Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pretty pinks today

Today I just had to do a pink post.
DD had got up early to do some baking to take on a Picnic, she was having with some of her friends at Mission Bay park.
I have to say these cupcakes tasted even better, than they looked.

Fabulous flowers, by Martha Stewart

Pretty pink clematis, and such a lovely room ~ Jeanne d'Arc

Do you find sometimes, when you are wondering what you are going to post for the day ..... and
something will come about and you need to share.

Kind words are short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.
~ Mother Teresa.

I will bid you adieu and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.



  1. Oh, yum, PINK cupcakes! They look SO good!!!!

    In our other house we had purple clematis, so beautiful.


  2. Lovely pinks! Just in time for Pink Saturday! Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Those cupcakes must be delicious especially if the taste better than how they look- they're gorgeous!

  4. Dear Carolyn!
    Oh my! I can just taste your pink cupcakes all the way over here in the states. Grins and yum.

    You're sweet to share them,

  5. Hi Carolyn, Your post is the first I'm reading this morning and it makes me smile. Your daughter's cupcakes look so pretty! It's even better that they taste so wonderful. She must have gotten your talent! Martha Stewart's bouquet of flowers is just after my taste. She had chosen some of my favorite flowers and I love that soft and romantic look. Thank you for starting my day with those pretty pinks :-)!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Carolyn: Love the flowers and want to tell you that your are always full of kind words. You are a blessing in my life. Thank you, Martha

  7. Those cupcakes look exceedingly yummy! Martha's flowers are beautiful, but then they ALWAYS are!
    Happy Pink Carolyn and I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

  8. I love that quote, how true! those cupcakes look yummy :))
    have a fabulous weekend, darling Carolyn.

  9. Carolyn - Love the cupcakes...and I understand what you mean about needing to share....and the quote is acutally one of my favorites! I hope you are well...have a wonderful weekend! Denise :)

  10. What a beautiful pink post...and those cupcakes look so delicious.


  11. Yes girl, when I sit and write a post, it feels like all of you are sitting here sipping on tea with just flows.
    I love those flowers from Martha Stewart. I wish I knew the name of those roses? that look like fluffy balls...they are my favorite!!!
    And those cupcakes??? Well, I think I just gained about 1000 calories looking at them~
    everything vintage

  12. I could use a pink day as well ~ the cupcakes look yummy and the flowers are beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend~

  13. Carolyn,

    Those cupcakes look yummy! I have been in the mood for pink lately myself. I actually did some vignettes around the house in pink a few days ago. The quote from Mother Teresa is wonderful and so true!



  14. Very pretty cupcakes! I have been writing down quotes and I love this one. Hope you are enjoying your wedding anniversary celebrations! Happy weekend! ♥

  15. I must make cupcakes or sugar cookies soon. Bought some lovely colored sugars at Dean & DeLuca for just that purpose. I couldn't even think what to post today so took a tour around our area to find some blooms. Believe me, sometimes you just gotta seek beauty -- there are no litter laws in Kuwait, one of my biggest pet peeves. But I have to look for the positive in every day. Blessings, Tammy

  16. Hi Marsha,

    Thank you for your visit.
    Purple clematis would be beautiful.

    Thank you Lisa and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Hi Jessica,

    They were gorgeous and pink is always such a pretty colour.

    I would love to share them Deanna and if you are ever over here, come for coffee and tea.

    thank you Julia, the pretty flowers of Martha's are my favourite flowers too.
    Have a happy weekend.

    Thank you Martha, you are always a blessing in my life.

    Many thanks Sares and you have a wonderful weekend.

    Thank you for your visit Dolores.

    Always great to have a visit from you Susan and the quote is so good and so true.

    Thank you Denise and wishing you a lovely weekend too.

    Many thanks Doreen and I love your sweet elephant Avatar.

    You are so funny Jodie, glad we don't gain weight by looking at food. I would be huge as I love looking at Cook books.

    Thank you Jo and I hope that you are having a great weekend.

    Kim, the quote is wonderful and she had so many other great words of advice and wisdom.

    Thank you Diane and I have enjoyed seeing your beach photos.
    I have written down quotes in a journal and lovely to look back on.

    Thanks for your visit Tammy and I look forward to coming over to see the blooms around your City.
    A treat to come and visit everyone and see what delightful things you have to share.


  17. Hello Carolyn,
    Thank You for sharing the Mother Teresa quote.

    Your cupcakes do look delicious!!!!


  18. Those pink cupcakes look so good!!
    I love all of the pink.
    You have a great weekend too!

  19. Ahh, there's nothing more charming and girly than something pink! Those cupcakes look delicious! I lovely reminder that I should do some baking again ;-) Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far :)

  20. Pink is such a lovely color- do we like it because it is so feminine?

    Wish I could share the pink cupcakes! Especially if they tasted even better than they looked- and I think they looked delicious.

    Mother Teresa's quote is so true. We must remember them as we go about our daily lives. It's so simple to bring pleasure to someone- just like you do with this wonderful post!

    Have a lovely weekend, Carolyn.

  21. What fabulous pinks! I love the flowers, of course, and those yummy cupcakes...mmmmm... I'd definitely need one!!!
    Many many thanks for your sweet words today, I really appreciated!

  22. So pretty and precious Carolyn!
    Thank you for stopping by and your well wishes my friend.

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  23. Many thanks, Mary for your visit.
    The quote is lovely isn't it.

    Thank you Rosemary and you have a great weekend too.
    We are lucky because it is a long weekend here, tomorrow is Auckland Anniversary.

    Thank you Haute-World, I am having a lovely weekend and I hope that you are too.

    Thanks Barbara, always great to hear from you and for your kindness.

    Many thanks Monica, for your visit and sweet words.


  24. Sure wish we had "taste-o-vision out here in Blogland, don't you? your cupcakes look delish!

  25. The pink sweets look SO good!!

    I am so glad you popped by for a visit!


  26. Beautiful pinks Carolyn. I love these images. Oh I could really use one of those cupcakes about now. Yum!

  27. mmmmm, i need some of those gorgeous pink cupcakes!!!

  28. I just love those pretty pink cupcakes! ~Mandy

  29. Thank you Melissa, for coming to visit me today and your kind note.

    Hi Gayle,

    Wouldn't that be great!
    Many thanks for your visit.

    Thanks, Lulu for coming by to visit me.

    Hi June,

    Isn't it funny, that anything that tastes good in our house, does not last very long! Many thanks for your visit.

    thank you Stefani and Mandy for visiting me today.


  30. Oh, I love pink! I have plenty of clothes in my closet in all shades of pink! Love the fowers you pictured.

  31. Hello my dearest friend!!!

    I LOVE A PINK COLOR and a TOTAL WHIT in "shabby style"...

    WONDERFUL dear!!!;o)

    HUGS and KISS a lot! NI

  32. And I hope that you have been having a wonderful weekend as well, Carolyn, :)

    This is the first time, I think, that I have heard of the flower called "Clematis" ... :)

    And those cupcakes.... if only you knew how much I just LOVE cupcakes and sprinkles and pink frosting!!!!!


    (i love it a lot)


  33. Oh... I'm missing you so Carolyn... So glad to be back to this homy place. You change the header picture? That's a sweet change.

    Those pinky cupcakes makes me drooling btw. All things sweets and cakes are my guilty pleasure ;p They're simply irresistible.

    Wishing all the best, as always, darling!

  34. My those cupcakes look delicious! Love the pink flowers, pink is always a happy colour isn't it!!
    Happy belated Anniversay, I am just glad the computer is working!
    I have lots to catch up on!!!
    Margaret B

  35. Delicious post, darling!

    I just adooooore cupcakes!


  36. The cupcakes look incredible! Love the pinks. And, yes sometimes I do find myself topicless for a post and just suddenly something so wonderful comes to mind that I just have to share!


  37. the cupcakes look delicous! i hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  38. I love pink everything is so very pretty in pink
    Love you

  39. What a lovely post Carolyn! I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

    Pat xx

  40. Thank you Laura, for your visit, lovely to hear from you.

    Hi dearest Ni,

    Always great to have you come and say hi and pink and white in shabby style is my favourites too. I hope that your week is wonderful.

    Hi Charity,

    Our weekend is still going ~ today, Monday is Auckland Anniversary and it is a holiday here, which is great.

    Thank you Fe, for your visit and sweet words. Lovely to hear from you again.

    Hi Margaret,

    So glad that you have your computer up and running.
    Thanks for your visit and kind words.

    Many thanks Carrie.

    Hi Sophie,

    Lovely to have a visit from you and I look forward to coming over to visit your blog.

    Thank you Audrey and I hope that you are having a great weekend

    I agree with you Jeanne, pink is such a pretty colour.

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for your visit and I hope that you are enjoying your weekend


  41. I love the quote by Mother Theresa. Your cupcakes look so good, what is that I spy behind them? a lovely piece that says "paris" on it? that looks yummy too!

  42. Hi Gwendolyn,

    It is such a lovely quote that Mother Teresa left for us.
    The Paris holder, holds all my kitchen utensils, wooden spoons etc.

    Have a happy week

  43. hello Carolyn!!! just popped in to say hello!! and I think I may have missed this post!! I love these pretty pinks!!!


  44. Very pretty pinks! They looks just lovely! :)

  45. Thank you Diana and TattingChic, lovely to have you come and visit and I look forward to catching up with your blogs.



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