Thursday, October 15, 2009

Almost the weekend!

Tonight we are going along to watch our daughter's Rookie Fashion Show.
We are very proud that she has been at University for one year doing a diploma and three years doing her degree. She has worked very hard going in most weekends and working at home in the evenings. Victoria is thinking of doing a Post Graduate as that is often the only way to get into some of the Fashion houses in Paris and Italy, which she would ideally like to do.

Oh no... I have deleted my last post by mistake.
Many thanks for visiting and wishing Victoria well with her show ~ it went really well and I hope to share some photos with you, soon.

We are driving back down to Tauranga this afternoon again, to finish the sorting, tidying and cleaning of my Family home.
If I do not have time to visit your blogs before I go away, I will do it when I get back.
Just want to wish you a very happy weekend



  1. What a gorgeous prop that vintage mannequin would make. Take care this weekend.

  2. Very good for Victoria! Good for her! Good for her! :)

    Enjoy your "sooner-than-you-expected" weekend!!! :)

  3. Oh best of luck to your daughter, how exciting .. Fashion!

    Lovely weekend to you my darling,

  4. for me the weeks blow by so fast it seems I hardly get turned around and another has flown.... here it is Thursday again already tomorrow... well, actually today is now as it's just gone past midnight.....sigh....

  5. How fascinating for you daughter! It sounds very glamorous, not the school part though, that sounds like hard work! Have fun and your trip and be safe!

  6. I hope you have a lovely weekend Carolyn, and that this one is not quite as exhausting as last time. Would love to see some photos from your daughters fashion show. How exciting for her to present her work.

  7. Have a lovely weekend and good luck to your daughter!

  8. thank you so much Dolores for visiting.

    Thanks Deanna and blessings to you too.

    Hi Charity,

    It was a great night, we have just got back and I hope that the photos have turned out ok and I will post them on my blog, after the weekend.

    Thank you so much DJ and yes, the night was really exciting ~ hard to believe our little girl has got this far! You have a good weekend to darling.

    Hi Vee,

    the weeks do whizz by!
    I hope that you are getting your renovations and carpet all sorted.

    thanks for visiting Sares.
    I would never have thought that it would be so much hard work, doing what she had needed to do.

    Hi Amanda,

    She was lucky to show her work because they picked 22 out of about 50. I will show some photos, that is if they have turned out ok.
    The lighting was not the best for taking photos, but I hope that some turned out. Will post on my blog after the weekend.

    Many thanks Lynda and I hope that you have a great weekend too.


  9. That Vintage Style Mannequin sounds like the perfect prop! Good luck to your Victoria! It sounds like she has worked so hard. Here's wishing her the best of success with her endeavors.

  10. Me too, I'd love to see photos of your daughter's fashion show, which I know will be fabulous!! How exciting.

    Yes, time does have a way of flying by at times. But I agree, it just seems like it was the weekend and here there is another one around the corner!!

    Safe journey.


  11. Have another wonderful trip Carolyn. Be safe!
    Wouldn't that be awesome for Victoria to be designing in Paris or Italy??? Oh the vacation trips you would have then!!! I hope the best for her...that is great!!!
    I love that mannequin!!!
    everything vintage

  12. Hi Carolyn,
    Enjoy that fashion show! That sounds like a real treat to be able to attend and show your daughter your support. Good luck to her!
    Have a lovely trip and weekend.

  13. Thanks so much TattingChic.
    It was a fun show and the students had all done really well with the clothes they had designed and made.
    I will share some photos when I come back.

    Hi Marsha,

    Yes, I will share some photos, I hope they turned out okay.
    It was an exciting show and just like a real one with bright lights on the runway and music playing.

    Many thanks Jodie.
    That is what Victoria would love to do, so we will keep our fingers crossed that she might be able to find a good job somewhere.

    Hi June,

    It was a fun night out, even though we did queue up to get in and it was pouring with rain. It was great to see our little Girl had finally got to where she is.


  14. oh your daughter must be gorgeous!
    have a lovely weekend, hugs

  15. I hope your daughter's show is a success! Sorry I've been so scarce...I was away on vacation and I've been playing catch-up at's really interfering with my blogging life! Ha!!


  16. First off... love that image and the dangly jewelry! Good luck to your daughter! I'm sure she's immensely talented and fingers crossed she'll make it to one of her favorite fashion houses!

  17. Thanks Susan, so kind of you to visit.
    You have a lovely weekend too.

    Hi Karyn,

    The show went really well thanks and we all enjoyed it.
    I should be packing up to go away, but it is so lovely to catch uo with you all. I know what you are saying about going away and then playing catch up.

    Hi Haute Shopper,

    I loved playing around one day taking photos of things on the dressing table.
    We keep our fingers crossed for her too, as it is such a competitive and hard job to be in. We will have to see what is in store for her.


  18. Is this the daughter we have seen a picture of? I can't wait to see pictures of the fashion show. I know you must be proud! Have a good weekend!

  19. Hi Susan,

    Yes, Victoria is our only daughter and I may have shown a photo before.
    I will share the Fashion show pictures soon.


  20. Hi Carolyn~ Thank you so much for all of your kindness! I appreciate your sweet and caring comments! You are such a sweet blogging friend! ~Mandy

  21. Hi Mandy,

    You are a sweet blogging friend.
    I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your pussycat.

    Sending more hugs, your way

  22. I am so glad to hear the show went well. It is wonderful to see her following her dreams.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    x Suzi

  23. What a wonderful goal Victoria has to aspire to. I'm sure through her dedication & hard work, she'll achieve all her dreams.
    Millie ^_^

  24. Carolyn,
    How fun going to your daughter's fashion show. You must be the proud mom. :-) Can't wait to see the photos. Good luck with all your weekend responsibilities.
    Sharon :-)

  25. You must both be so proud of Victoria. What a talented girl. I'm sure she will do well with her determination and commitment. I hope the weather is nice this weekend for you all. Thinking of you Carolyn.

  26. Wising good luck to your daughter... hope her dreams come true!
    Great mannequins, love them all!
    Have a pleasant weekend, and thanks for your always sweet words to me!

  27. Oh, that`s WONDERFUL!!!:))
    Very good for Victoria!! She has made a lot of work!! It`s so exciting!!

    Take care, my friend!!

  28. oh my, that's a beautiful picture :) i really do hope she gets to do whatever she dreams of and is successful! and thank you for your always so lovely words :) <3

  29. Hi Carolyn, happy weekend to you and your family! xxx

  30. Hi Suzie,

    Many thanks for visiting and always great to hear from you.

    Hi Millie,

    Yes, she does put a lot of hard work into her studies and hardly ever has a day off.

    Thanks Sharon and we are proud of what she has achieved.
    Also had a good time down at my Family home, the lawns were mowed and everything clean and tidy.

    Hi Karen,

    The weekend was good and it is great to be back home and now doing all the things that need doing here.

    thanks Monica, always lovely to hear from you and your kind words.

    Marge, many thanks for your visit and I appreciate your friendship.

    Thanks Eliza, always lovely to visit you and I enjoy your beautiful words, you write.

    Happy weekend to you Michela and thanks for your visit.



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