Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April showers

It's grey and raining here today so just wanted to pop in and share a little colour and brightness. I looked back through my photos to find some that will add a little colour and cheer.
We are experiencing the tail end of Cyclone Debbie that hit Australia, so we have had continual rain for the past few days. It is not very nice and there have been many bad slips around some of the coastal land and lots of flooding in parts. 
 Do hope that people can be safe from the storm

When April showers may come your way
They bring flowers that bloom in May
~Judy Garland, April showers

One good thing about the rain, it will be great for the flowers and plants growing in the garden.
Happy Wednesday everyone and I hope the start of April and your week is going well.
Enjoy your weekend


  1. What lovely cheery photo's. Hope cyclone Debbie goes quickly for you. Leah xx

  2. My Dearest, rain is always welcome for the garden and its flowers !
    We're living our early Spring with a little of rain, we'd love to have much more rain since our Winter was so dry and mild ... actually we hope in a wet Spring before than the warm of Summer arrives !

    Wishing you a beautiful remainder of your week,
    I'm sending my dearest love to you

    XOXO Dany

  3. Hello Carolyn, I heard about the storms on the news it sounds horrible, hope the sun will be shining soon. We have had loads of rain in the UK but spring has finally arrived, chilly nights with some ground frost but beautiful sunshine during the day. I’m looking out now at blue sky and blossom trees, such a wonderful change.

    We have a saying in Engand 'ne'er cast a clout... 'till May be out' in other words, don’t discard your warm winter clothing until the end of May. I’m always horrified when I see my neighbours rushing out to buy summer bedding plants at the end of April, they have no chance of surviving if we get frosts which we invariably do. May 20th is my sister’s birthday, and my day for thinking about tender garden plants. They are usually safe from frost then.
    Keep dry and have a happy week. Hugs Barbara

  4. Hello Carolyn,
    What bright, sunny pictures. It is dark and raining here as well...but I do love the rain.
    Big hug

  5. I like rains in early spring. They awake the sleeping nature and grow every plant. I would like to observe and enjoy changes of nature with you.

  6. Dearest Carolyn,
    such a lovely Post!
    The saying about April showers really is true!
    We would need some rain too, garden is really dra after warm and sunny days.
    Have a wonderful week, my dear friend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xoxo

  7. Dear Carolyn, I'm sorry to hear about the damage caused by the cyclone and I hope that all were kept safe. Floods and landslips around the coast must have been devastating. Rain showers are good for the plants, but I pray you have some sunny weather. We were blessed to come back from sunny Italy to good weather. Springtime is a beautiful season. Wishing you a good rest of the week and a lovely weekend. love Linda. x

  8. I never thought of April showers - or May flowers! - for the other side of the world. I am glad that it is true for you too - the May flowers part that is, not the April rain!

    1. Hi Amy,

      Yes, we do have a few flowers about at that time. Have planted some ranunculus that hope will come up.
      Iris, gerberas and freesias are other flowers we see here around this time.

  9. Great photos and have a a lovely week, take care...
    Love from Titti

  10. Hello, dearest Carolyn,
    your "weather report" does not sound good - but your photos look very nice. I hope the Cyclone will pass quickly and without further incidents!
    Spring has begun here in Austria. The last days we had wonderful weather with 20 degrees Celsius and sunshine. Today it rains, but nature needs it.
    I wish you a nice rest of the week and I hope you tell me how the out of Africa party was!
    Lots of hugs, Traude

  11. Carolyn, we had lots of rain too, and I think it's great in so many ways. The yellows and oranges on your post are quite cheerful, and I heard one time that orange was the happiest color. I think that is true. : )

    Wishing you wonderful April days, Carolyn.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. We're having rain showers as the sky is grey and overcast. We've needed the moisture here on the Kansas Prairie. Don't want the tornadoes, but the gentle rains are so wonderful. Hope you have a blessed day! Enjoy visiting you,

  13. It's raining here too :(
    Your beautiful flowers cheered me up!


  14. We have had gray skies and rain all week, too. Your colorful photos sure made me feel better.

  15. I think our rainy days are over, it is practically summer here already. Great photos.

  16. I love your pictures and your flowers
    Hugs Alessandra

  17. The April showers are more tolerable if you think of may flowers, aren't they dear Carolyn? :)
    Even here in Italy the weahter is pretty unstable, but still we had those bright sunny warm days that made everyone very happy! It's like they say: we're totally over the winter now!
    Love your photos, you've always got so beautiful flowers!

  18. Rain showers are good for plants ... but too much is not good and cyclones even worse! Stay safe.

    I love all of your photo's here, the colours and the flowers are just beautiful.

    Good wishes for April

    All the best Jan

  19. Your photos are so lovely. Plants need rain showers, but sorry for the sad information.I hope people are safe around the area.
    Have a good weekend,Carolyn.

  20. Hello Carolyn here we have beautiful spring weather....enjoy your weekend love Ria x

  21. grey and rainy here too, though we've had some lovely weather over the past few days

    Lovely flowers in your photos and I hope the storm is well gone by now

  22. Hope everyone is safe from the storm! The flowers are beautiful :)


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