Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Merci beaucoup!

Merci beaucoup Anita, for hosting the fabulous Simply Irresistible Party in Paris.
It was so much fun going to visit all that were on the guest list and to see what everyone had to share.
A lovely way to visit old friends and to meet some new ones too.

Also many thanks for the birthday wishes you sent for my daughter, that was very kind of you and appreciate your friendship.

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.
~ Claudia Ghandi

I have been having trouble with blogger, so I am still trying to get around to visit you all.
Wishing you a happy week


  1. It is a breathtaking view, that we who live on opposite sides of the globe have the same problem. Hope Blogger become more stable soon.
    Wish you a happy week to
    Hugs from

  2. I also have problems with Blogger, can not always leave comments.
    beautiful pensée
    Have a nice day!

  3. Hi sweet Carolyn,
    I think we are very many,with bloggerproblems ,just now....
    Do you know ,that if you comment as anonymous,and then just add your blog name-- there are no problems in delivering a comment-all over :)

  4. Mr Blogger doesn't seem to have recovered from his recent meltdown episode yet!

    Hope you're having nevertheless a lovely week, dear Carolyn!


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

    PS Do let me know what you think of my novel if you do decide to get it as an eBook!

  5. Your flowers are happy flowers, my friend. Purple is the color of creativity, I bet you know that already. The quote of Gandhi is great, I had not heard it before, it is in my booklet now ;)
    Much love for a lovely Tuesday sweet Carolyn o xx o

  6. Oh my sweet friend, it was splendid, wasn't it? I was hoping to put up a new post yesterday since i was off of work, but I got caught up with other chores. But the memory of this fun weekend will always stay with me as a special time, for seeing all of you participate really touched my heart. PARIS WAS SOOOOOOO FUN and merci à TOI for this lovely post. HAVE A GREAT DAY, Anita

  7. I have heard that alot of people are having trouble with blogger. I think that they are upgrading something.

    Wishing you a lovely week.


  8. Love and hugs to you my darling one
    Love you Jeanne♥♥

  9. Ciao cara,

    stesso problema...


    Davvero è stato anche il compleanno di tua figlia?

    Auguri anche a lei allora...di CUORE!!!

    Un bacio grande! ;D

    La tua amica dall'Italia. ;D NI

  10. Hello sweet Carolyn,

    Ah, yes, blogger is acting up. The other day I lost my followers (but they are back) and I have problems leaving comments on some blogs unless I leave "anonymous".

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  11. yes, merci Anita....and merci for the sweet comments you left for my daughter!!! I still have blogger issues as well...some blogs I can leave comments, others I can't sign in with blogger still....so weird! have a wonderful day! xOxO

  12. Gorgeous flowers and I love the Gandhi saying!!!

  13. Carolyn, your blog visits always make me smile. Big Hugs! P.S. beautiful post :-)

  14. Dear Carolyn,
    Yes, that was such a magical Paris party hosted by dear Anita.. I am so happy to have found you and many others.. I just love your bears! Beautiful post today

  15. Yes it was great in Paris.....lovely day darling....love Ria...xxx...

  16. Hi Carolyn,
    So great to read about Paris in your other post, it is a lovely city indeed, have a good wednesday! Maureen

  17. Wouldn't that be wonderful to have a never-ending garden! Your pansies are beautiful. So are you.


  18. it seems there is a blogger flu going around! love that quote! superb...

  19. Gorgeous Carolyn! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. You've made me remember that my home needs some new flowers. I've been preoccupied with the beach so I forgot :)

    Hope your week is going well and I hope your blogger problems get resolved soon! xoxo

  20. Dear Carolyn
    Thank you very much for your lovely words on my blog. I have had the same problem! I have tried to write comments on the different blogs but nothing was gone!
    I wish you also a happy week and send you a lot of greetings from Switzerland. Hugs Yvonne

  21. Hi Carolyn,

    Oh, I love those pansies! What a beautiful purple - they are so cheery. Your Paris photos are fabulous - you have exquisite taste! Wish I could be there in person.

    Sharon :-)

  22. Thanks a lot Carolyn...
    I wish you a marvelous day,
    Greetings from France,


  23. i know! blogger is sometimes a pain in the ...
    hope you get it functioning! love your photos and flowers!
    happy june Carolyn!

  24. Love you
    Yes Seoul and South Korea are amazing indeed.

    I love you

  25. What a lovely thank you post!


  26. Dear Carolyn
    I am really worry as my blog don´t let to me sent some comments in some blogs so
    I don´t know if you will receive it
    I have enjoyed with your party in Paris

  27. dear caroling I love flowers and beautiful thoughts of showing how grateful if blogger is a bit bad but I hope it will do well, I'm glad you like potter because I love are the stories that he read to my children before I wanted to go to sleep and remembering them kisses gull.

  28. Carolyn I wanted to come over to thank you for your beautiful words you left for me. It means the world to me to have such a sweet friend.
    Isn't blogger being naughty????
    hugs from here...

  29. Thank you for the beautiful quote Carolyn. Hope Blogger with start behaving for you~~ And Happy late Birthday to your talented daughter!

    Have a great week !

  30. A party in Paris, that sounds like a fun time! I have only had an issue leaving a comment once. It sounds like you aren't the only one having troubles. I hope you are well and have a beautiful Thursday!

  31. oh I love these pansies...so beautiful....and the quote was so touching too.....Have a wonderful day Carolyn!!!!


  32. Ciao TESORO caro!!!

    Sono io!

    La tua amica dall'Italia.

    Mi riconosci?;o)

    Guarda la tua Fata, sono io che ti sorrido e con questo post voglio augurarti una splendida domenica!

    BELLISSIMO anche il nuovo banner.

    Mi piace...mi piaci TU!

    Un bacio grande!!!...con il cuore!;o) NI


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