clouds looked very pretty

I think you all know by now that Google reader is finishing at the beginning of July.
Change is inevitable sometimes whether we want it or not.

Bloglovin seems to be a good way to keep in touch with friends, I have transferred all my followers to Bloglovin, and hope to still be able to enjoy visiting and keeping up with you.

I appreciate you all very much and look forward to coming to visit you.
Wishing you all a joyous week


  1. Dear Carolyn!
    I always admire your wonderful place you live ...
    What a magic look out of the window!
    You never need to travel Carolyn!
    I think the onions are very tasty to eat in winter!
    Enjoy your week in your beautiful home!
    With love,

  2. My dear Carolyn,
    what a lovely post about this and that :O)
    your pickeld onions look delicious, will have a look at the recipe later, thank you for that!
    But I am like you, I prefere them fried, or row an salad ;O)
    Your skirt looks like a lot of work!
    And I like the pictures form the sea!
    Bloglovin , yes I think, this is a good thing, I follow you there too and I hope you will follow me too there :O)
    Have a happy and winderful week, my dear friend!
    Love and hugs,

  3. love roses especially wihite ones

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    follow me on:
    ♥The simple life of rich people blog♥

  4. Those flowers are beautiful! Going to check out Bloglovin, as I haven't done anything about this yet ... if I do nothing, will I lose everyone and all the blogs I follow?

    Love Claire (complete technophobe)xxx

  5. I must look into bloglovin. How do you transfer followers. I guess if I go there I will find out.

  6. Hey, Carolyn!
    The view out of your window is so beautiful! I like to see the water and sometimes ships passing by... - wonderful!

  7. aww such a sweet sight from out your window..
    enjoy your week.
    big hugs and smiles x

  8. Great that you pickle your own onions, always nice to have homemade!

  9. Hi Carolyn! I adore home pickled onions (so much crunchier than the shop bought)!!! Love the grey silk - will watch to see how it progresses! Warmest wishes - Glenda

  10. Good morning my sweet Carolyn!

    PICKLED ONIONS? OH YES! There is nothing quite like onions in any form to add to our recipes for either summer or winter! And I love the gray fabric for your skirt!

    We have been out of town with no internet service. I am also worried about how to transfer my favorite blogs to a new format! I have no idea how to do it! I am swamped with work but I need to find some time to do this for I do NOT want to lose any of you! Have a wonderful day, Anita

  11. Blessings and much love to you sweet friend.
    I enjoy all of your postings so very much indeed.
    Love you


  12. You do see some interesting sights from your window, Carolyn! Your grey silk skirt will look lovely when it's finished. It looks like delicate work which I know you are expert at doing.

  13. Fun random photos Carolyn! Love the little display at the top and good for you for sewing pleats on your skirt! The fabric is stunning and I'm sure it will look beautiful when completed! Enjoy your week!


  14. Yammie onions !!!...lovely evening darling...yes i have from me...x !!

  15. Dear sweet Carolyn,
    I will love to pickle some of the onions from our garden, so thankyou for the recipy!!
    UHHH you skirt will look fabolous I love the pleats, and the grey is beautiful,too!!
    I`m happy you have transferred all your followers to blogloving, I did the same some time ago - so we can still visit each other!!! :-) But I will surely miss the bloglist !!!!
    Sends you a hug or two, and a kiss !!

  16. Sounds like a lovely day! The skirt looks beautiful, grey silk is so elegant. Thanks for visiting me today!

  17. Dearest Carolyn,
    My husband would love onions any style. I am afraid not finding any malt vinegar here in Georgia...
    Lovely post and I hope you managed to finish you beautiful silk skirt.

  18. Beautiful post, darling!
    Great job on the skirt!


  19. Hi Carolyn, Pickled onions sound good to me. I might try the recipe. Thank you for sharing!
    I always love the views you have from your home. It's a spectacular place to live.
    Will you show us your finished skirt?

  20. Dear Carolyn,
    my hausband will love pickle onions, I have to try your recipe. I love your grey silk skirt, grey is one of my favourite colour.
    Have a great week end.
    Bisou, Babi

  21. Carolyn,
    I love the pictures of the boat. I feel for you being affected by the onions. Since I have worn contact lens I haven't minded chopping onions!
    Have a great weekend.
    Sarah x

  22. Sometimes random pictures are the best, Carolyn, because they show us things that are just interesting to us. The pickled onions look good. I love onions, especially fried. The view out your window is so pretty. I'm not sure what is going on with the google friends connect, but I will definately keep in touch with you, as you are truly a gem.


  23. Hi Carolyn! Love onions too, I'd love to taste yours:) I also follow you already on bloglovin dear, is a shame it is going to shut down! Kisses and have a good weekend! xo

  24. A lovely eclectic mix of things from your world Carolyn ... I love those soft rose petals in your pretty glass canister and pickled onion with corned beef sandwiches are one of my favourite. Take care & keep safe. xx

  25. Hi,Carolyn
    The homemade pickled onions you make must be delicious! So glad to hear you are sewing silk skirt. I believe that it is going to be a lovely skirt.
    I am not good at sewing but only make summer simple dresses. I really like the time when I pick up my favorite colors and cloth before sewing. I think you do too.
    Enjoy your weekend, Carolyn.

  26. Dearest Carolyn,
    Wow, your pickled onion must tast yummy, healthy and good with rice. Wonderful that you have memory with your father through it.
    Good luck for your silk skirt. I have no talnt for sewing(^^;)
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  27. White roses are pretty anywhere.
    It's felt like a random week here too. We have mosquitos the size and speed of dive bombers. Rain again. At least it's warm this time!
    Have a great weekend........xox.......*s*

  28. Following you now on bloglovin to stay in touch! Great photos dear Carolyn


  29. Hello Carolyn. I love onions, thank you for this recipe. Happy weekend!

  30. Hello Carolyn
    What a fantastic view you have! I will have to try your pickled onion recipe as I know we would love them. Have a great weekend!


  31. Hi Carolyn
    I think your blog is really nice :)
    and do not miss.


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  32. Dearest Carolyn,

    Thanks so much for visited my blog I amso happy indeed to meet you. Apologize yesterday I couldn't reached you. Thanks God you informed us that the google reader has finishing on July, that's why I have no idea what's going on to my blog ;),
    Iwould like to follow you but I have no idea how,any clue for me?

    pickled union mmmm so yummy. Union is a ' must' for my recipe ;)
    wow you are very talented in sewing.
    Compliment for your bears creation, they are so lovely.
    New Zealand quite near to my homeland Bali;)
    happy again in touch with you
    wishing you a beautiful weekend in your family.

  33. Good Morning, Dear Carolyn! :)
    I am one of those pickled anything pickled veggies. It is so sweet that these remind you of your dad....

    And I see some L'Occitane delights in your powder their products....beautiful flowers...
    And those clouds! How splendid to live near the water....bliss!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs to you,
    - Irina

  34. ciao Carolyn ,

    your pickled onion seems so tasty , It seems a little bit complicated..... but no doubt that in Autumm I'll try .
    Looking forward to see the photos of your skirt .
    Three months ago I've attended a sewing class ,where I was supposed to learn something about sewing and stitching , I have to admit it was a complete failure !!!! I wished to have a self made skirt .... no way to do it , so far some days ago I gave up and a kind lady is doing it for me .... let's see the result!!
    have a nice Sunday


    You were on bloglovin

  35. this pics are amazing :D i'm following you on bloglovin too! kisses :D

    fashion blog miriam stella

  36. What an intriguing shot of your skirt, do please show us more :D

  37. What fun...pickled ONIONS! I have never had these before and would love to try them. Hope you are doing very well...Happy July 1st...this is our Canada Day and we celebrate with parades and fireworks. xoxo

  38. Hi Carolyn,

    I love random posts! Pickled onions...yum. Sounds interesting. I don't think I've ever tried them. have an amazing view out your window. Just beautiful!

    Hmmm...I don't know much about this change...I probably need to do the same with my blogs. Yikes! I don't have much time if tomorrow is the deadline!


  39. Good evening dear Carolyn,
    So sweet of you to stop in this evening.. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.. I am happy you liked her..

    Look how beautiful the clouds are in the boat photos! You really know how to capture the moment.

    I wish I could sew like this, and silk, of all things... I sure hope you will share the finished skirt. I love pleated skirts, hard to find anymore.
    I just returned from your website.. Gosh it is beautiful.. I just love your Bears Carolyn, you do exquisite work.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  40. Dear Carolyn, I am s happy you enjoyed seeing Zoe.
    She is a funny little one.. Gives me much joy, as does Jasper. Thank you for your visit dear friend.

  41. Its me again Carolyn,

    Your bears are adorable! Your very talented. They remind me of a book I cherished as a child. I can't remember the name of it. But the bears were dressed up and having lovely adventures with a doll.

  42. Pickled onions...i love onions, but have never had pickled. Must be good!


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