Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal wedding excitement

Congratulations to the newlyweds ~ William and Kate, on your special day and may you have life long happiness.
She looked so beautiful in her lace gown, designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen and loved the sweet bouquet with lily of the valley and myrtle.

Some of the photographs we took around Buckingham Palace, back in January ~ people were gathering to watch the Changing of the Guards which was about to take place.

I have heard that people had started camping out on Wednesday, in order to get a good vantage point, to catch a glimpse of the Royal couple on Friday.

It is now only a day away, until William and Kate's nuptials take place.
All eyes will be watching the wedding to see what Kate will be wearing, the flowers in the bouquet, the fashion of the guests attire and the hats.

May they have a long and happy life together.

Will you be watching?

Happy day


  1. I will definitely be watching but you're nine hours ahead so I'm not sure yet when I will tune in.
    I hope they have a lovely day and that the people are good to them - he deserves at least that much after all that happened in his childhood.
    And it's nice to have happy news!

  2. The excitement must be at an all time high! How fun it would be to experience the event front and center. I'll be watching from a distance before heading off to my classroom.


  3. We saw on the news tonight people in their tents getting their spot! A wedding is an exciting time and combine that with royalty!!

    It starts here at 1 a.m. I won't be getting up that early, LOL, I may DVR it.

    Enjoy your weekend!!


  4. .I'll be up at the crack of dawn to watch...I can't wait to see what she wears!

    I hope you are having a lovely week!!

  5. How neat that you have actually been there to help you put all the places in perspective! I haven't decided if I will watch live or record the festivities. The actual wedding ceremony is at 3 or 4 in the morning here. I may not make it!

  6. Great photos Carolyn.
    I feel good about this wedding, don't you?

    Hope you had a happy Easter!!

  7. Dearest Carolyn,

    Indeed for the royal couple THE most important thing is to be HAPPY! Hope William's fate will be a better one than his Mom! By the way, this is my husband's birthday too so we will have a very special day.
    Lots of love,


  8. I hadn't planned on watching, but I guess I may have to. Wouldn't want to miss out!


    P.S. Please do think about doing my photo challenge. It will be fun.

  9. I´ll watch a bit of the wedding, always fun to see the dress and guests. Today i´m off from work, really nice.
    Hawe a nice day

  10. Camping since Wednesday? Wow! Now they're serious. I will definitely be taking a peek- especially at the lovely Kate!

  11. Bien sur! I am planning on watching all 5 hours of commentry on the BBC and Guy will be joining me at midday to watch Kate arrive and the actua ceremony. We will toast the couple with champagne and afterwards will be having some fabulous but French food. Tried to convince Guy that English food was necessary but he did not agree and said that I was a kiwi and he French....typical French logic :-)

    Leeann x

  12. I don't know......maybe......happy friday wedding day darling....enjoy it !! love

  13. I am embarrassingly excited about the royal wedding (my family thinks I'm nuts). I probably won't be watching, however, but I'll definitely be checking for pictures after it's over!

  14. Hi Carolyn - I'll be watching - can't wait. Such a delightful couple.

  15. Ooooo! How exciting to be there. By the looks of it, people are wearing coats and sweaters! So I wonder how dear Kate will be dressed! I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Happy day dearest, Anita

  16. Hi Anita,

    These photos were taken around Buckingham Palace when we were ther in January so hopefully the weather will be beautiful for the wedding.


  17. Ciao tesoro!

    Si si...anche qui in Italia questo evento farà STORIA!!!

    8000 giornalisti...5000 poliziotti, tutta l'Inghilterra è in allarme...

    Passata una Buona Pasqua?

    Un bacio grande!!!

    Ti abbraccio...KISSES a lot and HUGS my dearest! ;o) NI

  18. I will be watching.

    One shoe can change a life
    I have my Tiara on already.

    Thanks for all you share
    Love you

  19. Dear Carlyn,
    I´m so sad, because I have a appointment tomorrow, when the wedding is.

  20. Just one more night... enjoy Carolyn! I will not be watching everything, just bits.
    Much love to you xxxxx

  21. I really hope I get up at 5 to watch it. If not, It will be in re-runs and we all know the outcome.

  22. Carolyn, A Royal Hello to you!
    I think the fashions will be neat to see especially the gorgeous wedding dress I'm sure she will wear.

    I definitely will will be looking at pictures of the big event. Maybe buy a book.

    God bless and hope you're doing well.
    Still down with a heavy cough.
    d in kansas

  23. Dear Carolyn
    Oooh I can't wait!!
    No one does a Royal wedding like the British - I love all the tradition of pomp and ceremony.

    I've been watching snippets all week - there are some great on-line sites such as the Telegraph where they have printed the time schedule for today!!!

    We've been invited to a "Right Royal Wedding Dinner" which will be a lot of fun (for the girls)!!!

    Enjoy your evening Carolyn
    Shane x

  24. Yes, yes. It is exciting to see the wedding ceremony of Kate and William, royal dresses and hats and....all.
    Have an nice week end!

  25. It's hard not to get caught up in the hype! But alas, I cannot afford to wake up at 3am to watch it. I remember waking up super duper early to watch the Charles and Diana wedding as a child, though. Eh, I'm getting too old. :)

  26. Dear Carolyn
    I would like very much watch the wedding but tomorrow I have to go to my job,my pupils will be waiting for me...anyway I think we will try to watch something in our break and of course when I returned home
    Weddings are always lovely events!

  27. I'm so extremely excited to see it! They seem like such a lovely couple. Really in love. I wish them all the happiness in the world :)

  28. I will be watching for sure! So exciting!!!
    xx, shell

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    Alice Dias!!!

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  31. Yeeees, I will be watching. I just love royal weddings. Can't wait to see her dress!!! Have a lovely day, my friend!


  32. Fun pics, darling!

    Wish I were in London right now!


  33. She looked absolutely gorgeous, didn't she? I had chills and cried tears of joy! What a wonderful celebration of love. And I love all of the pagentry. Simply breathtaking!

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  34. Gotta love that gorgeous building! :) Hope you're enjoying the royal wedding! <3

  35. I woke up at 4AM here just to watch it! :)

  36. Hubby had the tv on at 1 pm today and every single channel was the wedding so couldn't help but watch it. I find it so distasteful that everyone wants to judge the whole affair, her dress, the kiss. I mean, come on ... they are royalty and have to share with the world, but why in do people think they have the right to say anything negative. Obviously they chose what was right for them. I thought it was simple and elegant and as intimate as they could make it under the circumstances. Naysayers be gone! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Tammy

  37. i watched. i don't know why, but i went all emotional. wish dianna was still here :( they are a beautiful couple and i wish them just happiness.
    have a wonderful weekend

  38. it's all so romantic and pretty! it makes you wish to marry again, doesn't it?!
    happy weekend,

  39. I did not watch, but I did see pictures of her dress...its very elegant and she looked radiantly, serenely happy :)

  40. It was simply elegant, simply magical and simply perfection! I loved it x

  41. Have a wonderful weekend, sweet Carolyn. Princess Kate was beautiful, wasn't she!!
    Much love xxxxxx

  42. Have a lovely weekend, dear Carolyn!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  43. Dearest Carolyn

    I had THOUGHT before hand that I would not be able to see this event, but to my great surprise, as I got to my computer yesterday early morning, THERE IS WAS...LIVE, on MSN.COM and I watched. It was moving and many people can complain and criticize the royals, but these are HUMAN BEINGS and though there is much pomp and circumstance, there is something to be said about the few remaining institutions that can and DO create such magic. I was so touched by the Archbishop of Canterbury and his jovial and articulate way of SPEAKING TO THE COUPLE, not at them....he was my favorite, next to the couple, of course! I got the idea in my head through weepy eyes that for a moment in time, a large portion of the world BELIEVED in faery tales...but then I realized that we can bring wonder to anyone around us. Have a perfect day my friend. Anita

  44. I didn't watch, but did see repeats off and on all day.
    Royal weddings are such fun to see; I wish them happiness! Her dress was perfect.

  45. the images of the week! Happy weekend, Carolyn!

  46. I loved the Wedding Carolyn!!! it was beautiful...a true Modern Fairy tale!!!! I love the way they are....and I know they will bring a new freshness to the Monarchy!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  47. Dearest Carolyn, thank you so much for you sweet Easter-greetings!
    Yes, the wedding of William and Kate was fairytale-like. But I just caught a little glimpse of it, because my nephew married at the same day :o) May daughter made the wedding-cake - You know she makes an education as a confectioner, and the cake was beautiful and delicious! I think I will post photos of it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow...
    Warm hugs to you, Traude

  48. Hi Carolyn!...

    I did watch the Royal wedding. I set my alarm for 4 a.m. and I loved every minute of it. So elegant and beautiful....just gorgeous! I loved her dress and her sister's dress and all the flowers. AND the trees brought into Westminster Abbey for the ceremony looked fantastic!! Thought the Queen looked pretty as well in her daffodil yellow dress. I especially loved watching them ride across London in the open carriage afterward.

    It just what the world needs right now. Wish I could have been there!

    Have a wonderful day!!!
    Warm hugs ~ Jenn xo


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