Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I was grateful for today

Having my Mum settled into her new comfortable home with all her familiar things around her, ... the comfy green lazyboy chair and pictures of the family hanging on the walls. Thank you for all your kind words, in wishing her well ~ means a lot to me.

Daughter came over to stay the night, always great to have a catch up with her.
As we were driving along, we saw all these little ducks and their babies walking across the road. We stopped the car and managed to get them off the road and back towards the water where they would be safe.

I remind myself of how important it is to count my blessings today.
Hope you have a wonderful week


  1. Hi Carolyn
    Oh poor you - it's an awful time when your darling mother needs more hands on care. I'm sure you've found her a lovely place and she will gradually settle in and make it home. "Things" and people are the key - it's so important that she is happy.

    Thinking of you
    sending gentle warm hugs to both you and your mum

  2. Dear Carolyn,
    I am so glad, you have your dear Mum staying in a nice and comfortable place now with her familiar things, so she can recover soon!
    Lovely pictures from the Baby-Ducks :O)))
    Have a wonderful week, my dear friend!
    Love and hugs,

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    So glad that your Mom is settled. It looks like spring has sprung where you are at with all of the little ducklings. So cute!

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Hi dear Carolyn, what sweet photoes- and so good you helped rescue the ducklings.
    I hope your mother will feel good in her new surroundings, and feel at peace with being there.
    Wishing you a happy week,friend.

  5. Glad that you were able to help the ducklings get safely to water. Also that your Mum has settled into her new care home and you had your daughter to stay.
    I hope you have a peaceful week.

  6. Hi Carolyn!
    Delighted your mum is settled and happy:) Lovely photo of the cute ducks! have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  7. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and be grateful. I'm sure you have such relief knowing that your mom is comfortable and safe in her new surroundings. Time with our children is always such a sweet blessing. How can you not have a great day when there are baby chicks passing by?! :)


  8. Dear Carolyn, I'm glad that your mother is settled in a comfortable place, with all the familiar things around her.
    So lovely the photo's of the little ducks, and wonderful you've saved them of the freeway.
    Have a nice day.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  9. YAHOOOO! YOUR MUM IS BETTER??? THAT IS fantastic news dear Carolyn!!!!! And seeing these little creatures is a blessing to remind us of how gentle life CAN be....ooooh, they are just darling! HUGS TO YOU and your mum....Anita

  10. Hello Carolyn,

    So glad to hear your mom is all nestled in!

    Oh, what sweet ducklings. One time on my way to the store I saw a mama duck and her babies trying to hop up on the curb. There was a storm drain right there and I was worried the babies would fall in. Some passerbys guided them to safety just like you and your love daughter did :)

    Have a beautiful week!


  11. Always count your blessings darling...every day...i am glad your mom is settled.....love from me...xxx...

  12. I am glad that you have found somewhere nice for your mother - it must be a weight off your mind to see her settled.

    Love the ducklings - so sweet!

    Pomona x

  13. Hello Carolyn,
    I'm glad your Mum is now out of hospital and settling into her new surroundings. Hope having her things back around her will help her recovery.
    The baby ducks are lovely, hope they continue to stay safe after the assistance you gave them.
    Sarah x

  14. Thinking of you all. It is a heart wrenching time.

  15. Hi,Carolyn.
    So glad to hear that your mother have settled in a comfortable place with her family's help!! I believe your mom will recover soon! I have been living with my mother in law92. She is fine for her age though sometimes she needs family's help.She still likes sewing in her room.
    I try to make my time, finding something that makes me happy.

    Have a good day,Carolyn.

    Red Rose,Green Tomato

  16. Glad to hear your mom is settling in....and such joy those baby ducks are. Hope you are seeing a lovely Spring so far my friend. xoxo HUGS

  17. Dearest Carolyn,
    So glad your Mum got settled into her new place. Being surrounded by familiar things is so important. You have acted as a loving and caring daughter and deep down she knows that. It is tough as she very well knows this is the final stage...
    Therefore the visit of your daughter was a welcome Band-Aid on the emotional pain.
    Sweet for rescuing those ducklings; that lets us see your big heart!
    Hugs to you,

  18. It's some time that I feel to bless everyone I meet day by day,also in Internet,it's a way to closer to God!Nice day!I'm agree..I love the pretty vase in the last my photos,it's very romantic!

  19. So glad your mom is all settled in :)

    And those ducks are too adorable!


  20. Dearest Carolyn,
    You are a daughter to behold to take such good care of your mother.
    Make sure to take a little time for you... Even outside you are making sure little ducks are getting to safety.. Bless you.

    It was so kind of you to leave such a sweet note.. I always love your visits.. So happy you enjoyed seeing Mother goose and owl.

  21. My give away enden this weekend...because i have a new one in my next post...so if you would put that one on your blog i will be thankful you know that...love from me...happy day Ria...xxx...

  22. Dearest Carolyn,
    Oh, it sure must have been the hard time for you! So glad to hear that you could check these facilities in advance and looked for the best for your mother. I'm sure that the chair and the precious family picture will comfort her♡♡♡
    I've been through step by step for my father starting with the day-care-center(haha, that is how we call these facility). After we lost our mother, my father started suffering from dementia. My late single brother and I looked ater him since then. He is in one of the old-people's care center close to my house now. I've been there today and he looked better after a bit of out of shape condition, haha. Sure you must have the feeling of grateful, I remember the same experience when we know there are so many waiting list.
    Lovely to hear and see the pictures of the baby ducks(^_^)v
    Hope you will have the beautiful spring like you showed us the sweet cherry blossoms in your former post.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  23. Hi Carolyn!

    Such a sweet words you said about your mom!
    And such a super cties are these little ducks!^^


  24. hope you mum is settling in well x what cute ducklings!

  25. you are so right--small blessings should not slip by us--prayers for your mom <3

  26. Carolyn, I am so glad you saved the duck family from what could have been a horrible fate! It can be so confusing sometimes when one is so very,very short. We have 8 baby chicks that were orphaned. I have to dash outside at least a dozen times a day to push their little fuzzy bottoms in the right direction as they travel all over the farm.

  27. Hello Carolyn
    Thank you for your sweet comment today. I am so glad you have your Mother settled in her new home as I know what a worry it is to make sure they are comfortable. The little baby ducks are adorable! Take care and have a great week.


  28. These little ducks are so cute! A good thing you found a nice place for your mother where she can keep her things with her. Hugs catherine

  29. I know you're relived to have your Mom in a comfortable, happy place. It helps that she is surrounded by familiar things too.
    Love the babies....they are adorable!

  30. dear carolyn,
    thanks for visiting my blog!
    these bany- chicks are so cute...
    thanks für this lovely pictures!
    many greetings

  31. little ducks are very sweet!


  32. The ducks are so cute.........Glad your Mother is settling in well. Love you lots...........I am glad you got to spend time with your daughter.

    Love and hugs

  33. So sweet these little ducks Carolyne! Yes, we must always remember to be grateful and notice the good things around us! Hugs from germany!

  34. Good to hear that your Mum is settling into her new place.

    What sweet ducklings!

  35. Oh Carolyn! These ducks are very very sweet!
    This evening I posted my gift for you on my blog!
    Excuse my absence on web, ma htese days I've been very busy...

  36. Oh Carolyn,
    The little ducks are so sweet, and how kind of you to help them on their way. I'm so glad your mom is in her new home now, as it is so important for older people to be around familiar surroundings. I noticed this with my mom and aunt too. You are such a good daughter to make sure all is right in her world.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  37. Dear Carolyn
    So glad that your mother is now in the new home. I hope your mother feel good. Lovely photos!
    I wish you a happy weekend.
    Love and hugs Yvonne

  38. My day is just beginning and I am already grateful for much. Hot coffee, my laptop and the sun lighting up the sky.
    I think it's wonderful that you were able to see all the little ducklings to safety - they look so cute!

  39. So glad that you have your Mum in a cute place!!!^^


  40. Hang in there Carolyn.. xoxo I know it's hard with your mom.

    Those baby ducks are just darling and I'm sure that made your day!

    take care,

  41. Hi Carolyn, Such a thoughtful and wonderful thing to stop and help the little sweeties. You helped God's little creatures and I am sure it was a blessing.
    Hugs, CM

  42. Carolyn so glad your mother is settling in to her home. I know this is difficult as I went through the same and always felt a sad heart when I would visit and leave. But you are a wonderful daughter and doing all that you can. Keep the faith my friend.
    I meant to write this in my last comment, but had to stop for a minute and came back forgetting what I was going to write.
    Please forgive my oversite.

    Love to you, Celestina Marie
    prayers for your mother.


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