Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring has sprung!

I wished you could smell the sweet smell of these freesias in the vase. They are simply divine.

Oh how I love Spring! ~ Spring flowers are all about, daffodils, freesias, and blossom trees are flowering.
Spring here in New Zealand, officially starts the 1st of September so I will share a little sunshiny, inspiration with you.

This is the Kowhai tree, a Native New Zealand tree, which makes a wonderful golden show.
Birds love to drink the nectar from the flowers.
Beautiful blossom flowers.
Daffodils another pretty sight.
I love these little Grape Hyacinths.

Now for some Awards, that I was given and would like to pass them on to ;

Now for the Bella Sinclair Award for Art Inspiration, Friendship, Sisterhood, Sharing Caring.

I would like to pass this on to :


I have been lucky enough to get this Award, from Dustjacket Attic.
Thank you so much for the lovely Nearly Stylish Award.
I would like to pass this on to the following stylish Ladies:




  1. This is one of the reasons I love blogging! While I am looking for my pumpkins and golds, red,and browns you are talking about spring! Those grape hyacinths are gorgeous! Happy spring to you!

  2. your blog is so cool! please visit my blog, charmedwishes18.blogspot.com too, thanks! This is the kind of blog i really follow, i love bears.

  3. Congratulations on all of your awards Carolyn! :)

    And I would love to smell those freesias, too! :)

  4. Congrats on your awards! How cool it is time for your spring! We are excited to have fall starting here. And it is in this week! NO days over 70! YEAH!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. thank you so much Susan.
    Yes, it is interesting having opposite seasons and seeing what everyone else is up to around the world.

    thank you so much Charmed wishes and I look forward to coming over to visit your blog.

    Thanks Charity and I wished you could smell the freesias as they have such a wonderful smell and it goes throughout the house.

    Hi Lisa,

    Your Fall sounds like so much fun with Halloween and pumpkins and I have been enjoying seeing all the neat decorations that you all have.


  6. Thank you so much, Carolyn, for the Bella Sinclair Award. I am honored.

    Although we are so close in cyberspace you are on the opposite side of the world entering Spring and we're ending our summer and heading into Fall.

    Beautiful flowers! I love daffodils :)


  7. Oh how I love spring, wish I could smell those freesias!
    congrat's on awards :)

  8. You are welcome Marsha.

    Daffodils are lovely and enjoy your Fall. That must be a lovely time of the year.


  9. thank you so much DJ for the beautiful Award you gave me. It is so stylish and pretty.

    I wished I could send over some freesias to you.


  10. Spring in New Zealand? Who knew?! Well, all of you who live there - ha ha! I always knew that winter was summer and vice versa but I never really thought about spring! Such lovely flowers...
    Sharon :-)

  11. Thank you so much and I hope that you enjoy your Fall. That must be a lovely time of the year there.


  12. I close my eyes and can smell the heavenly scent of freesia...lucky you .... having them right there....

  13. thanks Vee, I get to see all your wonderful flowers too.


  14. Carolyn, merci beaucoup for the award. Love your photos of spring, spring and autumn are my 2 favourite seasons and autumn is nearly upon us in France.
    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  15. I am on my way to New Zealand, I am so not ready for the cold weather that is just around the corner.:)

    The flowers are so lovely. Thanks for sharing a part of your beautiful world.


  16. Hi Leeann,

    Yes, Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons, mind you I like them all.

    Hi Sixpence,

    I wonder how your dear little puppies are? they are so cute.
    Sorry you are going to be having cold weather there.
    The flowers are glorious over here and so nice to see some colour around after the winter.


  17. Thank you Carolyn for passing on an award. You've made my day. I've said it before but it is a wonderful feeling to have you as a friend after all these years. Memories of Christian Street never go away ah.

  18. oh thank you so much my dear. My first award.
    Connection through blogging is truly special. I am blessed to find kindred spirits.
    Spring - yaaay. Somehow my soul sings to know it is spring.
    xx Suzi

  19. Oh! How I love Spring & those freesias smell divine!

    Congrats on all yr so well-deserved awards!

    Thanks too for all yr lovely comments - they make my day!


  20. Oh, how jealous I am you just start enjoying spring over there :-) Spring is my favourite season!

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments you left on my blog during I was away :-)
    It meant a lot to me.

    Have a lovely day and see you soon, much love: Evi

  21. Hello my dear Carolyn...

    THANKS a lot for your nice comment and sorry for my late answer...

    I'm a really...tired...

    Everything to do ... avalanche of washing machines...UFFFFF!!!

    New York is W O N D E R F U L!!!

    THANKS for all my dear and KISSES a lot all, all for you!!! NI

  22. Congratulations on that fabulous award, darling!

    La C.

  23. The Spring flowers are lovely! I love Grape Hyacinth! We are just beginning Fall season but I would prefer Spring! Congrats on the awards! I love your blog!

  24. Hi Carolyn!!!!

    oh what a wonderful time of year...we are gearing up for Autumn here....so this is a nice way to remember our Spring in April....wonderful photos.....


  25. oh how I envy you for your Spring - it is the first day of Fall here...
    congrats on the awards- it's so interesting to see how far my nearly stylish award has traveled since I first posted it! :))
    have a lovely day, dear Carolyn, xoxo

  26. Hi Carolyn,
    Congrats on your awards. They are beautiful and you are so deserving. Thank you for passing on the first one to me. I am honored and will add it to my blog in my slide show after showing it in a post.

    Love your springtime pics. As we approach Autumn, you are starting Spring. We can enjoy your beautiful flowers. I will be planting mums and pansies soon. Although, it is still pretty hot here in Texas.

    Thank you for stopping by. Have a great week and thank you again so very much for the award. You are so kind.
    Love to you and yours,
    Celestina Marie

  27. Ahh, how I envy that spring is just starting over there. I know everyone here is excited about autumn, but I know I'll miss the freshness and the warm weather. Gorgeous shots... it's almost like I can smell the flowers. And congrats on getting those awards :)

  28. Hello Carolyn, Hope you are recovered from last weeks flu/cold.

    Lovely photos you have posted. I especially like the Kowhai tree flower. I have never seen this or heard of it before. I will have to look it up and read more about it. It has a very interesting shape. I'd love to see the birds getting nectar from it. What type of birds do you see at this flower. Thank you for posting the pictures.

    I am also very honored to receive the Bella Sinclair Award from you. It means so much coming from you and the meaning it holds. Bella is a lovely person.

    Have a great week!

  29. Hi Carolyn, here in South Africa out spring also started today but your spring flowers are our winter flowers - amazing isn't it? It's so wonderful to know the cold weather is behind us. Congratulations on all your awards. Well done.

    Pat xx

  30. Hi Karen,

    Glad I could make your day and yes, one never forgets our growing up years in Christian Street.

    You are welcome Suzi and yes, the friends we have made through blogging is truly special.

    Hi Lola and Nora,

    the Freesias are divine and I think one of the most wonderful smells.
    It is always great to have you come and visit me too, thanks.

    Lovely to hear from you Miss Eve and I hope that you had a wonderful holiday away. I look forward to coming over to visit your fabulous blog.

    Dear Ni,

    So lovely to hear that you are home and we have missed you.
    Always so much to do when coming back from a holiday and the washing, oh yes, I know.
    Glad that you had a great trip to New York, lucky lucky!

    thank you for visiting La C.

    Hi Diane,

    thank you for visiting and your very kind words.

    Hi Diana,

    Autumn is a lovely time of the year too, all the golden and brown leaves. I think every season is lovely don't you.

    Hi Susan,

    Your stylish Award is so wonderful and I just love it. It is great to think that it is all around the world! thank you again.
    You have a lovely day too.

    thank you dear Celestina Marie and I was happy to pass on this Award because you are such a wonderful friend ~ I hope that you enjoy your Autumn and I suppose looking forward to cooler weather.

    Hi Haute Shopper,

    Many thanks for visiting and yes, I wished you could smell these flowers as really they are lovely.

    Hi Carol,

    The Kowhai tree, is a Native of NZ and the flowers makes a beautiful show and birds like the Tui ( a native bird) drink the nectar.
    Glad that you are happy to receive the Bella Sinclair Award and yes, she is a lovely person.

    Hi Pat,

    Many thanks for visiting.
    Isn't that amazing that our Spring flowers are your winter ones.
    It goes to show how much hotter your climate must be over there.
    Enjoy your week


  31. Hi Carolyn,
    I enjoyed seeing these beautiful images of Spring! Congratulations on the well-deserved awards.

    Hope the rest of your week goes well!


  32. Thanks so much Bill for your kind words.

    Happy Autumn to you Rosemary.
    You will be needing to rest this week after your busy weekend
    the Baby shower looked lovely.


  33. congratulations on your awards!!
    i definitely see that you are 'down under' with the arrival of Spring...we are so excited with Fall coming our way!!

  34. thank you ever so, carolyn! for all the lovely comments you leave, you truly brighten my day♥
    i just wanted to thank you so♥

  35. Thank you so much Mademoiselle Frou Frou, for visiting me.
    All seasons are lovely and I hope that you have a wonderful, Fall.

    Hi Mermaid,

    You are welcome and thanks for coming by my blog too.


  36. Oh, yay hooray! You have one of Ces's magnificent oak trees. You are the epitome of Art Inspiration, Friendship, Sisterhood, Sharing Caring. Congratulations.

    And I am incredibly honored to receive this drop-dead gorgeous award from you. Thank you, thank you. Stylish, I am not, but I'm going to take this anyway and run! :D

    Carolyn, your flowers are stunning! I cannot believe how lush those Kowhai blooms are. And freesia -- heavenly.

    p.s. I want a Mini so badly....

  37. Carolyn, I love freesias..amazes me how even 2 lil flowers in a tiny vase can make a whole room smell so good :) when you walk by them...stop and take a deep breath for me :) I just saw my blog name on your list of an award you are passing on..My stars...Thank you! You are so sweet! I have been thinking about you...Your all feeling better now from the flu I hope? Hows mom and dad? Take care sweetie..be well..be happy...be loved...Rose :)

  38. Hi Bella,

    Yes, I was honoured and happy to receive from Ces, the Bella Sinclair Award.
    Glad that you like the Award, and it is really stylish isn't it and you so deserve it.
    the Spring flowers are lovely everywhere and it is a neat time of the year here.

    Hi Rose,

    thanks for your kind words.
    Also many thanks for asking after my Dad and Mum ~ Dad came out of hospital and has gone to be cared for at a Palliative care home. They are both doing well and seem bright.
    I wished I could send a little bunch of freesias over to you.
    I am happy to give you the Award.


  39. Carolyn,

    felicitations for all your awards! and certainly thank you for your kindly offering me an award and for your delightful visits and comments! I have a photo to share with you this week- I hope to get it to you soon-- you will understand why- when you see it! hugs and happy spring to you!

  40. Everything is so beautiful! It seems so strange to me that you are starting spring as we prepare for Fall:).

    Congrats on your awards!



  41. Carolyn, you are a doll.

    By the way thanks for all the yellow pictures, yellow is my favourite colour.

    I love the award and it is so me.

    The scan results I wrote of are from 2006 and yes it would be nice to have some good ones again.

    Love to you dear friend.


  42. Thank you for visiting Dancing Doc and I look forward to seeing your photo next week.

    Hi Kim,

    Yes, we are opposites with our seasons and I think that it what makes blogging fun. We can enjoy your Fall photos and colours and you can have a little of our Spring.

    Hi Renee,

    Glad that you like the Award and I was happy to give it to you.
    Also that I was able to share some of your favourite colour ~ yellow.


  43. Hi Carolyn.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice message. Old homes are so wonderful and in New England are so lucky to have so many.
    I can't tell you how great it is to see spring flowers again. Flowering bulbs are some of my favorites. I have never seen that naive tree the Kow*** forgot the name already....it's gorgeous. We have nothing here to compare to that.
    Take care,

  44. Hi Carole,

    thank you so much, for stopping by.
    Spring flowers are always so lovely because I think that you have come out of the Winter and it is so great to see lots of colour about.
    The tree is a Kowhai and it is a Native tree to New Zealand.


  45. Oh thank you Carolyn for the award. That's very kind of you. :D
    How I love spring. The pictures you took are lovely...

  46. A most beautiful Award from a most beautiful blogging friend! Thank you dear Carolyn.
    Millie ^_^

  47. Hi Jessica

    thanks for visiting and yes, Spring is lovely isn't it.

    Hi Millie,

    You are welcome and glad you like the Award, thank you for being such a great blogging friend.


  48. I have totally forgotten that our seasons are opposite from one another! I'm looking towards fall of pumpkins, cider and cooler weather and you're welcoming blooms, fresh scents and warmer days ahead. Do enjoy!


  49. Thank you so much Jo.
    I have enjoyed hearing about your wonderful weekend away.
    Happy Anniversary.
    You enjoy your Autumn ~ pumpkins,
    leaves changing colour and cooler weather. Always a great time of the year.


  50. Congratulations on the award, darling! Keep writing :) Cause you have one loyal reader here...

  51. Thank you very much, I appreciate that.


  52. Spring looks glorious in your side of the world! We are starting to have cool nights, and harvest is under way!

  53. Hi Ele,

    thank you for visiting.
    Spring is lovely here but I am sure coming into Autumn must be wonderful in your part of the world.


  54. Those are some lovely awards! Your photos are beautiful, too! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  55. Thanks TattingChic, for visiting.
    I hope that you are well.



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