Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Autumn/ Spring Days!

To all my dear blog friends in the Northern Hemisphere, you will be longing for Autumn days
where the days are clear and crisp and you will enjoy sitting beside the fire and watching the leaves change to golden brown, wrapping up warm with scarves and going outside with a healthy glow on your face, and then to bed at night time, under a warm cozy, duvet.

Everywhere around here, blossoms are budding, spring flowers are making a lovely show and it is one of my favourite times of the year.
Some of you have shared photos of what you have in under your cloches and I have loved seeing all the beautiful things you have under yours.
At the moment this is what I have in under my cloche, some soaps in the bathroom.

I am busy knitting a jersery for my daughter's Menswear Collection that needs to be finished, in three weeks time. I am lucky that the wool is thick and I am knitting on big needles which helps it to grow fast. I have one sleeve to finish, so I had better get back to it.

I hope that you are having a great weekend.



  1. Hi Carolyn,
    What a fun post. I think I'm in love with these little dishes. I am loving the soaps in the cloche. They will retain their scent longer this way too. What a great idea.
    Your pink post had me hyper-ventilating. It was so pretty. The images were some that I have never seen before, so they made me drool a bit.

  2. Hi Carolyn!!! how wonderful that we are at opposite ends of the world and we can visit eachother each and every day!!! I am happy to experience Spring with you and share our wonderful Fall here...


  3. I do like both spring and fall. Some of the trees here are starting to change colour and once again, I forgot the camera.
    I'm glad you get to see the newness of Nature beginning to bud.
    Take care.

  4. Hi June,

    Thank you so much for visiting.
    I have enjoyed seeing your wonderful garden and all your pretty flowers.

    Hi Diana,

    I love looking at all the Fall and Halloween decorations on everyone's blogs.
    It is fun to be at different ends of the world and enjoy each others Seasons and customs.

    Hi Dolores,

    The Autumn trees changing colour is one of the neatest things to see.
    I just love the oranges, reds and browns that look so wonderful.


  5. how lovely is that photo with the soaps! your bathroom must be gorgeous :)
    I didn't know your daughter is a designer! it would be great to see her designs, where will I be able to do that?
    have a lovely Sunday, dear Carolyn.

  6. Hi Susan,

    My daughter is in her final year at University and is just getting a Collection ready for about 3 weeks time. She is working all the time and has not had a day off for months.
    Will let you know when she has something to show.


  7. Hi Carolyn:

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my blog on Madison, IN.

    I really love this post -- being an autumn baby. It's nice to realize that my other favorite season, spring, is now happening for you. The pics are really lovely too. Love the idea of your soaps under glass. Just bought some more bars at a craft fair yesterday. Going to hunt around Indy for something similar to store them in for when I return home.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  8. Carolyn I love fall, it is my favourite season.

    Love the little statue, how adorable.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Love your bunny dishes! And the soaps in the cloche are so sweet! Happy Spring. Good luck on the jersey!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Fall is in the air here today . . . and I was wanting to go lounge in the pool :( but I know we still have some summer days left!

    Love the soaps inside the cloche. I'm on the looking for one although mine will have a doll in it :)

    Have a wonderful day, Carolyn!


  11. What charming pictures and I'm so stealing your cloche soap holder idea! Now I have something to shop for on my upcoming trip to Paris!

  12. Dear Carolyn! Again I envy you for spring my most favourite season ever :-) And I adore your soaps as well :-) Enjoy your spring time dear! I have to wait 6 months for my spring...Yay!

    Thanks for the love you show me every week with your sweet comments :-)

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday, cheers: Evi

  13. Hi Carolyn,

    I love your photo of the cloche in your bathroom - do you collect them? Such a great idea to display soaps in them!


  14. Hello Carolyn
    Although we are also in the Southern Hemisphere, we went straight from a cold winter to summer, no spring! The spring signs are here but the summer is back with a vengence. Enjoy your spring and thank you for the delightful posts.

    Pat xx

    PS. Waiting for the pink bear ...

  15. I love lots of big bars of soap! They smell good and make me feel good! Love your pretty dishes for Fall! Just beautiful! You got good photos of them, too.

  16. Hi Rosalind,

    I loved seeing your trip to Madison and loved the antique doll and clothing you bought.

    Hi Renee,

    As a rule, I do not like mice or rats, but just loved this little Brambley Hedge Mousey ornament to match my cup and saucer.

    thanks Lisa, the jersey is going well. Happy Fall.

    Hi Marsha,

    Hopefully the weather will still be good so you will still have a few more lounging by the pool days.
    I put other things in my cloche too, Christmas scene and birds nest and eggs. They are fun and I hope you manage to find one.

    Oh Toma, glad that you liked my soap idea and I so hope that you have a wonderful shopping trip in Paris. So wishing I could tag along.

    Hi Miss Eve,

    thank you so much for visiting and your kind words. Always lovely to visit you.

    Hi Kate,

    No that is the only one I have but I change it round with other little decorations from time to time.
    Like Christmas and Easter and with birds, nest and eggs.
    Whatever I feel like.

    Hi Pat,

    Oh you are having Summer there now and I suppose it is really hot, for you. Enjoy your Summer.
    Pink bear? I have to finish two jerseys before I start any bears.
    I wonder how your bear is going?

    Thank you Diane and I really appreciate your visit and your kind words.


  17. As much as I love the fall I would love to have spring again! Great display of your soaps, love it!

  18. I just love the little glass figurine and the china that matches!!!! Sweet cloche with all those pretty soaps, very clever!!!!
    Margaret B

  19. The plate and figure are gorgeous, what a cute little fellow.

    Hope that knitting is behaving,

  20. I still can't get it in my head that you are in a whole different "hemisphere" than me! Yes, we are gearing up for Autumn, MY favorite time of the year! Cooler temps and gorgeous color!!!
    You are going to have to keep us updated on beautiful floral colors when we are going through our dreary winter months...we'll be counting on you to brighten our days! ;)

    So how was your weekend at Martha's cottage? tee hee! If only right? ;)

    everything vintage

  21. Thank you so much for visiting Haven and home and I look forward to coming to visit your blog.

    Hi Margaret,

    It is made by Royal Doulton and I treated myself one day.
    Not that I like mice very much but I did think this little fellow was cute.

    Thanks for visiting DJ, he is a cute little chap, in his waistcoat and jacket.

    Hi Jodie,

    In my dreams, spending the weekend at the little cottage, would be the perfect little getaway place, wouldn't it!
    Yes, I will show our Springtime and look forward to your pretty fall colours.


  22. my mom collected a lot of those adorable Beatrix Potter figuerines when i was little. they are still so adorable, and on display in a cabinet at home.

  23. Love your presentation, Carolyn. It is darling. Unique ideas not thought of ... hmmmm.

    Can you blow your wind a little more north ... spring flowers, auk! I envy you, I am always sad when ours need to rest.

    TY for popping by ... I could have written for hours on memory lane. Saving a few thoughts for another day.

    Have a great week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  24. Happy Spring......sweet post......xojana

  25. thank you for visiting Mademoiselle Frou Frou.
    That is lovely that you have a collection of Beatrix Potter figurines, they are adorable.

    Hi Marydon,

    I loved your Memory Lane post and could relate to quite a few of these myself. Those were the days.
    Look forward to hearing more of your Memory Lane tales.

    thank you for visiting Jana, and always great to have a new blog friend.


  26. i love those little dishes!!! i'm glad that you are happy that spring is on its way, i however am happy that autumn is almost here!
    yeah, we are both happy!

  27. What a delightful collection! And the soaps look lovely under glass. Put that in my house, and I guarantee you some curious little hand is going to lift up the glass and.......ohhh noooooo.

    I love those soft pink walls of Martha's cottage. Gives me ideas for the new house. Hmmmmmm.

    And Carolyn! You and your daughter are gorgeous! What a fabulous photo. :)

  28. Love these pictures. Pure Autumn sweetness. Thank you for think of all of us Northern Hemisphere residents!

  29. Thank you, Carolyn, for your birthday wishes! :) I appreciate it! :)

    I just bought some good soap! After using body wash for years, I have returned to the use of good soap! From LUSH! It cleans better than body wash! But doesn't dry you out! :)

  30. To life is good,
    Many thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to coming to visit your's. Happy Autumn.

    Hi Bella,

    Lovely to have you visit and I know what you mean about little hands.
    I bought the kids goldfish in a little bowl and I think that it was about 2 days before my four year old Son had to get them out to have a look at them, hence, goodbye gold fish.
    I hope that all will go well for moving into your new house.

    Lovely to have you visit, thank you Sares.


  31. Hi Charity,

    You are welcome, I was happy to wish you a wonderful birthday and I hope that it will be the start of a great year ahead.
    I prefer soap to body wash, I just think it is so much nicer.


  32. Oh Carolyn!!! I DO LOVE Brambly Hedge!!!!
    And your words were soooo sweet! A HUGE thank you! :)))
    Enjoy Spring!

  33. Dear Carolyn,

    THANK YOU for your kind words to the northern hemisphere!!:))
    Yes we live a beautiful, beautiful autumn time here in Finland, the weather have been so warmy and sunny:) And you live sooo beautiful sring time, oh, it is so funny;)I wish you sunny and happy days!! It is so nice that we can to connect each other every day even we live so far away...:))

    Your pics about soaps is very beautiful and clever ;)and those little glass figurine are so sweet!! I love very much your photos!!:))

    Have a good day for you, my friend there far away:!!))

  34. Hi Carolyn,
    I love your post and I love the soap under the dome.I think its very pretty.The didhes are just beautiful.I wish I could knit,but I leave that up to talented ladies like you.I wanted to tell you to come by ,I'm haveing a giveaway.don't want you to miss out.XXOO Marie Antionette

  35. Hi Carolyn,
    Hope you had a great weekend!!
    Love the soap under the cloche!
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Have a lovely week,

  36. Thank you so much for visiting Monica and I hope that you enjoy the lovely Autumn days.
    Your journals are so beautiful.

    Dear Marge,

    How beautiful it must be to have Autumn in Finland, I can just imagine the wonderful colours of the leaves on the trees.
    thank you dear friend and it is great to know someone in Finland.
    You are the first that I know there.

    Hi Marie Antoinette,

    I have missed you here and how lovely to hear from you again.
    I would love to come and visit you.
    thank you.

    Hi Rosemary,

    You have a lovely week too and look forward to hearing your baby news soon.
    Take care and I hope that everything will go well for your daughter, husband and their new baby.


  37. Hi Carolyn,
    I feel lucky to be able to enjoy Spring all over again. During our Spring we are so busy I don't get to enjoy it properly. With you I get a second chance.
    Thank you!

  38. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you for your kind email. The other day when I read this post, I thought you were having Spring. Are you? Or do I misunderstand?
    Like your soaps under the Cloche very much!
    Hope you will have a great night!


  39. Hi Carole,

    Thank you for visiting and I am enjoying seeing the Autumn photos and decorations around on everyone's blogs.

    Hi Constance,

    Yes, we are having Spring but I just wanted to wish my friends in the Northern hemisphere a happy Fall.
    Sorry if my post was confusing.
    Happy week


  40. Hi Carolyn! I love your pretty soaps under the cloche! Cloches are a favorite of mine, just so many wonderful ways to use them! Hope you are having a lovely start to your week!!

    :) T

  41. Hi Tracey,

    Thanks so much for visiting.
    I love cloches also and I am always changing what I have under them.
    My week is going well, thanks.

    Enjoy your week

  42. Hi: I just love that Peter Rabbit series. It is too cute. My days are still warm, I can not wait until it cools down. Blessings, Martha

  43. Hi Martha,

    I hope that the weather cools down for you and those Autumn days will be lovely.
    I loved seeing all the treasures you showed on your post today, lovely.


  44. Lovely images! What a great idea to arrange your soaps like that! I have the same unopened L'Occitane soaps lying around... maybe I should try that out. And I think it's great you're helping your daughter out with her menswear collection :) Wouldn't mind seeing the finished piece once it's done!

  45. Thanks for visiting Haute Shopper.
    L'Occitane soap is beautiful isn't it.
    Will show you the Menswear collection when my daughter has finished.


  46. thank you!
    I think yours is sweet too!!

  47. Hi Carolyn....just popping by to say hello and thank you for your wonderful visits!!! you are so sweet and I am thrilled we met!


  48. Hello Carolyn!
    I admire you for knowing how to knit. I don't know how and the beautiful things that people make are amazing. Very Talented.

    It will be great to see your daughter's menswear line. Will be waiting to see this with excitement. Wishing you both all the best.

    Yes, we have 4 Airedale Terriers. Each one has their own distinct personality and talents. They are sweet dogs, very energetic and fiesty.

    God bless,

  49. Thanks for visiting Chloe, was lovely to find your blog.

    Thank you Diana, for your friendship.
    I love seeing what delightful Art work you show us.

    Hi Deanna,

    thank you for your kind words about my Daughters collection.
    It has been a lot of hard work for her.
    That must be great owning 4 Airedale Terriers, they are beautiful dogs and have such a lovely personality and are so strong willed.


  50. Lovely fall dishes! I'm so ready for Fall to arrive, it was a very hot summer here! I can feel that Fall is right around the corner with the crisp air in the it!

    Your cloche looks beautiful with the soaps, what a great idea! Hope you are having a wonderful week.


  51. Many thanks for visiting, Karyn.
    It comes a time when you have had enough of the hot summer and gladly welcome the crisp, clear air in the mornings.
    Enjoy your Fall days.


  52. oh no ya don't!! I am not longing for autumn days..... not looking forward to what comes after that...what you refer to as a "rosy glow" (it is really frostbite!) and, winter is not at all the cozy storybook thing most folks in warmer climes like to think it is. It is cold, difficult on vehicles, furnaces and people alike.... not to mention the horrible expense of heating our houses... about $280 a month.... not much fun to walk in and downright dangerous really when the pretty snow turns to ice. Several folks I know have fallen and really injured themselves...including my sister who has residual brain damage after a severe concussion sustained in a parking lot on her way to work one day about 8 years ago. It was her last day of work as she never recovered enough to return. My only fall so far resulted in severely scraped knees and wrecked stockings... and being late for work at the time because I had to walk back to change and get myself together a second time.

    Thankfully, our days of the last three weeks have been absolutely, stunningly gorgeous ... very warm at +30C..... and still are for the forseeable future according to the weatherman.

    Things will go downhill about the end of October... usually a cool Hallowe'en... and then... some snow... and reeeeellly cold by Dec and Jan.... ...about -35C some of the days or even weeks at a time...although the last few years the winters have been a bit less severe. I don't believe it is global warming at all...but, just the swings of the years. Usually ten, or twenty or more year trends.... we can trace them way back with a great book called the Farmers Almanac... they have kept records for many years.

    having said all that...I do love the somewhat cooler temps right now...the dog days of summer...and early days of fall.... and I guess I don't really mind shovelling snow and being out in the peace and quiet and muffled sounds of it.... especially with a big brilliant, sunny and blue sky which we enjoy in these parts a lot of the winter months....

    I'm just sayin'............

  53. Hi Vee,

    I remember hearing about your Winters and they do sound in the extreme with the low temps. and I do not know how you do it.
    I do not believe in Global warming and in fact it has been proved that the temperature is actually cooling slightly. Changes in global temps are natural and what Al Gore is saying I find it hard to believe.
    Anyway Vee, I hope that you enjoy the peace and quiet and have some beautiful blue, clear skies.



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