Friday, January 7, 2011

Think Pink!

Today when I was wondering about what I would post, I could see my lovely pink hydrangeas looking pretty outside the window, so I went and took some photos. I think it is a nice way to start the year, with some pink!

If you could invest in something the colour pink ....

would you buy a cute pink house?

You would surely get noticed, driving around in this pretty pink Fiat 500.
or maybe a pink diamond ring

From me to you tumblr.

I would love this pretty French vintage chair.

I hope your day is full of fun and love and thank you for the comments and emails.
I treasure each and every one.



  1. I would take that pink chair in a heartbeat!!


  2. Oh my are soooo lucky to have flowers blooming outside!!! I would give anything to have just a few.

    I love all your pink...hugs and love ....hard to believe it is Friday already!!!!

  3. hahahah...I'll take the little hobbit house please...

    Oh.what? ... .I have to buy my own?... darn it...

  4. Well of course if I had enough money to buy a pink diamond ring, I would buy a pink diamond ring!!!!!!!!

    Did you enjoy your New Year celebrations, Carolyn?? I do hope so!! I was so happy and enjoyed so much!!! I danced and danced here in our home with my family 'til 2:30 AM!!!!!! =D =D Got drunk, too!!!!!! ♥

    Did you get drunk, dear??? =D I have been smiling, eversince!!!! :) Looking forward to so much more bright and shining-ness in 2011!!!! =D =D


  5. Dear Carolyn, I like pink and it´s the favorite colour from my daughters!
    Have a great weekend

  6. Dear Carolyn, there are no hydrangeas growing here in the cold with me right now, but yours is beautiful! I think I would definitely go for that vintage's lovely!

    Hugs, Kristin

  7. Pink is a color that makes you happy, i like it. The ring is wonderful, and the chair also. And your pink flower is beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend


    Oh PINK ANYTHING makes me sing!!You are so KIND to come by to wish me a happy weekend! And indeed it will be...our renovation at the house is coming along so well that we will be moving in to it in about 2 weeks. When I come home from work, it is too dark to play in it! But this week end, I can pull up a dusty chair and sit and dream. I hope all is well down your way dearest, and enjoy whatever you have planned for the weekend!

    Many hugs Anita

  9. Hi is my favorite i like your post today !!!!...hahahahah!! lovely weekend......lots of love....Ria...xxxx

  10. Pink is my favortite colour I love all you share...........
    I love you

  11. I love the pink chair, and the pink car,....and the pink house....

    And right now I would settle for the beautiful pink flowers outside my window. We are in the midst of Winter and snow. So thank you for sharing the lovely photos.

  12. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love the ring so!


  13. Pink flowers! Oh thank you so much, dearest Carolyn, for your summer-hydrangea-image (and all the other sweet pinks :o)) They warm up my heart! I also want to thank you for your kind wishes! I wish you and your loved ones the very very best for the New Year!
    Many hugs and till soon Traude

  14. Such gorgeous hydrangeas! And that pink chair would look perfect in my house :)

  15. Ohhh, that pink french chair, I'd LOVE that!!!! I'd make room somehow in my guestroom for it!!!

    I hope you are having a PINK day!


  16. Carolyn, your beautiful pink post made me feel very greedy. May I, please, have everything!? I love pink! Did you know that there over 16 shades of pink known to men? Well, I hope 2011 had a wonderful start for you. :-) I am looking forward to another year of friendship with you and another year of visiting your beautiful Blog!

  17. Wow, lovely pink stuff :) :) :)

  18. oh my favorite colour!!! what a fun post Carolyn!!!! these pink things just made my day!!!! wonderful collection and everything looks so special......

    I love the flowers....I can't wait to garden this spring and summer!!!!


  19. Oh my, Carolyn... so much pink goodness! I love the pink cottage and that little car is too sweet!
    Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for your support over at The Growers Daughter!
    Jo :)

  20. Pink is not usually my favorite color, I think it's too girlish. But sometimes it can be pretty cute too, like the images you have in this post. Lovely! Happy belated new year, Carolyn. Sending you my best wishes.

    And just asking, what part of Australia do you live in? I read the newspaper the other day and found out that there's bad flood in Queensland. I just hope it's not somewhere near your neighbourhood :p

  21. Carolyn-- your hydrangea, are so pretty,- I love pink,too-
    as for choosing between the pinks here, I would not hessitate-Please give the little wonderfull house to me :)) how lovely to sit in ones own pink house!
    Wishing you a beautifull week-end dear.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  22. OOH! I would SO love that little pink house! Lucky people who live there. I am jealous.

    Happy New Year, Carolyn! I see you are having a wonderful summer in the sand and surf. Enjoy!


  23. Pink!!! How could we not love pink, as I sit and write to you I am looking at a gorgeous pink wall - yes my bedroom is pink! LVE LOVE LOVE - i think that little pink car better be hidden from my daughter or she would snatch it.
    xx Have a wonderful week Carolyn

  24. Pink is such a nice color! I luv it.
    Nice post.
    I'm thinkin' PiNk.

    Don't we really need one of each? A car, a little house, some jewelry, chair, etc.

    Like it all!!!
    Hugs to you in NZ.

  25. my favorite color is pink and my favorite flower are hydrangea- what i would give for those to be blooming right now- a bit of pretty in these dreary days of january!
    have a beautiful weekend dear carolyn

    ps. i think that tiny pink cottage is so wonderful!

  26. I'd say yes to that diamond ring! But my heart goes out for the pink chair! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  27. Hi Carolyn, Even though neutral colors talked to me lately a lot, I still love soft pinks. I always tell hubby that I would like to have a pink car with a cream colored lace patterns :-). A pink house would be great too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs to you,

  28. Pink, i never get bored with it.I could live in a pink house , not sure hubby could either......


  29. Bonjour Carolyn,
    I love every pink treasure. The little pink house is darling, and everything would go perfectly inside - including me.
    I hope your year is off to marvelous start. Enjoy the beautiful hydrangeas.
    Bon weekend,

  30. Hi Carolyn, your hydrangeas are beautiful! I love them in any color. Thanks for stopping by today. I am feeling much better as long as I don't stand too long. That woozy feeling starts to hit me if I try to do too much. Must shower now and take my youngest to baseball practice. Have been doing a bit of catch up at home, as much as I can. It should be winter here in Kuwait but we have yet to get much lower than the 50's at nite. In fact, right now I have the balcony door open. It's a slighly hazy day with clouds rolling by, sun coming in and out. I wonder if we will have a winter at all. It's actually sometimes colder inside these concrete buildings than it is outside. Hope you are having a great day. Best wishes and many blessings, Tammy

  31. carolyn, i will take one of everything! that cottage makes me jump with joy and that fiat - ooooooohh! did i mention the diamond ring...and the.... :)

  32. i really love your blog so much! its inspiring :)

    do visit mine if you dont mind :)

    hugs from Malaysia.xoxo

  33. cool post! I would take the pink car :-) Happy weekend!

  34. The flowers, house and pink chair are beautiful.
    The car and ring so much for me.
    Thanks for your wishes, you are lovely...

  35. Hi Carolyn...Oh I love this post! Your hydranges are just gorgeous...You always find the most interesting pictures. That chair is so lovely...but then again, that diamond is pretty darn tempting. I think the cottage though is the winner. I like quaint and cozy.
    Your summer pictures are really lovely, Carolyn. I especially love the one with the pretty blue flowers. You have centered it beautifully with the ocean and the beach.
    I do hope you enter the contest and win!!

    Thank-you for visiting...
    Hugs, Nancy

  36. Oohhh...Carolyn,
    I will live in the cute pink house,
    and will sit in that beautiful
    french pink chair,drive the
    adorable pink Fiat...
    There is something about pink
    I simply cannot resist,
    Wish you a very sweet 2011*
    and may your secret pink dreams come true!

  37. I would take the house. It is so cute. I love all your pinks. I love always hearing from you. You always bless me. It is like a dear friend has come to visit. Thank you for your faithfulness to me. Blessings, Martha

  38. I think pink all the time dear Carolyn...what a cute post...and that little pink house is beyond adorable...I just wanna move in. Thanks for this lovely post!

    Have a great weekend my dear friend, cheers: Evi

  39. Oh yes to that pink chair, Carolyn! (And perhaps the ring?)

    Hope you're having a lovely pink weekend!

  40. so much pink is a delight to look at from a wintry Edinburgh!

  41. Hi Carolyn,

    That pink house looks very sweet! Love the pink chair as well! I am not so sure about the car though :-)!

    Happy sunday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  42. Oh, I love pink, although I don't have any in my house. lol and tumbler for lovely images~
    Miss seeing your posts, hope your Feb. is going well! xo Theresa


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