Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a pink kind of day.

I sometimes like to think of all the simple things in our life which can make us happy.

The Victorian Parlor had a post with some lovely silk flowers that she showed and I have some of the same flowers, which look so life like and it made me want to do a pink post.
Like my old ballet shoes that I love to wear as slippers and the pink mohair blanket that is so warm and cosy.
Also Catherine@Simply Natural, we have the same bed cover.

It is the simple things in life, like the love and laughter we can share, that makes life good.

I hope that your week is great.


  1. I love this post-the pink is so lovely and cheerful! Your house is beautiful-you need to share more pics:) Glad you enjoyed the rose post:)



  2. Thank you so much for visiting Kim and your kind comments.
    I would like to share some more photos. Our house is just small and humble but I do like decorating it.

    I have been enjoying visiting on trips with you - loved the ornate ironwork and the beautiful place where you live.


  3. Yes, pink is the colour of elegance, of promise, of innocence.

  4. Hi Carolyn...You have wonderful pink pretty. Love the bottle...very different.
    I so agree...simple is calming and elegant.

    Have a terrific day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  5. Thank you Lavinia and Nancy, for visiting, always so nice to hear from you.


  6. Carolyn, your lovely pink post has lifted my very low spirits. Thank you.

    Warm hugs from the hot South


  7. Aaah. Soft pink is such a beautiful color. I love everything here. That bottle made me oooooh and aaaaah. Both my daughters have now turned their noses at pink, which makes me kind of sad.

  8. Hi Carolyn, Home is all about having your favourite people, pets and things around you, I think.
    Yours are lovely!
    Hugs, Lynda

  9. Hi Carolyn,
    thanks for all the lovely and sweet comments you always leave on my little pages! They mean a lot to me!
    Love all your pinks... so elegant.
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

  10. I agree! I LOVE the simple things! ~Mandy

  11. Very Pretty Pinks! I love your ballet slippers, just so precious, taking a rest until you slip into them once again. LOVELY!!!

    ~Miss Kris~

  12. I love pink !thanks for letting me have a peek in to your home it looks very cozy.

    have a nice weekend Carolyn..and i am happy you were given the awards! ( i know I am a few day's late)

    xxx Mona

  13. Great the bed. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Come back again.

  14. Hi Patrica,

    Glad I was able to lift your spirits and I hope that you are feeling better.

    Hi Bella,

    Isn't it funny, when our little girls no longer want to wear pink or the clothes we would like them to wear. I remember I used to dress V in pretty dresses when most of the other kids wore jeans.

    Thank you Lynda for visiting and yes it is our favourite people and pets that make life great.

    To the White Bench, just love all the Easter gifts you are exchanging
    everything is so beautiful.

    Thank you for visiting Mandy, yes, simple things are good.

    Hi Miss Kris,
    Yes, ballet slippers are just so lovely and comfortable and it is one of the nicest things to do ~ to kick off your shoes at the end of the day and relax.

    Hi Mona,

    Many thanks for coming by and your kind comments. You have a great weekend too.

    Thank you for visiting my blog Shirley, I enjoyed visiting your blog and I would like to call by again.


  15. Shame it is empty though Fifi.

    Would be great to share a glass with you one day.



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