Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beautiful blog gift

I won a giveaway by a dear friend Marsha, from sassyminidolls.blogspot.com
She sent me this gorgeous lace pouch and a sweet paper bag book, filled with so much beauty, old laces, vintage photos, fragrant envelope filled with lavender and everything I love.
I adore the attention to detail and how creative Marsha is, in all she does.
Many thanks, I will treasure this and will now show you the pages of the book.

I am so fortunate to have made so many beautiful friends from all around the world.
Also ever so grateful for the friendship, love and encouragement we can share.

My daughter was walking down the street and was featured on this Style blog.


I have been out giving our deck a coat of stain today - we have chosen a blonde, which looks like a lime wash and I am pleased with the way it is looking.
I shall show photos when we finish it.
After finishing, my face was the colour of a beetroot, the sunlight was hot outdoors and was glad to come inside and have a drink of water.

I wish you all a wonderful week


  1. Dear Carolyn
    What a beautiful giveaway! So nice your pictures!
    I wish you a happy day and send you a lot of greetings.
    Hugs Yvonne

  2. Hi Carolyn! Our temps are still hot! In the low 90s today, but the humidity wasn't as bad and this helps it not feel as hot. Probably by late September we will begin to cool. Your temps are starting to warm a tad?

    You have received such a pretty gift. Really like the pouch...so very pretty.

    Your sweet daughter looks beautiful! Hope all is going well for her.

    Will be waiting to see your patio. You must truly enjoy having a nice place to relax.

    God bless,

  3. Dear Carolyn

    Gorgeous giveaway gift from Marsha - well done!!

    Looking forward to seeing the deck - what a job.

    I've sent you an email!!

    Shane :))

  4. Dearest Carolyn,

    Congrats with the giveaway and also congrats to your daughter for being plucked off the street and featured in that Style Blog!
    She has such a pretty face.
    Have to get to bed now...
    Love to you,


  5. Dear Carolyn

    Congratulations on winning Marsha's beautiful Giveaway - isn't she clever!

    I checked out Victoria's link - I adore her outfit - Oh to be a beautiful young girl again...!!!

    Shane :))

  6. How lovely to have won a giveaway!!! I think it is absolutely precious.
    It is so nice meeting all sorts of people while blogging. You are so faithful Carolyn that it is no wonder you have connected so well with everyone.
    Enjoy the projects around the home. I need to do some too.

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comment.

    Your daughter is beautiful, and how wonderful that she was featured on that Fashion Blog.

    Your blog is gorgeous.


  8. Hi darling...what a nice gift !!....looks wonderful....enjoy a happy week...love from me....xxx...

  9. OH DEAREST! What a beautiful gift and then to see your daughter in this blog post????? IS THAT HER??? SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I am glad to hear your home projects are coming along! WE are having to stop ours since Ruben goes back to school today! But much was accomplished. SENDING LOVE YOUR WAY! Anita

  10. Hi dear-
    Such a lovely giveaway win-the pouch looks so beautiful, and the book full of lovely things.
    No wonder your daughter was photographed, she looks so chick and beautiful.

  11. That´s lovely - congrats! :-)

  12. Looking forward to seeing your deck when it's finished!

    Your gifts from Marsha were beautiful! She is one talented artist!

    Wishing you a beautiful day,

  13. Dear Carolyn, I am so happy you like what I made for you :)

    Oh, my, your daughter is just beautiful and so chic!! I'm not surprised they wanted to feature her on the style blog!!

    Be careful in the sun!!!


  14. Your treasure is beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, your daughter is gorgeous. I stopped by the link and she looks stunning. No wonder she was featured on their blog.

    Have a beautiful day.


  15. How fun and great gift my friend..hope you have a GREAT week on your side of the world my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  16. How beautiful! She is very artistic and I know it's something you will enjoy! Your daughter is so lovely! Hope you're having a nice week and that it's cooled off some! Hugs! ♥

  17. Congratulations Carolyn, so nice things you won. You have a beautiful daughter, i like the photos.
    Happy week dear friend

  18. You daughter is a beauty!! That is so cool that she was featured on there. Have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  19. Dear Carolyn,

    Your daughter is indeed very beautiful.

    As for the gift you received; I imagine all the work she put into it and then I thought to myself that surely she thought you were more than worth it ;-)

    Have a great week.

  20. oooh that was so fun to see your beautiful girl in her lovely creations!!!
    She is such a gorgeous girl Carolyn...you sure did great!
    I love her dress (sigh)

    Your gift from Marsha is a treasure. You are a blessed friend.

    sending hugs...

  21. Hi sweet Carolyn~ Winning a giveaway is so much fun! Congratulations to you. And I love the picture of your daughter. She is lovely! Sending love~ Mandy

  22. What a pretty giveaway you won...any your daughter is stunning!

    Happy day to you my sweet friend. Thank you for all the sweetness you add to this blogland of ours. xoxoxo

  23. OH CAROLYN! YOU ARE SOOOOOO SWEET for coming to wish me well! WEll, you know...teeeheeee.....I checked my calendar yesterday and I GOOFED! I don't go back to meetings until NEXT MONDAY! YEAH!!! But thank you anyway for coming because I am not feeling ready! Your kind support and friendship is so much appreciated my dear! How is the deck coming? ENJOY IT!!! Anita

  24. Congratulations on winning such beautiful things! Lucky you!

  25. Love the style of your beautiful daughter, Carolyn. What excitement to be picked from the street!
    You have some lovely giveaway treasures. The look very sweet and touchable. We can never have enough of these sweet petits, can we ;)
    Love to you my sweet friend. I'll be around to watch the deck ;) xx

  26. Wow, that's a very lovely giveaway. Congratz on winning that, dear Carolyn. And your daughter looks gorgeous, I guess she gets that from her mom? :p Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Dear Carolyn,

    Oh, how beautiful giweaway! Really treasure:)
    Your daughter is really beautiful woman! It´s so wonderful that she has also her own blog.
    I`m looking forward to seeing the deck.
    Carolyn, you are so sweet friend! Thank you for your friendship!!♥

    Big hugs from Finland,

  28. Congratulations Carolyn, both on your beautiful blog gift and your gorgeous daughter...Ooooh so stylish! I love her look.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  29. Hi Carolyn
    It's beautiful!!!! incredible. Nice...

  30. Do hope you are all keeping well!

    Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend!

    XOXO Lola & Nora):

  31. Marsha is always creating something beautiful, luck you to have won something she made! Your daughter looks very stylish in her photos, what fun to be featured for your own unique sense of style. Your deck sounds like it's now stylin' too! Have a wonderful day Carolyn!

  32. Oooo! What a wonderful win! Congratulations!
    Your daughter is so lovely!
    xx, shell

  33. Those of us that blog have discovered a wonderful new world of friendships. I consider you one of my special ones.

  34. Hi Carolyn - the book is a real treasure with it's pretty Victoriana pictures - a beautiful give-away.
    Your daughter looks just gorgeous and I'm sure you must be very proud of her.
    Have a wonderful week and keep safe

  35. Hi Carolyn! Marsha's gift is such a treasure – something to cherish always.

    And your daughter is so, so beautiful – what fun for her to be featured!

    Have a lovely weekend on your lovely deck. :)

    xo – g

  36. Dear Carolyn
    What a beautiful BOOK! Such a talented woman...
    You daughter is beautiful.. I just love the big bow in her hair.
    Can't wait to see the work you have done on the deck.
    Thank you so much for your visit and Kind words about my little bird.
    Bebe sends her best.
    Blessings dear friend

  37. Hi Carolyn,
    Congratulations on winning such a sweet gift. Isn't it so fun to get packages in the mail and open them to be surprised with what's inside. Your daughter is such a fashion icon - how fun for her to be stopped and photographed! Good luck with the project. I wish I could start more but that list just gets longer!
    Have a great day,

  38. Enjoy your day Carolyn !
    Regards from France,


  39. what a lovely giveaway to have won Carolyn!! Look fwd to seeing your newly coloured patio and congratulations to your daughter. she's very pretty!

  40. I'm happy for you that you won Marsha's lovely gift, Carolyn!
    Congratulations to Victoria for being featured on that style blog. She looks just beautiful.
    Hugs to you,

  41. Is that your daughter in the photo, Carolyn? She looks beautiful! :)



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