Sunday, March 22, 2009

Awards and French Chateau ~ Dreaming here!

I often love looking at French Chateaux and thinking about all the history that would be behind these grand buildings.
They are all so wonderful and I just love this 16th Century French Chateau, in the Perigord region and love to dream of how tres magnificent it would be to live here!

Would your dream be, to live here?

Last week I was honoured to be given the Blogger Friendship Award by Nancy from
Also the Sisterhood Award by BumbleVee of The Bearister Bookcase.

Thank you both and it is great to have you for Blogger friends.
I would like to Award the following Ladies, these Awards, as I enjoy visiting their blogs and their friendship.
I hope that you have not been tagged already.

The Victorian Parlor

Bella Sinclair Doodlespot

KayJay - My Fat Quarter

The Birdbath Chronicles



  1. GREAT French Chateau... Oooooh how lovely!!!!

  2. Thank-you so much for visiting, Carolyn.
    Oh my...I would be in heaven there! Such beautiful rooms.

    The feeling is mutual!
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  3. OH! Is that ME? Wow, Carolyn, thank you so much! Your friendship means so much, and I enjoy visiting with you, whether it's at your place or mine. Thank you, dear friend.

    This is a gorgeous chateau! Very romantic, and so beautifully decorated. I love old homes. You know what, though? My dream home would be a quaint little cottage somewhere, someplace cozy with a beautiful flower garden. I'm partial to tudors....

  4. Thanks for visiting Fifi and Nancy
    I do like your blogs and you are both so talented.

    Yes, Bella it is you - you are such a special friend and always have something great to show with your art.
    You are so talented and I am glad that TattingChic intoduced me to you.

    Have a great week

  5. My dream home would be a quaint cottage - I agree with you there Bella, our whole house would probably be the size of about two of their bedrooms.

    I think you need to be happy with what you have.


  6. w very beautiful--I love anything French! I minored in French in college (15 years ago--I was a late bloomer!) and I just love the language--wish I could be somewhere to hear it and learn to speak it well!

  7. Yes, it is a beautiful language and I just love hearing it spoken.
    A little holiday to brush up on your French would be good.

    I studied French back in High School and when we went to France in 2007, we were able to use it a little.

    I do think that it would be nice to live there for a while and you would soon start to be fluent.


  8. I think I would have to go with small, warm and cozy.. like Bella. The big old airy and kinda damp and cold chateaux don't cut it for me... I think it's one of those things where they look a lot more homey than they actually feel.
    I can't say I have been in anything in France..but, in Britain.. the big old priories are like that... and I bet they would be quite similar... in that they look much nicer than they really

  9. Love that French Chateau!! So pretty.
    Congrats on your awards!

  10. Congratulations on your award, and thank you for bestowing it upon me!

    That chateau...I'm with you. Would be absolutely marvelous to live in one, and the grounds surrounding it, vineyards and lavender fields no doubt. All that stonework, makes one feel one is living a monumental sort of life!

    Hey, I've tagged you for a meme! Pop over to the birdbath to see what it's about...

  11. I agree with you to Vee, warm and cosy is lovely. But just sometimes it would be nice to have more room, a room to sew my bears and not the dinning room table and more wardrobe space. Our rail fell and all the clothes tumbled to the ground, last week.
    Also imagine all the housework in some of those places with so many rooms!

    Thanks Rosemary and Lavinia, always great to have you come by.
    Just off to check out The Birdbath


  12. Hi Carolyn,
    Happy Spring and Congrats on the awards. You certainly deserve them very much.
    The chateau is magnificent. It would be a fairy tale to live there. Such dreamy pictures.

    Thank you for stopping by my cookie party. Always so great to see you.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  13. Thank you Celestina Marie, always great to hear from you and I love visiting your blog and seeing what beautiful treasures you have to show us.

    Enjoy your cookie party.

  14. Hi Carolyn what a beautiful magnificent chateau. A dream holiday it would be but they must be COLD. One would want to dress accordingly and whilst away the visit playing lords and ladies I feel. I must get onto my blog. I've been so busy lately - It's not healthy, I feel knackered! haha. Thank you for the award. I love your friendship as always. I must find the photo of us as babies on the back porch! Luv ya Karen

  15. When do we go!! Congratulations on your Awards Carolyn, richly deserved.
    Millie ^_^

  16. Hi Karen,

    Glad to be able to give you the Award.
    Those baby photos of you and I were so cute ~ such a long time ago!

    Hi Millie,

    Bags are packed and I will be on the plane tomorrow, if I could! I hope you are doing the same.

    Thank you.

  17. Carolyn,

    Thank you so much for thinking of me for the awards:) I am truly honored by it. I always enjoy visiting your blog and I am so happy that we have become friends:)

    BTW, the French Chateau is pretty grand-love the pics!!!

  18. To the Victorian Parlor,

    Thank you for your friendship too, I am glad that I have found your blog.


  19. Wouldn't it be lovely to rent out for a week or two as your base for visiting the french countryside.

  20. Yes, it would be wonderful Catherine.
    Just imagine all the beautiful little villages, antique shops and vineyards, you could visit.

  21. Hi Carolyn!

    What a LOVELY & DREAMY chateau! I love it, when can I move in...pretty PLEEZE!

    Congratulations on your lovely award, well deserved!!!

    ~Miss Kris~

  22. I would love to live there in chateau, Carolyn! Congrats on the awards too. Happy night! xo~Tracie

  23. Thank you Miss Kris and Tracie, for visiting.

    wouldn't it be great to have a long holiday there!

  24. WOW! I want to live in a property like this. The place was so beautiful. What an inspiring home interior and exterior shots. :)

    condo in philippines


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