Saturday, October 19, 2013

Portobello Road


Today we made our way to the Portobello Market - internationally renowned.
This famous road goes through the heart of Notting Hill, a trendy area of London. Here you can see some of the  wonderful homes, painted the  most pretty pastel colours ~ love the pink and blue.

My husband has memories of reading about it in Paddington Bear books when Paddington would take 'elevenses' with Mr Gruber a Hungarian Antique Shop owner in the Portobello Road (he could conceivably still be there).

You arrive at the tube station to the market and you realise that you are travelling a very well worn tourist path and that what may have once been the original market is now a group of outlets oriented 
largely to the tourist trade.  

It has a sort of fake feel to it albeit that there are still obviously a number of arguably original antique stores and other shops. 

Charlie Chaplin,  buskers, and a few bands playing music were out earning money

Interesting, possibly worth a look although it is a long way and a couple of changes on the tube.

It is a long walk and if it is hot (it was) take some water with you - you will need it. 

PIzza anyone?

Retreating from the place and the ubiquitous cigarette smoke we stumbled on Jamie Oliver's latest creation at the top of the Portobello Road - an attractive interesting modern kitchen/cafe where clearly part of the business was teaching cooking. 

The coffee and bun gave us the strength to catch the tube back to Sloane Square.

Have a wonderful weekend

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