Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wynyard Quarter

We had a wonderful day exploring the Wynyard Quarter in central Auckland.
This waterfront development has recently opened to the public with 9 new Restaurants and it is an exciting place to be.
We chose the Restaurant Jack Tar, which is situated in a dramatically updated post-war goods shed. They also had an area for alfresco dining out front and because it was such a glorious day, we opted to sit outdoors in the sun and gaze out at the lovely water and watch people promenade up and down the wharf.
You can see our blue water jug on our table # 87.

My lunch of crispy fish ( so fresh as if it had just been caught) chips and salad was really good.
This is still a working wharf, which makes it interesting and looking back the other way, you can see in the background the petrol and liquid chemical storage facilities, giving the area its Tank Farm moniker.
There are also fishing boats, bringing their catch of fish into the wharf and loading cargo.

Walking back the towards the pedestrian bridge, we had to wait for the drawbridge to be raised for clearance, to allow some boats to pass through.
Princes Wharf in the background
The Sky Tower, apartments, hotels and office blocks in the distance.

After 50 odd years, trams have made a comeback on the streets of Auckland and we have two heritage trams circuiting the redeveloped area. One of these trams used to travel around the streets of the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Just want to wish you a marvellous weekend, dear friends


  1. I love the tramways pictures...
    Enjoy your day Carolyn !


  2. Dear Carolyn
    Thank you for your nice pictures! Your lunch.... mmmmhhh.... so fine!
    I wish you a happy weekend.
    Hugs and love

  3. Dear Carolyn,

    I enjoyed seeing your photo's of Auckland and it's wharf/harbour area. It looks like quite a bit town to me! I am a bit envious of your blue skies. It's rain, rain and more rain in Holland :-)!

    Happy weekend to you too!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  4. Great pics dear Carolyn!

    Have a great weekend too!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  5. What a great trip !!...and yammie food.......enjoy a happy love love

  6. What a beautiful location to eat some fish and chips dear Carolyn. The food looks delicious.
    I also love the old trams.
    I wish you also a wonderful weekend.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  7. GOOD MORNING SWEET ONE! Oh, that fish dinner sounds so good. I have not really had a great fish dinner since moving inland. HOW ARE YOU????

    Peace and love to you dearest Carolyn! Anita

  8. Yummm, fish and chips, haven't had that in forever!!

    What a lovely day you had exploring!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  9. Looks like beautiful weather and a lovely area to visit.

    Your daughter is so stylish. No wonder she keeps being featured.

    Love the paper bag book you won. I really like making them as it is so easy to just fill up the pages with bits and pieces of scrap papers and images.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day. Tammy

  10. P.S. Always loved riding the street car in New Orleans. :)

  11. What a fun outing! Your photos remind me of Mystic here in CT. I'm hungry for fish and chips now :)


  12. I love the sight of these trams, Carolyn. Would love to see them 'live' one fine day.
    A lovely weekend dear friend, we have tons of sweet raindrops here. It won't be long before Autumn arrives. Did your daffodils pop yet?
    Love xx

  13. Hi Carolyn, What a lovely day you had and how wonderful that you could have your lunch outside. That crispy fish and chips look yummy.
    The heritage trams look so cute!
    Have a great weekend :-)!

  14. I've adored having this opportuntiy to see Auckland!! Thank you Carolyn. It is fascinating to have the chance!! Your fish looked yum! And the Trams!! I would like to have one for a studio!!


  15. Dearest Carolyn,

    Lovely visit according to your beautiful and informative pictures. The tram was something in Melbourne, Australia that we were not used to when working in the area. Being on the wrong side of the road + trams that took all our concentration. But it IS a pretty sight. Nostalgia...

    Love to you,


  16. Thank you for visiting.
    Mariette, one of the trams is actually from Melbourne.
    I can understand with the wrong side of the road scenario as we had the same problem in Europe.


  17. Hi Carolyn.
    The trams have a lot of charm. Ready to ride one. Reminds me of a time gone by.

    May you have a blessed life,

  18. Dear Carolyn,
    I have heard about this lovely new area. It is so nice for Aucklanders to be able to utilise this wonderful part of the waterfront. I am excited and can't wait for my next visit. How lovely.

  19. Enjoy your sunday too dear Carolyn...
    Regards from France,


  20. Hi dearest Carolyn, I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful Auckland-day! And the old tramways are so lovely - I really would love it if people all over the world would reflect on the beautiful old things and bring more nostalgia in the cities. Tall buildings can have quite a degree of aesthetic and they also may have some practical use, but I prefer nice old buildings and tramways and so on (and I guess most of travelling people are thinking the same) ...
    Warm hugs, my dear, your rusty rose Traude :o)

  21. Oh dearest, it is always a pleasure to receive a hug from you! Off I go tomorrow, to start teacher meetings and planning. It just came too fast, but more life adventures await...peace and love to you, Anita

  22. Hi Carolyn,
    That blue sky is amazing. What a wonderful time you must have had there. Lots to see and good food too. Just glorious. Love that tram pic. So nostalgia.

    Have a wonderful day and great week ahead.
    Hugs from still very HOT Texas.
    XO Celestina Marie

  23. Looks like a wonderful time, Carolyn! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  24. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  25. You had me at fish and chips!

  26. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos..Your lunch looks so delicious. Have a good rest of the weekend!


  27. i love tramways...who does not?ツ

  28. I always enjoy eating outdoors with a view of water,

    (unless of course the only water in view is rain,)

  29. Great photos Carolyn!
    We had a quick drive-through Wynyard a week ago after lunching at Tyler Street Garage!

    A great use of that space - I feel
    it just needs time to allow the trees to grow.
    I must have a tram ride as when living in Melbourne years ago I probably travelled on that very tram - evokes wonderful memories!!

    Another new week - enjoy!

  30. Thanks for the tour. I do love trams. Ours are called streetcars and are a bit more modern looking but they too have come back to some streets where they were at first replaced by buses. All for energy efficiency.
    Loved your lunch. Fresh fish.

  31. Hi Carolyn,
    What a fabulous post!! It looks like you had so much fun!


  32. Hi Carolyn,
    I have been craving fish & chips - lucky you to have them and with such a new view. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon; the trams are so colorful. Such pretty pictures!

    Wishing you a good week,
    Sharon :-)

  33. This is a wonderful sunny place to have a summer lunch there!

  34. That looks like a wonderful place to visit, and so peaceful. The view is lovely, and the photo of the charming. Have a great week ahead.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  35. So fun trips you do, Auckland sounds exciting. Your food looks really good, cozy and eat outdoors.
    Wish you a happy week

  36. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.

    Love the views.

    Cassy from Best Guitar Lessons

  37. Beautiful pictures here - Auckland must be so pretty and worth seeing! Wish i could beam myself over for some fun days. Here, autumn is right ariund the corner! Have a lovely evening Carolyne!

  38. Hello lovely lady :)
    It looks like you had a great day, enjoy yummy food and had fun looking around!
    Love the old fashioned tram!
    Have a nice week x

  39. You take me on the loveliest outings Carolyn. This trip to Auckland is no exception. I would have enjoyed the drawbridge going up. As you might know...we have nothing like that here in my landlocked state in the US. I have been to wharfs in Seattle, Washington and on the coastline in Oregon (both on the Pacific Ocean)and in Hawaii)) before and it is so different for me to be so near the water.
    It looks like it was a perfect day there.
    sending hugs...

  40. Wow, very wonderful view. I've got a thing for the sea... :p

  41. That fish dinner just looked so delicious!!!!!!! Happy Tuesday!

    Love, Kristin

  42. What fun, darling!
    Gorgeous pics!


  43. I'm originally from San Francisco and these pictures remind me of back home (the wharf and trolley and all). I've been craving a good fish and chips. Your lunch looks delicious.


  44. Carolyn, your meal look as if it was VERY GOOD- and eaten in that special place, it have tasted even better, I imagine.
    The tramps looks cosy and familiar-we have had lots of tramps in Copenhagen-- but they are now, not driving anymore.I alwayes used them when I many years started working in Copenhagen- Funny memmories, thank`s dear.
    XO, Dorthe

  45. Looks like a perfect way to spend the day and your fish and chips look mighty yummy. I'm hungry!


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