Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday flowers.

 These were the pretty flowers in our bedroom at Huka Lodge and will share some more photos of this beautiful place in the next post.
Last week, we spent a night away for my husband's birthday.

I love the changing of seasons,  and winter is now here with us.
The winter coats, hats and scarves have come out and the cozy quilt is now on the bed keeping us warm.

I am still busy painting the lounge and it is the preparation  work that seems to take such a long time, painting the undercoat on the wooden joinery, windowsills and skirting boards.  I look forward to the part where it all comes together and the room finished.

Embrace the season, and to you all in the Northern hemisphere,  hope you are enjoying summer and to us down under - enjoy wrapping up warmly.

To everything there is a time to play
Hope you are able to have a fun weekend.



  1. Fab!!!^^
    i love it ;)
    i follow you on GFC :D
    can you follow me too?¿?


  2. Can't wait to see the photos of your trip and of your lounge. So funny how our seasons are opposite. My favorite time of all will always be the Fall.

  3. Beautiful flowers, Carolyn. They look like freesia. I had those in my wedding bouquet.

    How nice that you and your husband got away for a nice weekend for his birthday :)

    My favorite season is fall although that means that winter is soon to follow.

    You are having to keep warm and this weekend we are facing 100 plus weather :)


  4. What lovely flowers. It's so nice to enjoy them when the weather is cold. We are planning to spend summer time in Florida this year so it will be hot. I hope we can paint our bathrooms this summer but it's going to be a lot of preparation to get them ready, too!

  5. Carolyn, The flowers are beautiful. I am so glad you and hubby could get away for a bit.
    I know what you mean about painting. The prep work seems to take forever but that is what creates the finished look one wants. Be sure to share when it is finished.
    Stay warm xo Ginger

  6. Dear Carolyn,
    thank you so much for these beautiful Friday Flowers!
    I hope you are well and I wish aou all a wonderful weekend!

    Love and hugs

  7. Happy belated birthday to your husbond dear Carolyn,
    looks so beautiful where you celebrated!
    Here it is summer, well not really, because we do not have real warm temperatures yet ? hopefully it will be warmer,but I also enjoy the different seasons here in Denmark.
    Whish you a lovely week-end Carolyn.
    Hugs Dorthe

  8. Hello my dear! :o)
    I enjoyed seeing your pretty Friday-flowers and I'm looking forward to see more photos of Huka Lodge - and of your fresh-painted lounge :o)
    Sending lots of summer-Küschelbüschel-hugs to you - they shall keep you warm, too :o)!!

  9. say Hello to you today :)
    nice flower by the way,

  10. I can't imagine that it's already winter, how strange. But if I look trough te window, it looks like autumn...instead of summer.
    Dear greetings,

  11. I love the seasons as well. I must say the boiling 40deg. days I'm not in love with, but winter is wonderful, even though it is cold. How could we cope with out the Colour of Autumn and the flowers of Spring. We are blessed.

  12. I sure could use a cool breeze right about now. The a/c runs 24-7 around here. Have a wonderful weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Hai dear...

    Happy week also you!!!

    KISSES dear...forever friend! HUGS! NI

  14. Dearest Carolyn,

    Guess you too had a birthday?
    Isn't it great for enjoying a night away and with such lovely flowers it is even more rewarding.
    Love to you and wishing you a happy weekend.

  15. Beautiful flowers...enjoy a happy love from

  16. Carolyn, Time for COCO,cocoa and a warm fire, enjoy! Thank you for visiting us on the farm today! Jeri

  17. i love that perfume!


  18. Hi Carolyn, glad you enjoyed your time away for your husbands Birthday. Am sure all your hard work will be rewarded, there's nothing like re-decorating and a fresh coat of paint to lift your spirits. As they say "a change is as good as a holiday". Happy week-end, keep warm, hugs Robyn x

  19. Lovely flowers!

    Oddly enough we're wrapping up warmly here this summer! Coldest June I've ever known!

  20. Hi Carolyn!
    The flowers in the bedroom of your little trip are very very nice! I love flowers, you know it!
    I also love the changing of seasons, but my favourite season is the autumn: I love its colors, the days that are getting shorter, the warmth of the summer just ended ... and preparations for the approaching Christmas!
    I have often wondered how Christmas is for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, since it is summer for you...
    I think it's so different!
    A big kiss and good weekend!

  21. Beautiful indeed my lovely friend.
    Love Jeanne

  22. Love embracing a new season!
    Just summer here :)


  23. Hi Carolyn! I love white flowers...these look very pretty:) Have a fabulous weekend!

  24. OH YES, playtime is on the top of my list!!!!! What beauty is found in a white flower.....I love white for so many reasons, but one reason is the empty canvas is gives us to IMAGINE and DREAM of what we would add to make it DIFFERENT!

    Lovely display my dear and thank you again for participating in the unforgettable Paris party!!! Anita

  25. Hi Carolyn!

    I too am in the midst of painting. What a load of work this is! It's a slow and steady journey but well worth it as I'm sure everything will be lovely.

    My favorite time of year is Fall. Here in the pacific northwest our summers are slow to start. We will begin to get warmer weather in July and Fall will begin in October.

    Your flowers are so pretty :)

    Enjoy your weekend.


  26. Lovely flowers! Your post was a cool spot in our otherwise very hot day here in Arizona.
    Hugs, GraceinAZ ({at)

  27. It's almost 100 here right now so I would LOVE to be over in your weather!

    I am finally getting back around to blogging and visiting everyone so I am off to see what else I missed on your Blog!



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