Sunday, May 20, 2018

An Evening out

Last week I had the pleasure of going out with my dear daughter for an evening out.
We were invited to a Chanel event which was a lovely thing to do, to celebrate Mothers Day.
Who could resist a glass of champagne and canapes?

At the pedestrian crossing we were waiting for the lights to change to green, when opposite were some Television cameras pointing directly in our direction.
It wasn't until some of my family and friends texted us to say they had seen us on the evening news and that was the screenshot above.
The Newshub reporters had been doing a story at the Britomart Train station after one of the trains had derailed, not far from where we were.
After we stopped off for dinner at a little Restaurant XuXu  for dumplings.
We had such a fun evening and was great to spend time with my beautiful daughter.

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend


  1. You two looks beautiful together, Carolyn- such a lovely Mothers Day- evening,- I wish I could have done the same- :-) So wonderful for you, to have those memories . Hugs, Dorthe

  2. Oh my goodness you could be your daughters sister and a famous one at that! A girls night out ended up on the news how fun! I didn't have daughters but I sure enjoy a night out with my sons. One of mine lives the closest to us so he came into town and my husband, his mom and me and our son went to dinner for a belated mothers day celebration. I was visiting my mom so when I got back we all went to dinner. Theres nothing like spending time with your kids.

  3. You look like sisters out to have fun. Hope you had a lovely time.

  4. You both look beautiful! How neat that you were in the news...but not with anything bad happening! What a fun evening! Hugs!

  5. You had such a fun evening. Thanks for sharing with us these special moments

  6. Dearest Carolyn,
    I am convinced that it was a fun and wonderful evening! :-) And such a nice photo of your daughter and you! Love it!
    Hugs my dear!

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you! Very nice way to celebrate.

  8. My dearest friend,
    first let me send you belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes! Sorry, I am late, at the moment I don't know, where my head is, so much to think about .... SORRY!
    Will write an email sonn, I promise!
    Sending much love and hugs to you, Claudai xoxoxo

  9. Hello Carolyn,
    It sound like you and your beautiful daughter had a terrific time. A very nice mother's day indeed.
    Big hug

  10. You both are very beautiful !!! sisters 💜 Love love love 💜

  11. You had a lovely Mother's Day and it's always a pleasure to spend time with a daughter. We shall be seeing our Berkshire daughter soon and we're looking forward to visiting her and spending time with her and her family.

  12. Ahh, such a sweet photo of two lovely and beautiful women! Sounds like a great Mother's Day. And you were on the news! Heehee! xoxo

  13. So nice to spend time with your daughter.
    I love the photograph of the two of you.

    All the best Jan

  14. Dearest Carolyn,
    That was indeed a very special evening and they captured Mother and Daughter so very well!

  15. Seems it was a fun and nice event!perfect to celebrate Mother's day!
    You and your daughter look so alike, both are very beautiful and elegant! :)

  16. It was a wonderful time for a Mother's Day and with your daughter.
    Your daughter is so beautiful!

    Thank you for your nice comment for my mother's post.
    You too,Have a good time!

  17. I love the photo of the two of you. Your daughter is beautiful. And looks a lot like you.

  18. A great photo of two beautiful girls!
    Have a lovely week, take care...

  19. Que lindas rosas. Adorei. Tenha um feliz dia.


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