Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank you

Blogging friends are the best ~
When I started to blog I never realized the change it would have on my life.
I have met so many lovely people and even though we have not met personally, that does not seem to matter ~ I am glad that I can call you my friends.
I won this beautiful giveaway, from Monica at The White Bench. She is so talented and gave me a beautiful heart doll, made with pretty antique fabrics and ribbons, and her wonderful cards. Please go and visit her at and see all the creative and wonderful goodies she makes.
Many thanks Monica.

I also received a gift from Rosalind at
Look at her amazing handwriting and she gave me a big collection of the most gorgeous hand made paper and cards. I feel so privileged to know such talented and generous friends.
Thank you very much.

Just want to say thank you also, for your very kind messages you left for my friend Lisa.
She has had the operation, and this was the message we had from her boyfriend ~
That she had a really bad night after, but is much better now, but not exactly chirpy.
We are hoping that she will make a speedy recovery and get well again, and be back home.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week.


  1. Those are lovely goodies! I know what you mean about blogging and the friendships made! It's very special! We're very lucky here! :)

  2. What wonderful gifts, it's always so much fun to open things that come in the mail. I am glad to hear your friend is doing well after her surgery. Take care and have a great Wednesday!

  3. Oh they are both just gorgeous, lucky girl.

    Yes blogging is the best, really, there are just so many friendly, talented people in our blogworld.

  4. Thanks for your visit TattingChic and it is great to have special friendships all over the world.
    The gifts are beautiful and I feel very lucky.

    Many thanks Sares, great to have you come by.
    I hope that you are having a lovely week.


  5. Happy to hear your friend is on the mend Carolyn, what a worrying time for everyone it must have been. What lovely treats the Postie has brought you, all so deserved for someone who gives so much.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Oh my! What absolutely beautiful gifts. And the handwriting. So nice to see that for some it is not a dying art. Glad to hear that Lisa is on her way to healing. Wishing you all the best :) Tammy

  7. Carolyn what lovely gifts you received, but then again, I think you completely deserve them :) You have such a generous heart and everyone sees it :) Besos, Rose

    ps..I am so sorry to hear your friend was ill, I think I missed a post...gonna go back and catch up :) Besos, Rose

  8. Good to hear that Lisa is doing better. I wish her all the best for a speedy recovery!
    Congratulations on those very lovely gifts you have won! The handwriting is really gorgeous. It probably takes a lot of practice to write so beautifully. Enjoy all the wonderful gifts, dear Carolyn!

  9. Very pretty gifts! I hope your friend continues to improve. Have a good day, sweet lady! ♥

  10. Wonderful gift, Carolyn. Blogging friends are the best? Is that Miss TattingChic up there?!! I have to go say hello! I haven't seen her in a while! :)

  11. Carolyn, when I vist your blog I feel as if I have visited the home of a very sweet friend.

    Pat xx

  12. Blessings and much love

  13. So glad to hear your friend is doing better. I do hope she'll be smiling again soon.

    Fantastic goodies! Oh my goodness, those are beautiful. Gorgeous penmanship, too! You most certainly deserve them all.

  14. Many thanks for your visit Dustjacket and yes,blogging friends are so friendly and talented.

    Thanks so much Millie, always great to hear from you. The postie did bring some lovely gifts and I am a lucky Girl.

    Hi Tammy,

    It has been a worrying time for Lisa and we want to wish her well again.
    The gifts are so beautiful and I am very lucky to have friends like these.

    Thanks so much Rose, kind of you to visit and to leave such lovely words.

    Many thanks Julia, for your good wishes for Lisa.
    Rosalind's handwriting is wonderful and great to see this Art is still

    Thanks Diane, I appreciate that.

    Many thanks Jessica, for your visit- I hope all is well with you. Yes, good to see Miss TattingChic around in Blog land.

    Thank you Pat, I love your visits and it is always great to go and see you too.

    Many thanks Jeanne and love & blessings to you.

    Thanks Bella, I always smile when I have a note from you.
    I hope to see Lisa smiling again soon.
    Isn't the penmanship lovely and such a great Art.
    Have a great week


  15. Thanks for the update on your friend Lisa-I will keep praying for her:). Your gifts are lovely!



  16. It's so good to hear that your friend Lisa is doing better. I will continue to pray for her speedy recovery.

    Oh, my, Carolyn, what absolutely beautiful gifts you received and you are so deserving of them!!!


  17. Thanks so much Kim, for your kindness.

    Many thanks Marsha, lovely to have friends like you.


  18. I feel the same way about blogland. It is such a charming world to be in. congratulations on your wins, they are lovely.
    Blessings always!

  19. First of all, congratulations on give aways received.

    Now, I feel the same way about my friends I have met on the internet. :) I am truly very very very thankful for all of you in my life. :)

    Our hearts can go where our bodies can't. :) We can make true friendships over the distances. :)

  20. Carolyn your gifts are beautiful. It makes it a lot more fun to go to the post, doesn't it? This really haaas been a wonderful experience for me too.
    I do hope your dear friend is healing and that things will be better soon.

  21. Fabulous gifts you got... congratulations! I'm very glad I stumbled across your blog... reading your posts is truly a delight!

    P.S. I just caught up with your other posts. I really hope your friend Lisa will be ok and her procedure goes well.

  22. Hi Carolyn,
    So glad Lisa came through the surgery well. Prayers for her continue.

    What wonderful treasures you won. Such talented ladies!!
    Yes, the friends we make in blogland are very special indeed. It is like we have all know each other all our lives. One big on line neighborhood of girlfriends.

    Have a great day and thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments.
    Big Texas Hugs,
    Celestina Marie

  23. Hi Carolyn!!! so this can change our lives....meeting so many wonderful people that can be on opposite sides of the world...and having friends that we can share our lives with in different is a blessing!!!

    I wish you a wonderful day and a very speedy recovery for your friend Lisa....


  24. Hi all of your beautiful gifts. The writing on the card is really lovely.
    So glad to hear that your friend Lisa is feeling a little better. You are young to have this.

    Carolyn...your bears in the previous post are really lovely. Anyone who would purchase one would have a precious "friend" for life. Too bad it was so does make it uncomfortable.
    You look like you are enjoying the day.

    Talk to you soon,
    Hugs, Nancy

  25. Nice gifts, Carolyn! Aren't we like children when we open things like this that come in the mail?
    And the handwriting is lovely. So many talented people out there!

  26. What lovely gifts. Blogging and friendships are such a special gift.

  27. Many thanks Gwendolyn and blessings to you.

    That is right Charity, wonderful to have friends all around the world.

    Many thanks June, for your visit and kind words, always great to hear from you.

    thanks so much Haute-World and I am so glad that I found your blog ~ you always have such wonderful and interesting fashion reviews to share.

    thank you Couture Carrie.

    Always great to hear from you Celestina Marie and it does seem like we have known our blog friends for years and have girlfriends all around the world. Thanks for your friendship.

    Hi Diana,

    It is a blessing to be able to blog and share this love and friendship with others, and know how lucky I am having sweet friends, like you.

    thanks so much Nancy for your visit and kind words.
    Must come over and visit and see how your new studio makeover is going. I hope that it is all going well for you.

    Hi Barbara,

    I know that feeling, you are like a little child when you get something in the post - I know I get really excited. There are so many talented people out there.

    thanks so much Karen and lovely to have blogging friends and they are a gift.


  28. So lovely...these are treasures. Sending you many blessing for a wonderful weekend sweet freind. xoxo

  29. thank you Koralee and I am hoping that your weekend is going well.

    Many thanks Audrey.


  30. What a wonderful gift Carolyn!! You are lucky!

    Hope you are well&
    Sending you happy wishes !
    Your friend,

  31. Thank you so much Constance.
    I am very lucky to have so many lovely friends here.


  32. Many thanks for posting this, Carolyn! I'm soo glad our paths crossed in Blogland! You're such a special person!

  33. Thank you Monica, lovely to know you too and appreciate your kindness and friendship. I love my present and I will show you one day where I have it, posted on my Inspiration board, to admire.


  34. Hi Carolyn,

    So glad your friend is doing better. Thanks for stopping by TEAWINGS... yes it seems I must also keep it :)Two blogs -- who knew...

    thanks too for your kind words. Loved visiting White Bench too. Got your e-mail. Can not wait for my card. I will let you know when it arrives.

    Your summer images (in words and photos are inspiring -- especially as we are expecting snow again today). Turns out my studio is not as cold as I supposed, and I have been busy making beautiful papers. Hope your show/sale also went well.

    Will continue to remember your friend Lisa in my thoughts and prayers....
    So very glad to know you <3 - you are truly a very sweet person!

  35. Hi Rosalind,

    So glad that you still have the Teawings blog and thanks for your visit today.
    Sorry you are still having snow there and really hope that Spring will be coming soon for you.
    Thanks also for your kind wishes for Lisa. Have a great week and enjoy making your beautiful handmade paper.



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