Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We all love a wedding when we can go out and buy a new outfit and get dressed up to the nines.
What better place to see all the wonderful outfits, the colours, the hats, than what we saw last week.
At the Royal wedding we got to see the best hats that the Milliners had produced from around the world.

No hat hair for Mr Beckham... do not think the top hat went anywhere near his perfectly groomed coiffure.
Princess's Beatrice and Eugenie sure were head turners. I had to do a double take when I saw them. The Philip Treacy hats are certainly unique and have many people talking.

Kate's Mother, Carole Middelton looked beautiful and elegant, in powder blue.

Google images, Getty

All I can say is that the Milliners from around the world, must have been busy stitching for many hours to create these fabulous hats. Wonder if we will see a comeback of hats around?
I hope so, as I love hats and have a few in my wardrobe. Do you like hats?

Have a great week everyone


  1. Oh, I love hats. I remember when I was a child my mom and aunt would never leave the house without their hat and gloves!!

    There were so many beautiful hats and dresses at the wedding but I have to say that Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, well, their hats were definitely different . . . .

    I hope you have a wonderful week!!!


  2. The wedding was beautiful...and so very classy. I loved all the hats. Catherine's family all looked so very beautiful. I am a hat girl and will use any occasion to wear one. I am always the only person wearing one, Americans just do not wear them. I grew up wearing a hat to Church on Sunday, and any other special occasion. I don't think I would ever tire of watching a fairy tale come true.:)

    Happy week you Carolyn.


  3. Love this post!
    All the hats make my heart go pitter pat and wish I could go somewhere wearing such glamorous attire!!!

    Liked seeing the pictures here.

    May have to try to create an oversized hat.
    How's 'bout you?

  4. I love hats but haven't found any that will fit my head - apparently it's awfully large!
    When I do finally get to England, a hat made to fit will be my souvenir of choice - there is nothing more appropriate!
    The hats from the wedding - oh my! Some were stunning and some stunned. I just wonder what makes people choose....

  5. I love hats...I so want one now...my favourite is that lovely pink one that matches her outfit so beautifully.


  6. Hi Carolyn,

    Great recap on the hats! I have to admit that I do wear a hat during winter because I get so cold. And in summer for walks in the sun, I wear a hat. I'd love to wear one with dressy clothes though - we just don't do that anymore. I do love seeing all the hats in England, some are so pretty and some are just, well, different!

    Have a great week,

  7. I have a secret love affair with hats --- love them. When I was pregnant I used to use them as a distraction from the rather large bump! I still love accessorising. It's so much fun!

  8. Some i love.............but some i hate.....hahahahhahah!! lovely day....love Ria....xxx...

  9. Hi Carolyn - I hate to say it but No I'm not a hat lover - lovely on some-one else but not on me - although I would wear a facinator.
    I enjoyed watching the Royal guests arrive in their beautiful collection of head-wear. xx

  10. Hats in general make me so happy! Most of my hats, however, are a little more practical - no veils or tiny pillboxes yet!


  11. Wishing you a lovely week, dear Carolyn!


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  12. See....this is what I mean....a faery tale was in the making here. How many milliners are this busy all the time? It seems as if this wedding brought out the old faery tales and had everyone stitching away, for a special ocassion..... a vision that the world has lost that has been replaced by wars, too much BUSY-NESS, and for that short while, we all looked on as in the pages of a book..how fun, how crazy, but how LOVELY...thank you dearest, Anita

  13. Carolyn, Oh YES-I love hats, but almost never have the occations wearing them--on this little island I would be stamped as very exentric-and snobbish woman,if wearing a hat :)
    I love seing them all at the wedding, there were sure many fantastic ones.
    Hugs Dorthe

  14. Ciao carissima amica!

    Si, piacciono molto anche a me i cappelli...però non mi stanno bene!

    Mhà...non me li vedo!

    Sarà che in Italia si utilizzano quasi solo alle cerimonie qui è un pò in disuso la sua fabbricazione!

    Un bacio grande e splendida settimana! Kisses a lot my dearest friend!

    Kisses... ;o) NI

  15. I'd love to see more people wear hats, though I personally wouldn't want to wear one all the time. Philip Treacy must have made a fortune at this wedding, considering most of the pieces were his. Eugenie and Beatrice are a mess unfortunately, but I think Mrs. Middleton looked fantastic.

  16. you did a splendid job of show us the fashion and the hats, was not crazy about the what the Princesses wore, or the Treacy hats but everyone else looked stunning!!

  17. It was so great to watch the wedding. And then all the hats, fabulous!
    Groetjes, Renny

  18. I love hats but I have never worn one of them as I have not had the ocassion for it
    I would like very much wear one of those lovely hats some day

  19. Dear Carolyn,
    I love hats!
    And on this wedding , there where so many beautiful and elegant hats!
    Big Hugs,

  20. Great collection.
    I think hats speak a lot about the person.

  21. i love hats! specially those tiny original ones!
    so many pretty people and clothes on that wedding!
    great post!
    take care,

  22. I adore hats, they do uplift any outfit. Charming and elegant. Although I do not wear them.
    Have a wonderful midweek, sweet Carolyn xxxx

  23. Hi Carolyn...
    What a fun post...yes, wasn't it interesting to see all of the stylish hats at the wedding?! Some were amusing, but most certainly made a statement.
    I love hats and used to wear them all the time when I was younger...I wish I had kept them. I now have a small collection of vintage hats.

    Have a lovely day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  24. Kate's mother was really looking pretty! Some of the hats are too extravagant for me, some are very pretty

  25. I agree with you. I love hats, when I used to live in uk I bought lots of them but in Italy it is not so easy to find the occasiona to use them.
    Princess Beatrice and Eugenie worn their hats to make people talk about them.

    I like your blog.
    Sonia from Italy

  26. Hats off to you
    Is Mother's Day this Sunday as well in New Zealand?
    Love you

  27. Hi Carolyn!!!

    Oh I loved seeing all of the cool hats and fascinators .....true art and so perfect for the Royal Wedding!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!!!

  28. It was fun to see all the hats, the good and the weird! We don't do fancy hats here where I live so I really enjoyed the hat parade at the wedding!

  29. I've see so many pictures of the Princesses hats, especially Princess Beatrice's...and yet there were so many elegant and beautiful hats that I apparently missed out on. The mother of the bride certainly looked very elegant and tasteful, and not at all matronly.

  30. I think it´s fine with hats, but do not use myself. Fun and see your pictures, saw only 30 minutes of the wedding.
    Happy weekend to you

  31. I adore hats too and wish we wore them more often in the US. It WAS such fun seeing all the hat photos...the tiny wisps of nothing were most intriguing. Every visit to London, I bought another hat! In our area there is only one small hat store. :(

    Now Carolyn...I will never forget your birthdate again!
    Have a lovely week, my good friend!

  32. I too loved all the hats. I admired the guts of Princess Beatrice very much although I don;t think I can ever wear such. My hats off to her. :)

  33. Thank you for sharing all the fabulous photos of the elegant ladies adorned in their beautiful chapeaux , Carolyn!!
    I too adore hats and worked for a milliner in LA for a few years. I learned SO much! I wear hats often and like doing so~~

    Thank you again.
    Fabulous to see a woman all put together!


  34. Hi Carolyn, I love hats. Plain ones as well as fancy ones. The problem is that I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl and don't like to dress up elegantly. It's not so easy to find hats that go well with such casual outfits. It's always fun though to see amazing hat creations at occasions like this wedding or the horse race in Ascot. Maybe I'll become a milliner in my next life ... :-).

  35. great hats in these photos! I love hats, but because I have quite a big head, it is very difficult for me to find hats that fit me, other than woolly winter hats...


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