Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cruise ship at the Port of Auckland

Carolyn has asked me to write something for her blog - so here are my thoughts.
Well it is officially summer - not that you would know it, given the cool breezes and rain clouds.
(in the Southern Hemisphere, Southern winds = cold!!) that continue to afflict us.
 But a sign that the seasons have or are about to change is the start of the Cruise ship season.
Suddenly they are here... these monstrous carriers of people from everywhere, but mostly Americans and Australian tourists.
We see them staggering around in matching track pants and wearing their blue blocker
sunnies as they clutch their maps and look a little bewildered.

Today in Port was a really huge boat that we haven't had the pleasure of before - subtlety named "Celestial Soltice" that appears to have disgorged thousands of travellers to wander around and see the sights of the City of Auckland.

I was staggered by the size of the vessel and took a couple of snaps as I ran for the ferry.
It seems out of scale - over 500 metres long and perhaps 11-12 stories high. 

 The promos show the boat  with youthful folk all having fun but I sensed the average age of those 
on board was probably more like the retired and older age bracket.
 Anyway it gives the City a bit of vibrancy and a change from the usual workers rushing off to their jobs and work for the day.
Hope you are all well and having a great wind down to Christmas xx

Thank you Martin, for taking the photos and writing this post today





  1. dear carolyn,
    the ship looks gorgeous - wow. i hope you had a great time!
    hugs - an many greetings

  2. Wowwww...never seen such a huge ship...!! it...!...enjoy your from me Ria...x!

  3. Dearest Carolyn,
    how nice, we got a lovely Post from Martin!
    Wonderful pictures and thoughts ;O)
    Thank you for this!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Sending Love and hugs,
    Claudia xo

  4. Ciao cara Carolyn. How are you??? Have a wonderful day!! Kisses and HUGS! Ni

  5. It looks that it's cloudy there!
    and the ship is really huge, I wonder how it would be to participate in such a cruise on it

  6. Those cruise ships are huge, I was astounded by the size of the ship I went on a cruise on some time ago and the interior was amazing! x

  7. Hello dear Carolyn, I`m home again after some lovely dayes in Copenhagen with my daughter and the kids !
    Oh my goodness, that ship is huge, I almost would be a little afraid to sail with such a big ship-ferry- ...11-12 stories high seems totally out of normal ,when thinking of ships ,lol. Dear friend, I hope you are doing better, and enjoy the December months .

  8. Wow the ship is so huge
    I hope you had a lovely time
    Hugs x

  9. My parents go on cruise on ships like these at leat 2 times at year!
    These are very floating resorts! Nice photos! :D

  10. What a sight!! It is so lovely how certain things bring in the new season! I sure would enjoy watching these come into port! Nicole

  11. Hi Carolyn! It is very very nice experience to make a trip on a cruise ship!
    I made a trip in North of Europe in the summer of 2011... wonderful!

  12. That ship is huge. I enjoyed martin's comments too they made me smile! Sarah x

  13. Thanks for sharing this marvelous ship!

  14. I once watched I think it was 5 cruise ships in a row leaving Southampton Port in England and was amazed at just how massive they are and your photos really reflect that! I think that you are right about the passengers too... xx

  15. I realize they bring tourist dollars, but I really dislike those monstrosities!
    (I seem to be the only one with that opinion today!)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Wow- I have never seen a ship quite that large! I can't imagine that it feels like boating at all when afloat! I took a cruise once to the lovely island of Bermuda, the ship seemed so big, but looks like a little tug compare to the vessel you show!!

  17. Wow, these ships are enormous! Must be fun to take a trip with one of them- Hope you enjoy december dear Carolyne - send me some sunshine - i miss that! Even though i like christmas time ;) xox

  18. Years ago I took 3 cruises, out of Miami. Just my option
    but they are top heavy, a rouge wave would be the end.
    About 3 years ago I was talked into another one , 10 days.
    NEVER again. The food was so boring, just tons of it,
    cheap stuff, but loads of it. They kept us out in the ocean and we missed 2 ports. That way they saved the dock fees.
    It is God's will I am still good friends with my companions.
    Now, all the sickness and the chance of rolling over. Well
    it is for inexperienced travelers, the way I see it.

  19. I’m very envious; I would love to visit Auckland but not on that great big boat – it doesn’t look very stable to me – it’s just too tall! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  20. Carolyn I was on Prince's wharf on Tuesday too!
    I was visiting a friend who has an apartment there and had a terrible job driving into her building with all the traffic for the two cruise that were in port that day!
    We walked across to "Fish" for lunch which was very good - I highly recommend it!
    Lovely for you to have V home - Christmas is when I miss my daughter and granddaughters most of all......
    Shane x

  21. Hello Carolyn,
    Wonderful shots!!
    So great to see this amazing ship in the harbor.
    I saw this ship years agon in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. When I'm free I there came a cruise ship for a visit I will go and make pictures.

    Kind regards,


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