Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life can be uncertain

Hello dear friends,

It is with sadness that I write this post today.
We received some bad news earlier in the week ... my brother-in-law Donald was taken to the hospital after a very nasty accident.
They have a small Freight company and he was unloading some steel girders with a crane when one of them slipped crushing his arm. We are grateful to the Doctor who operated on him, and he will need further surgery, which we hope will go well.

Would be grateful if you could please keep him and our family in your thoughts.
Life can be so uncertain from one day to the next. 


Donald had another operation yesterday which seemed to go well and although he was still in a lot of pain and was finding it very uncomfortable having to lie on his back, he seems to be making progress.
Apparently he will need a lot of skin grafts, so hope that his continued care from the wonderful medical staff, will enable him to make a good recovery. 
Just want to say how very grateful I am for all the kind notes  of love and support you have shown our family, a huge thank you and it is so comforting knowing how thoughtful you all are.

"Hope is the last thing ever lost" so let us remember this
~ Italian proverb

Hug and appreciate your loved ones, life is so very precious. 
Many thanks

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