Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mini turns 50!

The mini was produced by the British Motor Corporation from 1959.
The original was considered an icon of the 1960's. This vehicle is in some ways equivalent to its German contemporary the Volkswagen Beetle.
In 1999, the mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century, behind the Model T Ford.

I apologize for the very poor photograph but looking back through some old photo albums, this seemed to be one of the only ones I could find.

This was my very first car which I was so proud of and used to keep it clean and shinning. They were cars you either loved or hated. I loved mine.
It was a great round town car but taking off on the highway for long trips was a mission. You really felt every little bump in the road and in reaching your destination you were happy to have made it there. With been so small you really did feel vulnerable alongside big trucks that would be towering over you.
This car was economical and would run off the smell of an oily rag.
The only problem was though if anything needed doing to it the incredibly small bonnet would be so hard to work around and you needed small fingers to be able to work on her. Not that I did, sounds like I tinkered under the bonnet myself, oh no that is what I was told.
My dear Dad and brother often came to the rescue when something needed doing to it and I am forever grateful to them for this. Thank you.

I wonder if any of you out there, were lucky enough to have ever owned a Mini?

I hope that you are having a great weekend



  1. Carolyn,
    These are darling cars and I have never had the plleasure of riding in one, owning one or driving one.
    Cute photo of you!
    Wish I had a photo of my first car.
    My folks paid $200 for my used first car back in 1972. This is when you could get a decent car for $200.

  2. I love mini's, they just look so fun. The new ones are so stylish too.

  3. Hi Deanna,

    Thank you for your kind words.
    Pity you did not have a photo of your first car. As you can see by the quality of my photo, it was a long time ago.

    Hi DJ,

    Yes, the new minis are really stylish and probably so much better to drive, than the old ones.


  4. I know nothing of cars and all stuffs related to it :p Shame on me... But I know for sure it's Mr. Bean's car! Lol.

  5. I WANT one of these cars sooooo bad. One of my favorite cars was a VW Bug, which I love driving. The Mini is sooo cute!


  6. Hi Carolyn, thanks for your comments re Mickey!
    I never owned a Mini - in South Africa it was all about the VW Beetle and every single person, at some stage of their lives, owned one. I loved the Mini but I was too tall so a Beetle it was.

    Pat xx

  7. Yes, you are right Fe, that was the same car as Mr Beans car. hehe.

    Hi Sixpence,

    My husbands first car was the VW Beetle. They are a neat little car and they always seem to be trendy even the ones that are really old.
    The Mini and VW shape still looks good today.

    Hi Pat,

    Mickey is a cute bear.
    Interesting that you owned a VW too.
    They were popular cars weren't they.


  8. HI We had a minicar more than 40 years ago and we still talk about it. It was dark green with a yelloish top.
    Have a nice day
    Riet, The Netherlands

  9. Carolyn, You were indeed lucky to have had one of the originals!. I would LOVE the new Mini - who wouldn't - gorgeous things.
    My first car was the trusted VW!
    LOVED that car too
    Happy Sunday to you.

  10. No I haven't. My Dad had an Astin America when I was very young. It was our only car for years. But Never a mini. What a great story!
    Hugs, Lisa

  11. Good Morning Carolyn!
    Your photo of you and your Mini is too cute! I wish I'd have a photo of me and my first car. Oh the memories!
    I've never owned a Mini, although I agree that they are the cutest little things!
    And, I do agree with you about the feeling of being in a small car when towered by huge cars have always been Corvette and I feel like that on a daily basis!
    I'm still in Texas and coming back to Louisiana today. Funny that your post is about your car as my next post will be about where my Corvette took us while in Texas! haha
    Great minds think alike my friend! And who said cool cars were only for guys? ;)

    everything vintage

  12. A darling little car! I could sure use one now to run on the fumes of an oily rag. What a blast it would be to run around in this little thing here in my tiny town.
    I love how you all call the hood a bonnet.

  13. I have never owned a mini but have often said I would like one to zip around town in:). I think they are the cutest little cars and they have a great deal of style!



  14. Hi Carolyn, No, no mini. Mine was a VW beetle. However, my son rented one when he got married four years ago and somehow, 5 big men all got in it and drove it to the wedding. Then my son and his new wife, with her crinolined wedding dress, drove to the hotel they stayed at before leaving on their honeymoon. I know it was red but I also think the roof had a Canadian flag on it. I could be wrong though. The minis seem to be coming back in popularity.

  15. My very first car was a Mini in Snowberry white!

    Was so sad when I had to eventually sell it!

    Have agreat week ahead!

    PS thanks for stopping by!

  16. I saw one of those Mini Coopers with the British Flag on it (and had a major crush on it!) - I do wish I could own one in the future (:

    La C.

  17. Hi Riet,

    Thank you for visiting and lovely to have a new friend from the Netherlands.
    You never forget these little cars, because they were so much fun to drive.

    Hi Suzie,

    The new Minis are very smart and must be so different from the old ones. Funny how it was either the VW or Mini. I loved the VW too as they were such a fun car.

    Hi Lisa,

    Lovely to hear that your Dad had an Astin America. Your cars were always so big and smart over there.

    Oh I know about your wonderful Corvette Miss Jodie and I look forward to your next post of the Corvette Road trip, what fun!
    Have a safe trip back home.
    I think us Gals like our cars too.

    Hi June,

    Yes, we do have our differences don't we, I love how your call the boot, the trunk.

    Hi Kim,

    They are great run around cars but on the highway, I think that you are better in a big car.
    You have some lovely big grand cars over there.

    Hi Dolores,

    That would have been a funny sight seeing 5 big Men in a mini and then the sweet bride in her big crinoline
    gown ~ lovely!
    So you were a VW Lady.
    Interesting that for most of us it was one or the other.

    Thanks for stopping by Lola and Nora. Loved that you had a Snowberry white one.
    I was sad when I sold mine too, but glad to have something a little bigger for driving on the highway.

    Hi La C,

    Many thanks for visiting my blog.
    The Mini Cooper with the British flag is a lovely smart car.


  18. oh what a lovely story and photo of you and your Mini! my brother owned one, it was 20 years old and looked lovely, in red with a white top. he had to sell it because he always had problems with it and at the end there were more of problems than joy... but it was fun! :))
    have a lovely week, dear Carolyn

  19. Hi Susan,

    How neat your brother had a red and white one. I know what you mean about them been a little finicky but they were fun.

    You have a lovely week too.
    Carolyn xo

  20. Caroly, this reminds me of the mini bmw's! What a cute car and I can't believe it is 50! Both Susan and Laurie do have really good instructions on how to do the pictures--I am certainly not a tech person! I thought photbucket was a little easie than photoscape. Thanks for visiting!

  21. Hi Susan,

    The years do fly by quickly don't they.
    I must learn how to operate photoshop because it must be fun to know how.


  22. Hi Carolyn, I love the mini! I see them around here, but have never had a ride in one. Not sure I would want to travel on the freeway in one though!! Have a great week.


  23. Hi Carolyn!!!

    I was just checking these cars out this weekend...they are ever so cute...but so small...I have way to much stuff to bring to the cottage...hehehe

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  24. I did a post yesterday on the follower google issue and will do a follow up on ficing it tomorrow-Come by because I still can not access you -you do have a picture now but I can't get to your blog.

  25. Hello Carolyn!

    Thank you so much for your so friendly comments and birthday congratulation on my blogg!!:)

    I love mini:)but I haven`t been ever that car. It is so sweet car!:)
    When I was a child(baby) my parents had blue VW Bug, it is so cute car, too!;)

    I love your earlier posts, too!! So beautiful pictures and Aunt Hyacinth is sooo sweet!!!:))

    I wish you happy and sunny week, my friend!!:))

    Hugs, Marge

  26. What a great photo! I love Minis and have been tempted to go for a test drive in one! They are SO cute! And so are you! PS My first car was a Ford Falcon! It was a small car, too!

  27. Hi Lynn,

    thanks for visiting and I hope that you have a good week.

    Hi Diana,

    Yes, not a lot of room but it was a great little car for a single girl.

    Hi Cheri,

    I will come and visit, but I am not a blogger wizz, so I do not know!

    Hi Marge,

    So glad that you had a happy birthday with your family and friends.Your Parents VW would have been a fun car. Thank you for your very kind words. It is always lovely to visit your blog.

    Hi Diane,

    thanks for visiting.
    Go take a test drive out on a Mini,
    the new ones are lovely I have heard from others that own them.


  28. Wow!!
    I didn't realize the Mini had been around for 50 yrs Carolyn. I thought is was a new car (10 yrs.)
    Does BMW make it?
    Yours and all mini's are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really like mini's!!


    YOU will adore the book, My Life in France~ I can just tell!

  29. Hi Constance,

    I think BMW has bought out the company now.
    They are smart cars aren't they.
    I will have to get a copy of ~ My Life in France. I really enjoyed watching Julia Childs cook, as she was really good at it.


  30. Oh this brings back memories Carolyn! My first car was a little red Holden Torana (which although had 4 cylinders, only ever ran on 3). I bought if from my future brother-in-law's Car Yard & it turned out to be an absolute lemon. What was he thinking! He's still married to my sister, but the shonky Car Yard is long gone!
    Millie ^_^

  31. That was a lovely story Millie.
    Glad that you could forgive the car salesman for selling you a lemon!


  32. I had two minis one blue and one grey and that 's the car I'll allways love. Kind of a toy and so pleasant to drive.
    Bonne journée

  33. Hi Christian,

    Many thanks for visiting my blog.
    That is neat that you had two minis and they are great little cars.



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