Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I will be out to lunch.

Historic Ferry Building ~ Downtown Auckland.

I love going out to lunch and the other day I met my husband and Son at a delightful Seafood Restaurant ~ The Harbourside, which is situated on the second floor of the ferry building in Downtown Auckland. On a beautiful day you can sit out on the deck under sun umbrellas but because the day was wet, we had to sit indoors.

Once a year, they have in season three delicacies that I enjoy, Crayfish, whitebait and scallops. The Crayfish season is in May/June, so normally we go there, for my birthday lunch treat.

Well, the other day the special was on for white bait and scallops that are in season now, so I was in luck.
I was treated to a starter of a whitebait fritter ( I am the only one in the family that eat them, so that is why I never cook them at home.) My main was delicious, succulent scallops and a salad.
The desert that I wished I could say I had passed on, was a divine rhubarb trifle with a hazelnut meringue on the side.

I think that because you can't get these three fresh all year round, makes them all the more special!
Is there any delicacy that you crave for and just have to devour?

Just when I took my overcoat in to be drycleaned we have had an exceptionally cold snap, with snow down the Country and I thought that winter was over. I do feel sorry for the new lambs, that have to contend with the cold conditions.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week.


  1. Oh yummy, that sounds delicious. I love all sorts of food, just really like eating out actually :)

    Very cold here today too, I feel sorry for the lambs too or if they have shawn the sheep early and it's still cold weather. :(

  2. What a wonderful lunch you had and excellent company!

    Ah, beats my TV dinner for lunch today, LOL!


  3. Hi DJ,

    Yes, I love all sorts of food too.
    You would think by October that the weather would be so much warmer.
    Unusual for this time of the year ~ maybe Global warming.

    Hi Marsha,

    I am just going to go and make myself a sandwich for lunch so your TV dinner will be better than what I am going to have.


  4. You're making me crave scallops St. Jacques. My mother used to make it in scallop shells. On my shopping list for this weekend. Thanks! Trish

  5. Oh my goodness that looks like an amazing place to have lunch...all I had for lunch was left over soup reheated in my kitchen :) I'm glad you got out for a special treat!!

    :) T

  6. Oh I love scallops. Living on the coast, we can have them often but summer is always the best time.

    It's so funny to hear you mention a late snow and realize that you have spring on the way. I'm just now gearing up for the cold weather ahead ~ ugh!

    Thanks for the suggestions. I had forgotten about flax seed and its benefits.


  7. Hi Trish,

    Love scallops anyway and enjoy them if you have them in the weekend

    Hi Tracey,

    That sounds what I often have, left overs heated up and it usually tastes so much better the next day.

    Hi Jo,

    Yes, flax seed is great and also fish oil ( omega 3). We have a friend that is a Doctor and he swears by these remedies.
    Stay well from the germs and bugs that the school kids may have.


  8. oh wow!!! now that is being out to lunch Carolyn!!!


  9. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for visiting and it is always lovely to have lunch out.


  10. Hi Carolyn...Oh, that lunch sounds so good! What a nice treat...they restaurant looks charming.

    I love scallops, lobster, crab...don't like oysters or mussels though..too slippery!

    I think I should go have supper now!!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Hugs, Nancy

  11. It's always nice to go out to eat and especially when the fare is only served when in season. I am so glad you got to indulge.
    Too bad about the coat being in the cleaners. I do hope the cold snap doesn't last too long.

  12. Hi Carolyn,
    I'm reading this at 10:30 PM and now I am craving something after hearing about all the yummy food you enjoyed here. I'm fresh out of seafood though. I guess chips and salsa will have to do.

  13. It sounds like your lunch was delicious, as well as the company! Your desert sounds especially yummy, I don't think I would have passed either.

    Happy Autumn Wishes,

  14. That looks like a fabulous place to lunch at, DAH-ling!

    I'd love to do lunch with you sometime! Ha ha, a girl can dream can't she?

  15. Hi Nancy,

    I am not a big fan of oysters and they are the only seafood my Husband likes. A funny old world isn't it.

    Hi Dolores,

    The weather has been so strange, we have had about 4 seasons in one day.

    Hi June,

    Sorry to make you feel hungry.
    That has happened to me sometimes when I see some yummy food on someones blog.

    Hi Sares,

    The desert was good and I will have to do some walking to make up for having it.

    Hi TattingChic,

    Would be great to have lunch with you some day and it is good to dream isn't it.


  16. Your lunch sounds wonderful. It's 11 pm here but after reading your post I now have a craving for some great sea food. The venue for you lunch looks amazing. Hope your weather warms up.


  17. Thank you Lilee.

    Thank you for visiting Jermaine.
    It is a lovely venue especially on a Summers day when you can sit outdoors and watch the ferries and boats come and go.


  18. Okay, now I am hungy.

    I love Manitoba pickeral.

    Love Renee xoxo

  19. What a special day! Love the photo! Have a beautiful day!

  20. Hello, dear Carolyn, it's so fine that you had such an enjoyable lunch! Oh, and it is so crazy to read about "Winter coming back" - in Austria it is the warmest autumn since ... I think since ever...!

    I am so happy that you appreciate the Award - hugs Traude

  21. Hi Renee,

    Sorry if I made you feel hungry.
    I have never heard of Manitoba pickeral.

    Thank you for visiting, Diane.

    Hi Traude,

    Many thanks for the Award you gave me and for visiting my blog.
    The weather patterns do seem a little crazy all around the world.



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