Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our stay at Huka Lodge

Huka Lodge is just as wonderful as the last time we stayed there ~ this really is a haven of peace and beauty and such a delightful place to escape to.
We sneaked away for a night here to celebrate my husbands birthday.
Will share a few photos ~ 

Driving down was hard going as the rain was making it hard to see at times. Upon arrival, the stress soon went away,  after having a glass of champagne beside the welcoming fire and  a relaxing swim in the spa pool.

Evening cocktails were served and we got to mix and mingle with other guests staying there
I liked all the tartan, of red, blue and green

We dined outdoors at this table, ( took the photo earlier in the day) beside a roaring fire and all you could hear was the sound of the river rushing by.
The five course meal was divine and everything so beautiful.

Back at our room this chocolate birthday cake was waiting for us ... as we had both had such a big dinner, we had to wait until the morning to have a taste ~ happy birthday my dear
Mr Duck came to say goodnight to us from the deck

 This was the view looking out our bedroom window,  I could have sat for hours watching the river rushing by and loved all the different greens. 

Pulling back the drapes in the morning, these two ducks could not get across the lawn fast enough to say hello.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and wishing you a wonderful new week.


  1. What a wonderful location Carolyn ... I love the rich warn decor of the lodge ... the perfect spot for a Birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to your husband xx

  2. OOHH! What wonderful place!
    I remember that you told me about two ducks that came running over to say you "hello"! You wrote me by e-mail!
    Kisses and good new week!

  3. That does look like a wonderful place to spend time. Sounds like a lovely birthday celebration. Wishing you a great day. Tammy

  4. What a great trip !!!...lovely week

  5. MAGIC.

    A river
    chocolate cake in the morning
    ducks to greet you as you wake
    the man you love.

    What more could you want, Carolyn?

    Have a fabulous day, Anita

  6. It was a lovely night and a birthday to remember. If one must get old - and I resisting that (ask anyone) spending it with you made it especially special (hard to say with a mouthful of toffee). A great night and a big tick for private dining next to a river. You are very lovely and thank you you have captured the essence of it all in your photos. Love V xxx (a.k.a the husband for those of you who don't know us well :-) )

  7. What a nice place for a birthday celebration.

  8. This sounds so divine! Such a cozy and stylish place Carolyne - just right for a birthday! Have a happy sunday!

  9. This is so nice, I love the tartan..I understand you had a lovely time there.

  10. Hi Carolyn, That place looks just delightful. I could have sat at that window all day. Happy birthday to your Hubby.

  11. Oh, my, what a beautiful location, Carolyn, so peaceful. I wouldn't want to leave!!!

    On occasion ducks will land in our pool and take a swim but I have to shoo them off as we don't want them to think of our pool as theirs!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  12. What a welcoming and relaxing birthday celebration. How sweet to have a birthday treat waiting for your return. Hope you both had a wonderful time together.


  13. Amazing pics!
    Love the ducks :)


  14. Oh WOW, Carolyn, this is soooo gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!

  15. Hi Carolyn!
    It really does look like you have had a wonderful weekend, what a lovely place.
    Have an nice monday.
    Hug Anna

  16. Beautiful indeed my friend.
    How lovely and wonderful.
    Love Jeanne

  17. What a lovely place to celebrate your husband's birthday, Carolyn! Happy Birthday to him.
    Looks like such a peaceful lodge and I love the interior.
    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  18. Hi Carolyn! ~ What a beautiful place to celebrate. Mornings are my favorite time and it looks like you had a gorgeous one waking up here...the little ducks greeting you good morning didn't hurt either!

    Summer is here and I'm not blogging as much. It's always fun to see where you've been and what your up to! Until next time...

    Sending happy hugs and wishes for a great week ahead! Jenn xo

  19. wow!!!^^
    what an amazing place ;)


  20. So beautiful, Carolyn! Reminds me a bit of a place that I stayed at in Jasper, Alberta. So gorgeous and I felt instantly relaxed the moment I got there :) xoxo

  21. Looks heavenly, Carolyn, so peaceful. Glad you enjoyed it, and I wish you many birthday blessings.
    Thank you for stopping by the shop, never too late to mingle with the party guests. ;) I'm still making rounds myself. It was a lot of fun.

    Love your Chanel pic in the next post. :) My fav.
    Much love,

  22. Deae Carolyn,

    such a beautiful place, you are so lucky!
    love especially the pics of river and ducks!^^
    Happy Birthday to your husband!:D


  23. Hello my dear - what a wonderful time you must have spent at this beautiful place! And Mr & Mrs Duck ar so sweet. I guess Mr Duck wanted to say "Congrats!" to your hubby - an I want to send my belated congratuations, too :o)) Thank you for your Happy Birthday-wishes to my husband and Mother, too. It seems like everyones husband has birthday in these days :o)...
    Hugs and warm sunshine from Austria,

  24. Oh what a lovely place to celebrate your hubby's birthday. Beautiful and peaceful. Happy Birthday to him. Wishing you a wonderful new week my sweet friend.

    Much love,

  25. Happy Birthday to your hubby! And what a grand place to celebrate. I think a big fireplace feels welcoming at any time of year! But I know it's winter there and you really appreciated it! Hugs!

  26. The lodge sounds wonderful, Carolyn. I bet you and your husband had a great time celebrating his birthday. The view from your window is gorgeous, and so relaxing. Ahhhh, those sweet little ducks, and chocolate cake for dessert. Sounds just perfect. I would love a getaway like that right now.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  27. Dear Carolyn
    Happy Birthday to your husband! Your pictures are so nice.
    I wish you a happy week with a lot of sun. Hugs Yvonne

  28. Carolyn,

    These are wonderful photos and what a romantic spot for dinner. I like all the colors and fabrics and those ducks are adorable!


  29. Happy Birthday to your husband. What a gorgeous getaway. I would be right with you, just staring and daydreaming out that window...Awe....

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!


  30. I would love to have this view from my window, beautiful garden and nature.When I was in Sweden for holiday I have been in a garden with a lake...there were so many ducks and after some time...I could resist to run and touch old man so killed me with his eyes...but..but they are so pretty!!!!!

  31. Oh sweet Carolyn! Thank you for coming by my dear. We are getting SO MUCH RAIN OUT HERE but it has resulted in the most LUSH garden ever!

    And I so love those ducks!!!!! Anita

  32. Hi sweet Carolyn, I so love being here again. My Summer is a busy one so far with plans on the new home, lots to do!
    How have you been my dear friend? Your pictures show a cozy and lovely place to be, make me crave holidays.
    Love Saskia xx

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  34. oh wow..looks like a beautiful place to stay...good for you!! how fun! Happy birthday to your hubby!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  35. Oh Carolyn!
    What a wonderful place to enjoy a Birthday. Happy Birthday to your husband.
    Thank you so much for visiting Bebe. I will have her pick some tulips just for you..
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  36. Hi, Carolyn
    What a beautiful place !!! I love you photos.
    Wishing you a lovely week ♥

  37. what a wonderful get-away!! hi--new follower :)

  38. Dearest Carolyn,

    That was a lovely get-away for a romantic dinner. Happy belated birthday to your husband!
    Love to you and enjoy your mid-week.

  39. Oh, Carolyn, this looks like an idyllic spot to spend a romantic getaway. And Happy Birthday to your Hubby! And may I say thank you for saying you "sneaked" away. Because everyone in the U.S. seems to say "snuck" instead, and it has even been added to the dictionary, and it is such an ugly word, why would anyone say that instead of the proper "sneaked"? Whew. Glad I got that off my chest!!!haha! The poet and school teacher in me, I guess!!
    Thanks for your visit to F@H

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  42. What a great place to stay and celebrate your husbands birthday, it looks so cosy.
    Sarah x

  43. What a truly beautiful place to stay. So cozy. You know I love the ducks. :)

  44. Well if Huka is good enough for Her Royal Majesty, then it's good enough for our Carolyn & her Birthday Boy!
    Mille xx

  45. I think i saw this place on NZ master chef?

  46. Dear Carolyn
    We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed your stay at Huka Lodge.
    We hope to welcome you soon again!

    Warm Regards
    Karien Vorster-van Heeren
    Huka Retreats

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