Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good housekeeping.

Last night our sweet daughter decided that she would bake some cookies, just when we were going to bed. It was 10.30 and the time most people need to get some shut eye.
She wanted to bake some biscuits for a friend that was giving her a ride to her day a week, of work experience, for University. I said for her to clean up after her.
Bleary eyed I came down at midnight and she had put on the dishwasher. Got to love them!

Anyway I came down in the morning and there were hundreds of ants on the bench - that must have been attracted to something sweet on the dish cloth, left on the bench.
It was one of those days that I just wanted to clean and I even cleaned my oven, a job I do not like doing. So something good, came about from of our night time baker.
I must try and find if there is an ants nest somewhere because they are such pesky little insects.

Don't you hate that job of cleaning your oven!

Have a great day



  1. Thanks for reminding me. I should get to that. I remember every time the oven goes on and I smell the burnt smell but I forget fast. It's gotten less smelly now but I KNOW I have to clean the darn thing. It will go on my "to do" list right away.

  2. One of those jobs that is so easy to put off, for another day!

  3. I wait until someone else does it,but they wait too!

    xx Mona

  4. Bummer!So annoying...!
    These images are fabulous!Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for your lovely wishes too...

  5. I have a (mostly) self-cleaning oven! Flash De-greaser takes care of the enamel bits, the dishwasher does the chrome shelves and I use Mr. Muscle window-cleaner on the outside stainless steel and glass door. Voila! (Not very often though!)

  6. I am convinced that an oven is an alien visitor, sent to annoy us.

  7. LOL...Thats why I never clean my oven.I'm just kidding,I just rarely clean it...LOL...Red Ants love me.Hey at least your daughter turned the dishwaher on.It was sweet of her to want to do something nice for someone.Hugs Marie Antionette

  8. Well THAT's the way to look at the bright side! You're a much better person than I am, for sure. :D

    Thank goodness for self-cleaning ovens, that's what I say. And that was an awful sweet gesture by your daughter. I hope she saved some biscuits for you.

  9. Oh must have gone nuts seeing all of those ants! You are so right...they are very annoying. Hopefully you can get rid of them quickly.

    I used to have my head in an oven and now I push a much easier and less messy!
    I cleaned my hubby's bathroom yesterday...I was hoping it would implode and I could get a new room...but I will be cleaning it for a while longer...sigh!

    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  10. Hi Mona,

    Yes, better to have someone else do it, isn't it.

    The White Bench ~ loved your photos of the French Riviera, I wanted to pack my bag for a holiday.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Lynda, thank goodness for Mr Muscle, it is a good thing and makes the job easier.

    Pat, I agree with you there,

    Marie, I do not think we have red Ants over here, our black ones are pesky enough.

    Bella, yes DD did save some biscuits for us and her friend really enjoyed them.
    It was a sweet gesture but did we not have to do baking on a Saturday morning!.

    Nancy, yes the house got a good clean and touch wood no more ants, so hopefully have them under control.

    Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.


  11. I hate ants. We get the tiny brown ones, they tend to congregate on the dog's food bowl in the summer, so I have to be careful and whisk it off the floor as soon as he's done, or else the ant brigade. Those ants are really tiny.

    One year, back when I was living in my old apartment, I had big black ants appear in the bathroom. Through deduction I figured that their nest was under the radiator and I sprayed bug spray there in 'flood' proportions. Then I closed the door and didn't go back in for several hours. Glad to say that was the end of that ant colony!

    Carolyn, I hope you rested up and had a refreshing drink after all your cleaning....

  12. Hi Lavinia,

    Glad that you got rid of your ant infestation.

    They are such pesky little things and touch wood, our's seem to have gone.
    Yes, I know how the dog and cat food are an attractive place to gather for ants, we had the same problem.

    All rested here thank you and it is Friday evening and the weekend ahead.

    Have a great weekend

  13. I have been cleaning a lot the past couple of days. As a matter of fact I took a little break so I could catch up with my blogging friends. Looks like you guys are cleaning too:)

  14. Mummy likes to bayke layte at nite too.

    Our oven went smoky larst week. Big billows ov blak smoke wen she opened it!!!! She bort sum oven cleener but hassent yewzd it yet cos it stopt smokin. HAHAHA!


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