Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Summer holidays

Palm beach ~ you can still see the red flowers of the Pohutakawa tree in the foreground.

Summer in New Zealand is here and that means swimming at the beach, the sound of happy children, the deafening noise from the cicadas, sizzling barbecues, salads and long lazy days.
Chores are put off until another day.

Onetangi beach, which I think is one of my favourite beaches on the Island and where we mostly come to swim.

"Then followed that beautiful season ...Summer. Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I took my camera when we went to the beach, as there is a Summer photo competition, that I would like to enter.
Waiheke Island is a popular tourist destination for holiday makers to come to at this time of the year.
I hope that the first week of the year, is going well for you and you are having fun, if it be in the sun or snow.

Enjoy this season with its many happy reasons to celebrate!


  1. Oh! How sunny photos. We have here quite a lot snow and the temperature - 17 celsius. A little bit too cold for cross country skiing. Have a nice holiday!

  2. I like your blog. I also have one.

    follow me.

  3. How lovely, darling!

    Beautiful pics and quote!


  4. Ah, sun, sand, surf . . . I can close my eyes and I am there!!!

    I hope you're having a wonderful week, Carolyn!


  5. How lovely to see such warm summer photos as we are in the depths of winter! It's a nice reminder that these cold and snowy days will end.

  6. Great beach photos!
    We are in for another snow storm later in the week. I'll trade you :)


  7. It looks so beautiful! I love the sunshine and the beach! We've had warmer temps and I sat outside to get some sun yesterday...felt great! Enjoy your week! ♥

  8. Oh please send some of that sweet warmth our way....I would soooo love to be that person on that beach right now.

    Hugs for an amazing week my sweet friend...good luck in the photo contest...your shots are amazing. xoxox

  9. I love your photos today Carolyn,
    Wow they certainly bring back some happy summer memories.
    It is is wonderful time of the year ---no worries and just fun. xx

  10. Oh, it's snow for us alright. Although, it is still pretty balmy for January..we are in the middle of a lovely Chinook. But... by Friday...temps will drop again to about -12C and ... you guessed it...more snow!

    It's hard to get my head around the fact that on your side of the's summer....

  11. Hello Carolyn
    Across the globe we have winter now, so it feels really amazing to look at your photos. I have begun to dream of spring.
    Enjoy the sunny days

  12. Carolyn!!! I have to remember our location on earth here.....we are having below zero temperatures, but SOMEONE HAS TO BE HAVING ALL THE WARMTH and it is YOU! What a lovely summer you are having dearest! We shall wait patiently for our summer to arrive; but for the time being, snuggling with a warm eiderdown and hot tea will have to suffice! Many happy wishes for a wonderful new year dear Carolyn! Anita

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. So beautiful!!!! I love the beach...
    In Spain is winter and I don't like this season.
    Thanks for this photos...
    and Happy New Year.

  14. Hi Carolyn, thank you for visiting my blog and for your good wishes. And the same for you and your loved ones. I love your pictures and they look so familiar because we are in the heart of our summer now and I wish I could send some of our warmth to all the freezing people in the world.

    Lots of love
    Pat xx

  15. lovely!!!

    happy new year to you
    kiss Marina

  16. Oh how beautiful and lovely is all that you share.
    Love and hugs and glorious summer wishes.
    Love Jeanne

  17. oh thanks for sunny beachy shots! yes very snowy and cold here so your photos are so welcome! just beautiful! and a great quote!

  18. Oh, summer! I can't really complain since it's not THAT cold here but your photos are really exceptionally beautiful right about now :)
    Thanks for sharing -- and I hope you win the competition :)

  19. Dear Carolyn,
    Time on the beach during warm weather sure sounds uplifting! Great fun in the sun.

    Awesome for you! So pretty.

    Bitter cold over here in the states. Brrrrrrr.
    I look forward to our Spring.

    It's interesting to me to get to see how your weather is going. Sometimes I wish I could just pop in and see for myself. Grins.

    May you enjoy every second,

  20. oh so neat that you are frolicking in the sand and we are having some fun in the snow....pretty neat to be at opposite ends of the world!!!!

    I just received a package from you and I was so so thrilled and surprised Carolyn!!!! you are the sweetest person ever ....and it came in perfect time to make my Holidays brighter since they were so bad fro me over the last are amazing and I will cherish this amazing gift always!!!!

    I wish you all the best as you have a wonderful Summer Vacation....I am just happy to be better and up and about!!!

    Happy New Year and thank you again really made my day!!!!


  21. It's so strange to see you enjoying summer there in New Zealand, Carolyn. It's a very foggy and cold winter day here where I live in the U.S. Your pictures of the beach are beautiful! It gives me something to look forward to...
    Thanks for sharing your sunny summer days with us!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Jo :)

  22. LOVELY!! Make me want to buy a plane ticket to New Zealand! Enjoy your long summer days. xoxo Jenn

  23. Dear Carolyn,
    I wish you all the best for this new year! Glad we've met here in Blogland! I'll come back soon,
    hugs, Maureen x

  24. exciting that we can share with each other half-way around the world. it helps me remember how large we can live life, and what better time than 2011!

    big hugs!!!!

  25. This looks wonderful! It's so cold here, I think I need to come see you in NZ! XX!

  26. What a beautiful poem by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow! :)


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