Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Happy December

Hello everyone and happy December.

I know I am a little late, as already it is the 5th but life seems to be busy all of a sudden and this is the first time have been able to sit down at the computer.
All good and just been working away tidying up in the garden and doing things around the house.
Yesterday we had the biggest storm, the loudest thunder and bright lightening and was very scary hearing claps and booms of thunder and some seemed to be right overhead and made the house shake.
In the afternoon the sun came out so I ventured out in the garden, and the kitchen and lounge doors were wide open and got the surprise of my life to walk into the kitchen to find about 10 angry bees buzzing about and managed to coax them to fly back outside. Don't know if a bee hive had got washed out or how they came to be in the house.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, hope it will be relaxing and a stress free time.

Are you decorating and putting your tree up, or baking perhaps?
I am planning to make a start at the weekend.
Hope you are enjoying the week and I look forward to coming to visit you.


  1. Dear Carolyn, wishing you a lovely December , with preparing for Christmas,- I too have started decorating, but as you know, only on the 23`th ,the tree will come in the house, and be decorated :-)
    Hugs Dorthe

  2. My deaerst Carolyn,
    oh, you have had such a big storm and thunder?Hope, nothing got damaged! It always is so scary!
    Yes Christmas is coming with big steps! I did a bit decoration and yesterday I baked the frist cookies :O)
    The days are running so fast in these times ...
    HAve a wonderful weekend, take care and have fun with baking Christmas Cookies, my dear friend!
    Lots of Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  3. Happy December, dear Carolyn and Happy Holydays!
    Many greetings

  4. Hello Carolyn,
    What lovely pictures. My decorations have been up for 3 weeks and I start baking this weekend.
    Enjoy the holiday season.
    Big hug

  5. Oh my, that must have scared you seeing all those bees. That is the cutest little black bear. You don't see black bear stuffed animals any more. I have a white one that is out all year long. Your Christmas decorations are pretty, love that train.

    Wishing you a peaceful and joyful Christmas season, Carolyn.

    love ~Sheri

  6. Dearest Carolyn,
    As for now, not much time for Christmas decorating... Still working as a tutor at the Technical College and no time to do it all.
    Also very busy with now two choirs and the busiest two weeks are ahead of us.
    After that it's time for us... and for some relaxing with school being out.
    Sending you hugs and enjoy the end of spring.

  7. I can imagine how busy your are and I am busy too!
    Enjoy this time,Christmas decoration!Your decoration is beautiful.
    Happy weekend,Carolyn.

  8. Happy December! In Poland we start decorating houses only just before Christmas. Now it is major cleaning up time:)

  9. Yeah !!!...Christmas is is so dark weather here today...raining a lot...happy weekend love Ria 🎄🎄❤️💚🎄🎄

  10. Happy December, dear Carolyn. One of my favorite months and it is a cold one around here.

  11. My decorations have ben up for one week.Your Christmas decors are fairy. Happy december to You

  12. Lovely to see and read your post.
    Happy December.

    All the best Jan

  13. Ten bees came to see your wonderful Christmas decorations. Happy sunday to you.

  14. I love bees, but not when they're angry!

    We always start on Christmas late, though the City of Edinburgh starts it early

  15. Hello dearest Carolyn,
    may be the bees wanted to hide theirselves because of the bad weather? Luckily, everything went well! Two weeks ago we had a big wasp (or small hornet?) in our kitchen! (And here in Austria it's winter time!) We caught the insect with the help of a drinking glass and a postcard and I put it outside in a flowerpot - maybe it can dig in to survive the winter? Wasps, hornets and bees are certainly no pets ;-)) I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season! Your decoration looks very nice!
    Hugs, my dear,

  16. We had a couple of weeks of really bad weather in November with heavy rains and flash flooding. Now we have flies everywhere so can't leave any doors open. I made the mistake of doing that one day and had over 20 flies inside. Horseflies are easy to navigate out and open door but the little ones don't want to leave. Also little gnatty bugs flying all over the place which are very aggravating. I've done a little decorating. Don't do a whole lot anymore since our boys are so far away. Hope you and yours have a very nice December. Happy Holidays!

  17. We will be at home for Christmas, just relaxing and eating :) No nice...
    Warm hug from Titti

  18. Dear Carolyn,
    I wish you a nice time and wonderful Christmas holidays!

  19. Dearest Carolyn,
    May you have a very Merry Christmas!
    I am running so far behind... it is stressful. Taking a deep breath and praying for the best.
    God bless,

  20. Just popping in to say Merry Christmas Carolyn! I appreciate your friendship through the years. You are one of my first blog friends. : )

    love, ~Sheri


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