Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

Francois Bear
As I have not written any bear posts for a while, thought it was time I did.
This is Francois Bear, that a Lady bought from me, about 10 years ago.
His fob watch chain in his waistcoat pocket had broken and she asked could I fix it.
I was happy to do that and gave him a good brush, and pressed his waistcoat, herringbone tweed jacket and bow-tie.
He was now ready to go back home to his owner Judy, who was very happy.

Courage is the discovery that you may not make it;
and trying anyway

This was a picture on my calender that I have hanging in my hallway, don't you love the sweet little girl and cute duckling.

Thanks for dropping by and visiting me and to new followers.
Wishing you all a wonderful happy and peaceful weekend


  1. Francois is ever so charming! Indeed he must be a tresured fello and I'm sure he feels much better with a proper brushing. :)
    I do love the little ducky. Sweet!
    xx, shell

  2. Oh, Francois Bear is just precious!!!

    The little duckling reminds me of my duck I used to have as a pet when I was a child. His name was Yappy :)

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend! I went treasure shopping today!!!


  3. Bits of me are kind of broken/wrecked/old and worn out....... could I ship myself to you and you fix me me and tidy me and ship me home again? After we have tea and cake of course....

    I still really love that chair.......

  4. Dear Carolyn,
    Happy May day to you also. Isn't it amazing how quickly the time is flying this year. I hope it slows down a little soon.
    I love your little bear - he is gorgeous. How clever you are. I would love to be creative in this way.
    Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday xx

  5. With a name like Francois - he must certainly have a little French in his ancestry Non? - he looks very debonaire.
    I know you would have loved every minute of Will and Kare's beautiful wedding - it was a special day for them and for us!

  6. Dear Carolyn, Francois looks very cute but also elegant in his clothes. After your treatment he is ready for some new adventures.
    Happy May Day!
    Hugs to you,

  7. Hi dear Carolyn- your Francois is a wonderful noble old mr.bear- how beautiful he is dressed.
    And such a cute picture from your calender.
    Wish you a lovely sunday--here it is getting very dark--wonder what comes!

  8. What a wonderful bear, Francois is so charming.
    Wish you a happy week

  9. Oh so sweet picture!!.....Francois is so sweet.....happy sunday darling....we have sun again today yes!!

  10. Dear Carolyn!
    Wishing you a happy May Day too!!!!!
    Big Hugs,

  11. Adorable post, darling!

    Happy May Day!


  12. Teeeeeheeeee.....there it is! THERE IS THE MESSAGE FOR ME! Oh thank you my friend for sharing this with me earlier. I LOVE THE BEAR...I must show you some splendid bears I have from my collection. And that duck...TAKE COURAGE LITTLE ONE! And so shall to you, Anita

  13. I love Francois Bear! Such talent you have Carolyn. He is so sweet.

    Happy May Day to you also.
    Jenn xo

  14. Carolyn,

    That bear is adorable!!! He looks so pretty sitting on that gorgeous settee.

    Blessings and Happy May Day!


  15. Rabbit Rabbit
    Happy May 1st
    I love your quotes, your bear and all you share.
    I love you

  16. The bear is adorable, and love the pink rainboots the little girl is wearing. Happy May!

  17. Thanks for your loving comment on my blog!
    Hope you will come back another time.
    And if you have any questions you can always email me.

    Greetings from Holland, the Netherlands

    The bakery girl

  18. Happy May Day Carolyn,
    How darling Francois is in his waist coat. Just an adorable fellow created from your talented hands. I am sure the little fresh up for him gave him a new lease on life.
    The chair where he sits is goreous. Love the calender pic too with the little girls skined knee and the sweet ducky. Too cute.

    Hope May is perfect in all ways for you and yours.
    Have a great week ahead.
    It is raining like crazy here, but the gardens are so pretty and green.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  19. This bear is so gorgeous!What a beautiful picture from your calendar!happy May!

  20. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you for stopping by. Francois is just precious and so is the picture of the duckling! Wishing you a wonderful week.


  21. Happy may day my friend...I forgot about that!

    That image is darling....hope your week is just as sweet. xoxo

  22. Oh so sweet!
    Have a wonderful month of May, dearest Carolyn.
    Much love to you xxxxx

  23. Francios is amazing! I love his dapper clothing too! I think he deserves to pose in a calender, don't you? :)

    Happy May!

  24. He looks like a serious guy!:)

  25. Hello Carolyn...Oh, I just love your handsome bear, Francois! His fur is a lovely shade. A lot of work to make and the appropriate for such a gent!

    Love the picture you have of Will and Kate...I managed to stay up all night...went to bed at 6:30am and slept 'til noon. I loved every minute of it!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Thank-you for stopping by earlier...
    Hugs, Nancy

  26. Dear Carolyn,

    Francois is so cute!! Love him!! And I´m sure you have been the best nurse he could have, giving him lots of hugs and kisses!!

    And the duck picture is adorable!!! :)

    Have a wonderful week!!


  27. Oh, sooo sweet teddy bear!!! Now it is so charming again:) You are so skillful woman!:)
    The image of your calender is really lovely♥

    Thank you for your kind words for me!
    I wish that May will giwe you It`s beautiful treasures!!
    Hugs, Marge

  28. Really you made a great work, i like Francois dressed like this a lot!!!^^

  29. Have a nice week you and Francois, your adorable bear. Nice blog,:)
    Thanks for your comment

  30. Francois is so handsome and is obvioiusly well-loved. Hope you are having a great day! I can't believe it's May. Best wishes, Tammy

  31. Hi Carolyn! Francois is a great bear! love his little outfit...The picture of the duckling is adorable, it screems spring is here... now if it would just stop raining and get a bit warmer LOL!...Have a super week! hugs, Jennifer :o)

  32. I have been off-line for awhile but I am loving catching up on the goodness you share. i do love this image with the little duckling- it made me smile great big :-)

    I still have not had time to make the hotcross buns but they are on my LIST!

    Happy day to you Carolyn~


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