Sunday, July 22, 2018

Murano Glass Factory

When we visited Venice last year, we took a day trip out on a boat to the Island of Murano and a tour of the Glass Factory.

It was a real pleasure  to be able to watch the skilled Master at work, as he crafted, blows and sculpts delicate and colourful works of Art. While we were there he crafted a little horse. 
If you enlarge the photo, you can see the intricate detailing of the chandelier behind the gentleman.

With the glass firing ovens reaching temperatures of 1500 degrees celsius, it was incredibly hot in the factory and I was pleased to leave here as it was too hot.
We enjoyed looking around the showroom, full of the most gorgeous chandeliers and glass creations.  We liked a set of six colourful glass tumblers which we bought and had sent home, paying over the odds, but was a once in a life time and a lovely way to remember our time there.

I hope your weekend is going well.
Do you feel like me, that they seem to go so quickly and here it is Sunday afternoon already.
Wishing you a happy new week ahead


  1. Wow~ Amazing! What a fantastic place to tour. My dear brother was an engineer for Corning glass works and it was an amazing place to tour and watch the glassmakers at work. xo Diana

  2. Dearest Carolyn,
    So glad that you got to visit the Island of Murano!
    We lived in the Venice area but also did go by boat one time from Venice to Murano. We have a few Murano pieces here at home; it is quite heavy for carrying but shipping no doubt adds up as well. When living in the area, it helps.
    Have another great but short week; indeed time passes like crazy!

  3. Beautiful glasses.....wowww...happy new week love Ria ❤️

  4. Deaerst Carolyn,
    wow, this must have been real interesting to see! Thank you for those great pictures!
    Wishing you a wonderful new week,
    sending much Love and hugs to you, my dearest friend!
    Claudia xo

  5. oh well, when we were in venice, we also visited this glass factory on murano. a very interesting experience ....

  6. A visit to the island of Murano with a tour around the glass factory must have been very interesting. It was good that you could send a set of tumblers back home.

  7. Dear Carolyn, wonderful photos from Murano - I was there myself, many years ago, and it really is interesting and amazing what they do with the hot-hot melted glass.
    Sending you a hug. Dorthe

  8. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  9. Super interesting.
    Nice to meet your blog.

  10. This must have been an amazing tour.
    I loved seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  11. You were lucky. It's quite hard to see works of the excellent craftsmanship in front of you.

  12. Wow! Lovely lovely Murano...
    Have a beautiful weekend now!

  13. We have a fancy shop here in the city that sells Murano glass objects.

    One of the tables had a $40,000 Canadian dollar price tag...... we choked as we quickly walked past it in case we touched it inadvertently .... amazing works, but nothing I would want in my home.


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