Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Paring things down

Hi dear friends,

Hope your week is off to a great start

Lately I have been wanting to declutter and organize the home and my life a little better.
As I am a hoarder and I like to keep things just in case and because I love an old box that perfume or soap has come in, you know the type.
Have been reading the book... 'The life changing magic of tidying up'
So hopefully soon will be able to take some clothes and stuff to the Red Cross and have a pile to go out to the rubbish.
Reading the book, and what it is telling me I should have less stuff.
Will let you know how I get on.

 Marie, quotes from the book, 

Being surrounded by things that spark joy and makes you happy

Your real life begins after putting your house in order

Thanks for visiting me and the kind words you leave and your friendship.
 I am off to the dentist on Thursday, to get the permanent crown so will be great when the trips to the dentist are all over with for a while. Off out now to the garden, while the sun is shinning and make the most of the day.
Wishing you a great rest of the week.


  1. Dear Carolyn,
    I know the feeling of not wanting to let go of some things, but I try not to hang on too much. There are special items that I will always treasure, but for the most part I think I am doing well. This book looks like a good read.
    I just love your roses.

    The dentist. My visits are done for a while, I hope your visit goes well on Thursday.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.
    Blessings dear friend

  2. Dear Carolyn,
    this sounds really interesting!
    Good luck at the Denstist!
    Have a lovely week, sorry I am short, but work is waiting ;O)
    Much love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xoxo

  3. Hello Carolyn,
    Best of luck with the decluttering...I think many of us hold on to things for sentiment or for their beauty. I hope all goes smoothly at the dentist.
    Big hug

  4. This sounds interesting. I love your pictures, they are so relaxing
    Hugs Alessandra

  5. I visited the dentist yesterday - and survived so that's over for another six months. Best of luck with your visit.

    Decluttering is bliss to the mind but I know what you mean about soap tins. I love biscuit tins and shoes boxes. Biscuits hold so many wonderful things and shoe boxes are great for fabrics - other than those, I'm a throw it out person as I like to be tidy. Happy sorting..

  6. I should do the same! Inspiring post, darling!


  7. Hello dear Carolyn, so I`m back, after a wonderful visit of my grandchild, all last week :-) I always miss her so much, when she returns home!!! Good luck Thursday ,at the dentist, a crown is a big, and expensive, work, done...I hope it fits to perfection. I know about the book, but did not read it, I would be afraid, it will tell me, to throw, too much out of my house, lol- how are you doing with it ?
    Hugs, Dorthe

  8. I am doing the same, but without the book. It is the only New Years Resolution that I am keeping.

  9. Happy week carolyn and good luck by the dentist...love Ria x ❤️

  10. Oh dear>>> I need to read the book.

  11. Blessings to you from the prairie. Decluttering is certainly a work out. I have to continually do this and am due for another round. All the best to you as you go to the dentist.

  12. Decluttering isn't easy! I have so many little treasures of sentimental value although fortunately I have two glass cabinets where many of them are displayed. I love your pretty posies in vases you often share with us. I can almost smell the perfume from the scented candle! I hope the dental appointment goes well and you can relax at the weekend. xx

  13. I really enjoyed reading that book :)

  14. I like to read your post. The book sounds interesting. Life is changing.
    I try to live with less things. Yes, simple life is comfortable to me.
    Happy weekend and good luck ...dentist!

  15. Some people find de-cluttering easy - others do not.
    The older I get the more I tend to live with less ... probably because the family have flown the nest!

    Hope your dentist visit goes well

    All the best Jan

  16. I know, all those thing´s...everywhere! But I´m getting better to style with less thing´s :)
    Have a happy friday, take care.

  17. I hope you do not have any ache at the dentist. Have a nice weekend.

  18. Oh, I think this is the book that I heard about. It's nice that you are organizing your home, Carolyn, and giving some stuff away to others that may need it. I think de-cluttering clears the mind as well. But I know what you mean about those old boxes that perfume and soap comes in, they're so decorative and pretty, aren't they? : )

    Enjoy the weekend, Carolyn.

    love, ~Sheri

  19. Dear Carolyn,
    How sweet of you to visit my posts and leave such kind words.
    I try to get as close to realism as I can, but the end results are usually a little whimsical. So thank you so much.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend too. Off to see Lily tomorrow.

  20. I've read about that book - I must get a copy as I desperately need to do some sorting and disposing here too!
    I'm also in the midst of dental visits - not too pleasant and v costly!
    Happy Sunday Carolyn

  21. A very entertaining report, dear Carolyn and the book title seems to "hide interesting".... I hope your tooth goes well again!
    Nice sunday still and hearty greetings

  22. Oh de-cluttering is on my agenda...too much stuff, and the kiddies are grown up and gone, leaving all their stuff behind! What's left behind is fair game in my opinion. Thanks for the inspiration to keep at it. It's not really a fun task, but I am ready! Aloha!

  23. I have read so many good reviews of this book - I think I have to read it. It's easy to accumulate too much......I certainly have that problem. I'm glad that your dental visits are almost over for now. That reminds me to make an appt. Enjoy your beautiful sunshine. Sending hugs xo Karen

  24. Dear Carolyn,
    I had such fun visiting with Lily, and I gave her a hug for you!
    They grow up so fast, I need to get out there as often as I can.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    blessings dear friend,

  25. I've done a Marie Kondo last year, decluttered like mad and the house was looking great. But slowly things have been creeping back in. Darn that love of shopping.

  26. Dearest Carolyn,
    A very healthy and worthwhile concept to always live by!
    Not always easy though... It takes up so much time to DO it.
    We just got back from a 7-day trip to Florida, visiting dear friends. We stayed in hotels though. It was a friend that receives hospice care, another widowed friend and a friend that is packing up ALL of her belongings as they have to move mid March. So the conversation is about down sizing. The widow just had moved with her husband, from big to small. Now she's devastated to be all alone... Life is not always easy.
    But yes, Pieter and I are very much into downscaling and making life as simple as possible.
    Sending you hugs for a happy weekend!

  27. My dear Carolyn, I'm so sorry for you, I hate to go to dentist!
    But as you said the best part is when the trips are all over!
    Anyway decluttering is a so great way to refresh places and the mind, we should all do it once in a while!
    Have a lovely week end, hun!

  28. I have some favourite boxes and tins that I use to store my craft supplies!

    Decluttering is always good.

    Hope your dental appointment went well

  29. I'm glad I didn't miss this post Carolyn! Great book and I am all about de-cluttering. After raising a family and STILL holding on to our kids stuff, I am READY to purge and will enjoy an home that is open and free of clutter:) xoL

  30. How are you getting on with the book? I read it over a year ago and it did encourage me to do more! I am still folding clothes the way Marie suggests, it takes less space and is easier to find. Sarah x


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