Monday, July 1, 2013

Notes from the weekend

 It was one of those lazy weekends and we were happy to have DD come home to stay.
Winters days are the best when they are like this ... warm when you are in the sunshine, but cool and clear with the most gorgeous blue sky with not a cloud to be seen and the sea, the prettiest turquoise colour.

 Enclosure Bay, which is in the Waitemata Harbour, translates to sparkling water, really lived up to its name and glistened in the sunshine.
We went out walking around the Island roads and along the beach, managed to tackle a few projects around the home (will show in next post)  had a delicious dinner cooked by my lovely family.

A leg of lamb, slowly cooked on the BBQ,  by my dear husband was most delicious and the lemon meringue pie, cooked by daughter, delectable! ... always  special when you have a night off cooking duty.

June seems to have slipped away so fast and we now welcome July.

I just love the way the evening sky looked on Saturday and will leave you with some snaps, taken from our deck.

 I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Wishing you a lovely week, filled with love, laughter and sunshine


  1. My dear Carolyn,
    wonderful pictures! I am glad you had such a lovely and wonderful and delicious weekend with your family!
    Wishing you a happy nwe week, yes , already July, time is flying so fast!
    Love and hugs to you my dear friend,

  2. Thanks dear Carolyn for these gorgeous photos of your country!
    What a beautiful autumn/winter you have - no snow but barbecue outdoors!
    A dream for me!
    I wish you alsoa happy sunny week!
    With love,

  3. Aww glad you had a fun weekend time..
    Happy new week x

  4. Fantastici scatti. Un felice inizio settimana a Te...ciao

  5. Gorgeous photos Carolyn....I love lemon meringue pie:) Have a good week!
    ~Anne xx

  6. Lazy weekend and lots of lovely photos to show and gorgeous skies, perfect! x

  7. I just love blogging. We can visit places and people we would have never imagined, and to see your land and seascapes is so fun, Carolyn! That first photo with the turquoise waters....OH YEAH! My favorite color in the world.

    Here we are in July and there is much fun to be had now. June for us was very busy, doing home projects but now, it's all about relaxation! Enjoy every beautiful day with your beloved ones my friend! Anita

  8. I always love seeing photos of where you live. It's so beautiful. What a nice dinner with your family. That pie looks divine!

  9. Hi Carolyn! Seems you had a lovely weekend! The photos are truly fantastic and romantic!:) The dinner looks delicious, especially the meringue pie your daughter cooked! Have a great week ahead dear and a happy July, kisses! xo

  10. The lamb looks delicious and the lemon meringue pie following.. yummy! Such a fun post Carolyn. Beautiful photos and spot to spend a summers day.


  11. what a wonderful weekend!
    And now... have a nice new week!

  12. Oh my gosh! Lovely pictures, lovely week end! And this is winter for you?
    Have you ever seen winter in Italy?
    Believe me, I can pay a lot of money to have a winter like the one I see in your pictures!
    Bisou, Babi

  13. Beautiful indeed my lovely friend I love all you share. Love you Jeanne

  14. What a wonderful weekend and fab photos!!! Xo

  15. So wonderful, seing your daughter in the weekend dear Carolyn. You had wonderful hours I can tell, and such delicious meal,- it looks very yummy, both lamb and merinque pie!!
    Your photoes showing the bay, and the sunset are wonderful, and the blue water and sky so fantastic!! I wish you a happy July dear friend, with many more wonderful lazy and cosy weekends to come !!

  16. Week-ends spent with family are special Carolyn and the lemon pie looks SO scrummy ..... your DD is a real gem. xx

  17. Hi Carolyn, Oh what a lovely weekend you enjoyed with your dear family. The BBQ looks so yummy and that gorgeous pie made by your daughter looks divine. How nice to have a cooking break.
    Your pics are beautiful. What a beautiful sky.

    We spent the weekend swimming in the pool. Temps here are very hot now and it was wonderful to relax and cool off.
    Have a wonderful week and enjoy your pretty weather.
    Happy July,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. Hi Carolyn,
    seems you had a very pleasant week end with you family, I'm very happu for you!
    Your photos are so beautiful!

  19. Beautiful shots and memories of a great June!
    All those things sound wonderful Carolyn.
    Don't you just love summer?!
    July? Bring it on!!
    Have a great week!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

    1. Deborah, we are actually having winter here in NZ. Enjoy your summer and thanks for visiting me.


  20. Ciao Carolin, bellissime queste foto e questo post. Come sempre passare da te è meraviglia!!!
    Bacione grande e buona settimana. ;) NI

  21. Dear Carolyn,

    I`m happy I found you!!!;D

    I wonder if you still remember me? I has been taken a looong time.... My old blog was Hetkien Kauneus and I was called Marge. I`m coming from Finland. I started a new blog in the end of March.
    I haven`t been so much time here in blogworld, so now I found you:)

    You have there really BEAUTIFUL wintertime!!!
    I wish you joyfull time, my dear friend!!♥

    Many hugs, Marikki (now;))

  22. You have a great view from the deck,
    what a wonderful evening with food and
    cozy time.
    Hugs and love

  23. Dearest Carolyn,

    So amazing Bay. In Bali I live at the bay as well.
    gathering together with family such a best moment.
    yummy BBQ and the pie too.
    wishing you a great week
    hugs to you

  24. what lovely sparkling water in those first two photos...

  25. Oh, Carolyn, I`m so sorry, that I haven`t noticed to put myself to your reader, but now Iam, definitely!!:))

    It was wonderful to hear you again, my dear friend!♥ I`m so glad that you still remember me:) Your blogfriendship was important to me! I want you to know it!

    "See you" again;) ♥

    Warmy hugs, Marikki

    1. Many thanks Marikki and was so lovely to catch up with you on your new blog.
      Look forward to your blog friendship too and this means a lot to me too.


  26. The pictures of the bay are gorgeous, Carolyn. What a sight! The barbecue lamb and the lemon pie looks delicious. So nice of husband and daughter to help out.

    It sounds like you are enjoying your winter. We are in full summer here, and very hot.

    Have a great week.


  27. Magical place... magical day...
    Enjoy !
    Best regards from France,


  28. Lovely pictures, Carolyn. I loved what you say about the winters, warm when in the sunshine and cool otherwise - I love my days like that too. Wish you a wonderful day ~ Arti :)

  29. Oh my, that lamb looks delicious, Carolyn! And so does the pie. Would love to be at your house to eat AND look at the gorgeous sunset!

  30. You've had such a beautiful weekend<3 looking at these pictures I want to move out of England soooo bad!


  31. Dear Carolyn
    Your pictures are so nice. The lemon pie looks very delicious. I love lemon pie ;o)
    I wish you a happy rest of the week.
    Love and hugs Yvonne

  32. Oh Carolyn, I would love a piece of that PIE!
    Your daughter is quite the cook, as is your husband. Yes indeed, always nice to have a night off of cooking..
    Thank you so much for sharing, beautiful post!
    I am so happy you enjoyed visiting little Zoe.
    Thank you so much.

  33. Hi Carolyn,

    What a wonderful blog. So glad you visited mine. Your world is so lovely. I've never been to your part of the world. Your island looks like a little bit of heaven. I look forward to getting to know you as I visit your blog.


  34. Oh Carolyn, it looks like the best of days (and evening). Those are the things that make memories. Wow, does that leg of lamb look delish!!!
    sending big hugs...

  35. Your weather looks like my favorite kind, Carolyn!! Also........some people eat right!! Hope you & your husband continue to have or had fun with your daughter!!


  36. Dear Friend,
    Don't know why, but I'm having a hard time commenting. Did you get my last comment? Just to say, your weather looks sublime and nice to hear of your perfect yummy meal with your daughter!!


  37. Hi,Carolyn
    It must be lovely time to see such a beautiful turquoise sea in winter season. Looks like you had a pleasant time with your family. Here in Japan, it is hot and humid now.
    Have a lovely rest of this weekend!

  38. Dearest Carolyn、
    Wow, you had WONDERFUL and YUMMY looking dinner(*^_^*) And spectacular view(^_^)v You made me jealous, haha. It is SO hot and muggy now here, I always wish the crispy fall during this season.

    PS> Thank you SO much for yur sweet comment. Kind of hectic days, but I'm doing my best, my friend.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  39. i would really like to have a slice of that amazing cake :D

    fashion blog miriam stella

  40. This looks amazing! Wish I could be in NZ right now :(

  41. Carolyn,
    Lemon m. pie!!!
    It's the BEST. Your daughters looks so beautiful. Must have tasted divine.

    Your temps are starting to cool a tad? Ours have heated up,


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